As per data, over 20 million people suffer from substance abuse disorder. This problem is very common but fortunately, there are many treatment options available today.

It can be overwhelming to find that one of your loved ones is struggling with some addiction to substance use and finding the right kind of treatment can confuse you. Mostly, looking for the right alcohol treatment or rehab center is the most important.

One can find the best relief addiction by finding an alcohol withdrawal treatment or apt rehab center where they use scientific approaches to alcohol treatment and your loved one can learn to cope with the triggers that lead to substance abuse and then begin the journey towards recovery.

The good news is that once you discover the best alcohol treatment center, it will remove your stress and take the burden off your shoulders.

Go for professional treatment without wasting any time

When the addict is ready, his or her family should first find an alcohol withdrawal treatment center that offers counseling, detox, and aftercare program.

Usually, alcohol treatment facilities provide inpatient programs that go on for 30 days. However, depending on the severity and circumstances, the treatment could last for a longer duration.

The treatment starts with detox and then intensive individual and also group therapies. After a month, the patient starts the aftercare part of the program.

The criteria that you should consider

Addiction does bring with it a very steep price. An ideal alcohol treatment program should address the patient’s unique requirements at every stage of the treatment — right from intake to treatment and aftercare.

You must consider various criteria while deciding on a treatment center such as its location, cost, what are the various programs they are offering and does it suit the patient’s needs or not.

Aftercare and reintegration

Reintegration means that the recovering addict comes back and settles in society and daily life smoothly. After the treatment is over, there are huge chances of relapse.

Mostly, the alcohol treatment facilities continue their treatment with outpatient counseling and help the patient in discovering a support group.

The blend of thorough counseling and group accountability helps in creating a positive setting to stay healthy and avoid a relapse.

Treating co-occurring disorders

As per the data of 2015 National Survey done on Drug Use and Health, almost 40% of addicts suffering from substance abuse were also suffering from a co-occurring mental health ailment or disorder, like depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety in the past year.

If the patient suffers two or more such disorders, then you must look for a center that specializes in giving the treatment of these conditions as well.


All good rehab facilities also carry accreditation. When looking for alcohol withdrawal treatment centers, you must find Joint Commission Behavioural Health accreditation, as that’s the highest level of accreditation for mental health and addiction service organizations.

Accreditation given by the Joint Commission is similar to a rating from the Better Business Bureau. It means that the alcohol treatment or rehab facility is open and transparent to a panel of external experts for review. This panel validates the treatment, care, and services offered at this facility.

With proper research, you can find the best kind of help for addiction. No specific formula exists for finding a center or program, and one facility might not work for everyone.

But it is important for the families to understand various factors that make an alcohol rehab facility apt for their loved one.