As the rainy season comes, it comes with various diseases possibilities and dengue is one among them. You need to see what its symptoms are.

If you find any of these symptoms within you, you need to get the right treatments from the doctors now.

What are Dengue and Its Causes

Dengue is one of the most common diseases that is caused because of the mosquito bite. While you go to know more about the same, you need to understand its symptoms well so that you can get the right treatment.

This fever is also known as a break borne fever and there is a mosquito-borne infection that can also result in some flu-like illness.

This is caused because of four types of viruses an this is spread through the Aedes mosquitos. You need to first understand well what are the symptoms of dengue.

Signs and Symptoms of Dengue

Symptoms of Dengue
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There are different types of symptoms and you need to check them all well. There are different types of symptoms that range from mild to extreme. dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and dengue shock syndrome (DSS) are one of the most common symptoms and in this case, the doctor may tell you to get hospitalized.

You will need to be there at least for four to five days and the doctor will keep you there for some observation. There will be a few tests and then the doctor may send you home if you get well.

Here are the most important symptoms those are seen

1. Very high fever

The fever may be very high sometimes and you may take Paracetamol in such cases. You need to avoid some harmful medicines in such cases.

You need to consult the doctor before you take any medicines.

There will be Rehydration salts which will be able to replace the minerals and the fluids. You can make use of some paracetamol so that the fever will be reduced.

2. Nausea and Vomiting

You may have vomiting if you have dengue. If that happens three to four times a day, then you need to immediately see a doctor and get hospitalized immediately.

You may find some blood inside your stool or urine too. You may also have some difficulty in breathing and that can be dangerous.

You may have some skin issues or feel nauseous. Your gums will start bleeding or even there may be blood that may come from your nose.

You can have some energy drinks if you have lost your energy after the vomiting. You may feel weak after a vomit.

3. Rash

You may notice a rash on any of the body parts. It may be in red color and it may be little itchy.

The doctor may prescribe some ointment for that. You may see some rash that can be very itchy.

There are some of the people who can get recovered fast in one week. Sometimes the symptoms are severe, and you cannot get well soon.

If the dengue is extreme, then that can be life-threatening and hence you need to take the right treatment at the right time.

Your blood vessels may be damaged, and they may leak.

4. Joint Pain

You may have mild to severe joint pain that will last for a long time. You can go for some of the pain killers that can help you relieve the pain. You need to ask the doctor before you take one.

If you feel severe pain in your joints or any of the body parts, then you can go for using the pain killers like the paracetamol or Tylenol.

They will be able to relive the pain or lower the fever now. Your platelets may also suddenly drop here. You can also do some exercises for joint pains.

5. Low Back Pain

This can happen and stay for a long time. You need to ask the doctor before you take any medicines for the pain.

You may also feel some pain behind the eyes. The pain may be mild or even severe sometimes. You need to take a good therapy that can ease the pain now.

You can make use of some oils that can relieve the pain. If there is still pain and that is unbearable then this is the time you need to see the doctor. 

6. Headache

You may also experience frequent headaches that can vary from mild to severe. There may also be very heavy bleeding sometimes, or you may have regular vomiting with this.

Your blood vessels may leak some fluid, or you may also have a high headache. This is the serious condition and if proper treatment is not taken in time then that may even result in death.

This is a virus and there is no specific cure or treatment prescribed for the same.

7. Short of Breath

You may also experience breathing difficulties. You can take some medications so that you will feel relaxed.

You need to take some medicines or do some breathing exercises. You need to take a good amount of rest so that you will be able to relax in this manner.

Your pulse may go weak and you need to take the right treatment at the right time. 

8. Internal Bleeding

The symptoms of this fever may be very mild in the beginning and they may become worse day by day then. There may also be some internal bleeding which can be scary for you.

The bleeding may follow with the painting too. There are some patients who do not identify that they have got dengue.

You may also experience black color vomiting or even black stools. You may also experience a smaller number of platelets in the blood.

You may also feel that your stomach has become sensitive and there may be some stomach related problems too.

You may also find some small blood spots under your skin and that can be very irritating for you.

9. Abdominal Pain

You may feel continuous abdominal pain, it may be sometimes in the lower part or sometimes may be the upper portion.

If you have extreme abdominal pain, then do not ignore and go to a good doctor near to you who can always help you out. You may have some vomiting or abdominal pain too. 

10. Bleeding Gums

If you feel that there is bleeding from your gums or from your nose, then you need to consult the doctor.

If that is of a severe type, then there may be heavy bleeding and there may be a sudden drop in the blood pressure.

If that is very severe then that can also result into the death and this is the reason you need to take good and proper care at the right time ad you need not ignore any of the symptoms of this diseases. 

11. Bone pain

You may feel that all the bones in your body have severe pain. You need to talk to the doctor in such a case.

Dysfunction of the bone marrow because of the infection of the stromal cell will result in the reduced number of the platelets and these are very much necessary for the effective blood clotting inside the body.

There will be a high risk of bleeding and some other complications as well. You can go for some massage if the bone pain is on a higher side. This can be the natural way to relieve the pain.

12. Bleeding from the Nose

There may be bleeding from your nose that can be continuous at times. Not just internal bleeding but there can be external bleeding too that can worsen your case.

This bleeding may come from the gums or mouth or even through the nose. The skin may feel clammy and your blood vessels may also be damaged in this case.

You need to go to the doctor if the blood does not stop coming. The doctor will see the main cause and then get you the right therapy now. You need to take enough rest in such a case.

13. Chills

You may feel cold or you may also experience shivering. In such cases, there may be a fever also. You need to see the body temperature and then take some necessary actions.

You can also get hospitalized if the condition is severe. You need to talk to the doctor and the doctor will get you some medicines with the help of which you will feel warm and better.

You need to not ignore this symptom. If you feel very cold then you need to wear some woolens at that time so that you will be able to fee very warm now.

14. Easy Bruising

This happens when the blood vessels get weak due to any diseases. If you take the proper treatment and if you go for the best diet, then defiantly you are going to get well soon now.

The warning signs will start showing in the 24-28 hours after the fever has gone away.

If any of your relative or a family member has got dengue, then and have seen some of the symptoms then they need to go to the local clinic or the emergency room.

You need to get the regular check-up by the doctor after you have discharged back to home.

15. Loss of Appetite

You may feel that you have lost your appetite or not feeling well all the time. You may feel restless or tired all the time with this.

This is more commonly found in India and some other countries, but this is rarely found in the USA, however, more than 100 cases are found in one year and this is mostly among those who come here from outside countries.

You need to follow the instructions given by the doctor and take proper care of yourselves when the treatment is going on. You need to eat small quantities of food in this case.

16. Pain Behind the Eyes

You may feel some pain behind the eyes. That can make you feel irritated. If you have a headache that lasts or a long time, then that may be one of the best symptoms of the dengue.

There may be joint pain or pain in your eyes. If you have any back pain or pain in eyes and then that can be the symptoms of the dengue fever.

You may also feel lower backache and pain in joints or muscles. 


Dengue is one of the most dangerous diseases and there are some of the common symptoms like rashes, fever, headache, joint pain, nausea, etc. If you notice any one of them, you need to see a doctor.

If you take good care in time then you will be able to avoid getting infected with dengue for the second time.