Can you name one organ other than the heart for which there have been so many songs written about? I guess not! Why? If you go by physicality, the heart is nothing more than a fist-sized blood pumper! Then why is it that it is accentuated upon so much by artists all over the world?

Let us talk about this in medical terms! A heart might be a circulatory unit, but this is a unit on which your entire lives hinge upon. If one thing goes wrong with this unit, you would feel the following:

With so much impact on the body, it is no surprise that this organ is so much written about, even by non-medical professionals.

However, keeping this particular organ healthy is what counts in the end! However, if you go by conventions for keeping the heart healthy, you can see that they are not fun at all. That is why I present to you the following list; a list of keeping your heart healthy in ways that would not only give you satisfaction but leisure as well:

Music is Your Ally:

Music is your ally

If you choose the right music for your activities, you won’t only be able to get a lot of work done within a short about of time, your body movements would also be affected by it to a certain degree. Just get, up to play some music and the rhythm of those beats move your body so as to maintain the circulation. Not only that, if your job entails that sit in front of the computer, you find your music and focus on it while you work. The benefits of doing this are two-fold, you would work fast and you would be a little bit healthier each time.

Get Yourself Laid:

Get yourself Laid

It is no mystery that sex has been the burner of calories since the time of the early man. Sexual intercourse is not only incredibly fun, but there is an element of danger there along with the exhaustion of the act that gets that blood pumping fast and healthy. Its benefits are two folds as well: the very first that it is one, the second one that it makes sure that the blood pressure is at low at all times.

Drink, but Do Not Get Drunk:

Drink but do not get drunk

If you partake in alcohol consumption in a moderate way, you would have raised the number of high-density Lipoproteins in your systems. Now, this increase would make sure that blood clots do not form in the arteries and consequently, there is no arterial blockage as well. But remember, too much alcohol and that cholesterol level would go way up to cause heart issues. So make sure that you drink once in a while, but enough to get drunk.

Get Your Fill of Some Romantic Sweets:

Romantic sweets for heart

When we talk about romantic sweets, of course, we mean chocolate. Dark chocolate, although bitter a bit and bursting with flavor, entails flavonoids that make sure that there is inflammation in the liver and reduce the chances of heart diseases. Now, remember, we are talking about dark chocolate here, not the overly sweet milk chocolate one that most of us like to gorge upon. Eat dark chocolate, kick any sort of guilt in the nuts and keep your heart healthy.

Get Some Cute Puppies:

Pets for heart healthy

If there is one thing of certainty in this world, it is that even the most jaded individual likes pets! Therefore, if you have a pet that can either be a puppy or kitten, your unconditional love might be enough to improve upon your lung function and heart function as well.

The above methods to keep the heart healthy are of course, unconventional, but they have been proven to be effective. So, get your heart healthy while you are having fun.