There is no denying that we live in a polluted world. The air we breathe is loaded with dust and dirt–enough to make people sick. It’s not just the implications on your body that is cause for concern, though. Even your skin could suffer if you don’t protect it from pollution.

Does this mean hiding indoors? Well, not if you have the following:


After a day out and about, you’ve been exposed to pollutants that a simple rinse with water cannot remove. These may clog your pores and cause blackheads and pimples.

Your skin will look worse if this goes on every day. A good cleanser should be able to reach deep into your pores to get rid of the dirt buildup.

This is even more important if you had a full face of makeup, as those may also clog your pores and result in breakouts. Choose your cleanser wisely depending on your skin type so that it doesn’t worsen your existing skin problems.


You get antioxidants in food, but even that may not be enough considering the level of dust pollution threatening to harm your skin.

Antioxidants in serums and beauty products help build the skin’s protective barrier so that it can withstand pollution without looking sallow.

This is your cue to go face serum next time to buy your other beauty products and use the product regularly.


When your skin doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, you’ll notice that it’s dry and flaky. And when you’re exposed to pollution, your skin looks even worse. This makes moisturizers important, as they hydrate the skin and revive its youthful glow.

More importantly, moisturizers are enriched with essentials that help build up the skin’s protective barrier so that even if you’re exposed to pollution, your skin will not be damaged easily.

Primer with SPF

Dust pollution is one thing, but UV rays are quite another. You may be exposed to both. Protect your skin from harmful rays by using a primer with at least SPF50.

Your primer is the perfect vehicle for SPF so that it sits on your skin and reflects UV rays. If you want more protection, there are also setting sprays with SPF to finish off your look.

Pollution is a serious problem and it’s not something to take lightly. Protect yourself inside and out to ensure that you live your life to the fullest.