Correction of breast size and shape can be a matter of personal choice as it can be the personal desire of the females that whether they want to have the perfect breast shape in the situations of dress or undress or not?

Curvier, fuller figure with the perfectly shaped and breast size can be the dream of many females but for getting this type of figure choosing the breast augmentation surgery depends on the person thinking, belief, budget, and choice of the women.

With the breast augmentation surgery, females can have the natural looking breasts of perfect shape and size suitable to the physique of the females, however the results of this surgery depends on various factors like type of incision made, implant type, implant texture, size and placement of implant, thickness of tissue, skin sagginess and of course the desired breast width, height and projection of the breasts after treatment.

Why Women Prefer Breast Augmentation Surgery?

breast implant surgery

There can be various reasons as follows for choosing this surgery

  • Women choose this surgery when they have a smaller size of breasts and seek for larger size
  • When the women seek the perfect shape of the breast after the pregnancy and delivery. Even the new mothers choose this surgery to have the correction of their breast which generally get affected due to breastfeeding.
  • To fix the congenital and developmental problems
  • For alleviating the scars and burns resulted due to some injuries

One reason for choosing this surgery is also the breast augmentation surgery cost as in India patients can get the best treatment within their budget that is why also they choose this surgical method to get desired shape and size of breasts.

What to Expect Before Breast Augmentation Surgery?

before breast augmentation surgery

Before the surgery, the patient is asked to come with any of her family member or partner for a consultation so that rational and final decision can be taken for the breast augmentation surgery.

In the consultation session, surgeons examine initially the overall health of the patient as for the successful surgery patient must be hale and hearty. Even the doctor may also ask about the medical history and other medical examinations including any disease or ailments, breastfeeding or family planning.

Second most important step in the consultation is the complete breast analysis so that existing size, projection, and shape of the breast can be considered and compared with the desired size, shape and projection.

What to Expect During the Breast Augmentation Surgery?

This cosmetic procedure has been done under the anesthesia so that patient could have painless and comfortable treatment. During the surgery small incision of approximately 4cm is made around the areole beneath the breast or in the armpit depending on the anatomy and type of implant chosen by the patient.

Then through the incision breast tissue and skin is lifted to create the pocket. The released muscle has been lifted up to the superior element of the created breast implant pocket.

The chosen implant can rest behind the breast tissue within the lower aspect of the pocket and then the released and lifted muscle is used to cover and hide the implant.

While surgery, surgeon keep in mind about the exact position of the implants as it should be centered beneath the nipples so that patient could have natural looking breasts after surgery, then the pocket and incision are closed meticulously by the surgeon as a final step of the surgery.

This procedure can be of one to two hours depending on the complexity of the case.

What to Expect After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

After the surgery, the patient is asked to wear the bandage for at least 24 hours on the treated area for effective healing. It is an outpatient procedure so on the same day patient can get back home, however, the patients are provided some important instruction for best care and effective healing after surgery.

  • For the first week after the surgery, the patient is asked to wear a sports bra all the time and after one week patient is asked to wear it during the night for at least one month so that treated area can get healed and can be prevented from any damage.
  • The incision is closed with the absorbable stitches and even patient can experience bruising for at least 1-3 weeks after the surgery.
  • There can be minimal scarring after surgery but soon it gets vanished or becomes undetectable.
  • The patient can resume his routine activities after week but heavy exercises or activities are asked to avoid for at least one to two months after the surgery for best care and healing

What can be Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost?

Breast augmentation surgery cost is variable as many factors are combined to calculate the cost of breast augmentation surgery such as

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital and OT charges
  • Follow up visit costs
  • Medication charges
  • Type of implants
  • Complexity and expectations from the surgery

Even in some cases breast lift and breast augmentation procedures are combined so in these cases cost can be higher but generally, in India, you can get the cost-effective surgery for having desired shape and size of the breasts.

What is Breast Implants?

The success of breast augmentation surgery largely depends on the choice of best surgeon and the choice of best breast implants as the size, type and texture of the breast implant can decide the success rate of the surgery and lifespan of the surgery.

The doctor can help the women to choose the best material implants that can be inserted to have the perfect shape and size of breasts after the surgery. So the best choice of the implants can give the fuller and natural appearance to the breasts. Due to the feasibility of the outcomes of the utilization of breast implants for breast augmentation surgery lead the women to choose these implants despite their higher cost.