A beer belly is often an invariable attribute of a modern man, emphasizing his addiction to such a popular men’s drink like beer, detracting from the external attractiveness of the stronger sex.

Fat accumulated in the abdomen area in addition to the direct effect on the figure is directly detrimental to health. These are such unpleasant consequences as unstable pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, the risk of oncology, stroke, and diabetes, cessation of breathing (sleep apnea) during sleep, problems with the gall bladder.

Also, the beer belly adversely affects physical activity, decreasing with age. All of the above factors should be a strong incentive for the emergence of an irresistible and strong desire to change their appearance.

How to get rid of a beer belly when the first temptation – cold and frothy beer – beckons at every turn?


Beer as a health hazard

The main desire! If it is present, then half of the problem is already solved. It is essential to realize the real danger of beer to understand the need to reduce its consumption.

A large number of useless calories in the drink and the presence of estrogenic compounds can lead to a hormonal imbalance of the body and the formation of fat deposits.

The primary influence on the beer belly that appears in men is not so much the beer as the salty snacks consumed in unlimited quantities: chips, fish, crackers, nuts.

Time to burn calories on these products by the body is spent significantly more than when taking regular food.

In addition to a negative reflection on the male appearance, beer delivers a significant blow to health. The first to suffer are the liver, which wears out, and the kidneys, which swell due to excessive fluid pressure.

Beer lovers, along with an unattractive beer belly, get the yellow color of eye proteins and skin in general, brittle hair and nails, problems with the pancreas and biliary tract.


Causes and methods of disposal

The reason for the appearance of a man’s beer belly is also a sedentary lifestyle. The modern world only contributes to this; useful walks in the fresh air, many men replace the gatherings with a glass of beer at the TV or spending time in front of the computer at home.

Lack of breakfasts, pickups as an alternative to a traditional lunch and large late meals after work are factors that contribute to the appearance and growth of a beer belly when it comes to men.

Also, the habit of drinking right after consuming food harms appearance, which nutritionists advise to take at least half an hour after eating.

Get rid quickly and inspired! The first step in getting rid of the beer belly will be a restriction in the consumption of your favorite bubbly drink, which should be abandoned gradually, moving from dark varieties to light ones.

Further, it is essential to exclude alcohol, which is the causative agent of appetite, from your life: when consuming beer, there is always a feeling of slight hunger.

Along the way, you need to perform some simple physical exercises at home that can return to the desired shapes, the main task of which is to make your own body eat the accumulated fats.

Any activity that promotes improved blood circulation, adrenaline, and respiratory training will do. It is walking, running, jumping rope, row sport, cycling – you need to choose an exercise for the soul so that doing it gives you maximum pleasure.


The main thing is regularity

When performing physical activities, you will begin to lose weight rapidly, which may cause slackening skin. Therefore, at the same time, you must enter into the exercise program, strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Working out at the athletic gyms, squats, and abdominal crunches will prevent the accumulation of fat mass, simultaneously eliminating the already existing fat.

Turns the body to the sides and bends make a good influence on the lateral abdominal muscles, as well as the well-known “scissors” exercise with legs, which need to be performed with a gradual increase in the number of slowly, feeling the tension of the muscles.

The program of exercises that need to be given at least 30 minutes three days a week should be varied to avoid turning it into a boring routine.

With regular activities, weight loss is guaranteed, and their implementation, perhaps with like-minded people, can become an integral part of life.


A balanced diet is an essential component in the fight against the stomach

Any exercise will be pleased with a positive result only if you keep a balanced healthy diet, in which you need to follow several simple and effective rules:

Steady nutritional change in diet, which includes a mandatory breakfast, lunch, and dinner; moreover, the evening reception should take one-fifth of the volume of daily food;

Food intake is required to be divided into five small portions, balanced in composition;

Dinner is desirable to finish no later than 3 hours before bedtime so that the food can have time to digest;

It is important to limit yourself in the consumption of fatty, sweet and fried foods;

Be sure to give preference to fresh fruits and vegetables;

The daily rate of water should be 10 – 12 glasses, which will contribute to the normalization of metabolism;

You need to enter into the diet the maximum amount of products from whole grains;

If to speak about meat, it is desirable to give preference to its low-fat species.

In a perfect world, it would not be superfluous to stick to the calorie table to calculate the percentage of calories burned during the day to the amount of food: output should be much more than consumption.

Sometimes doctors help to get rid of a beer belly by tying it in a corset; in extreme cases, surgery is required.

Patience and work will help restore beautiful form

To get into shape requires a lot of patience and, of course, time. Therefore, initially, it will seem that no changes occur. It is not true.

During the first week, the waist circumference really will not change; after ten days, the fat deposits will quickly begin to “burn.” The main thing is not to improve yourself and not to evade the intended plan to achieve the desired result.

You need to set realistic goals to bring yourself into the desired form and not panic, not seeing improvements: they occur, but at the initial stage are hardly noticeable.