It must be understood that everyone has mental health that requires protecting standards, but problems would possibly arise when we clearly focus on statistical measures along with facts and figures.

Mostly, in foreign countries such as Canada, UK, UAE and US experiences various mental health issues and further this number would possibly cater to the rise.

In 2018, Mental Health Week event, a widespread event organized by the Canadian Mental Health Awareness (CMHA) to induce awareness and various strategies pertaining to mental illness and addictiveness.

Significantly, it is now an ideal timeframe for business organizations, startup firms, and companies to take various frameworks in how well they are supporting mental health enterprises in their workflow.

Hence, in this article, we have listed some reasons that explain the importance of mental health in the workplace.

1. Try to reduce stigma and devise positiveness across the workflow

It essential to face it, there is stigma immediately going around mental health, as it is a very important topic to solely discuss at your workplace.

Hence, by revealing certain issues, people always fear being isolated and inaccessible is depicted as mentally ill or abnormal, which ultimately results in termination from the current job.

However, employees have an essential role to play in order to support your employees with education terms and conditions about mental healthcare and to devise an open discussion.

Thus, by providing resources that promote awareness can possibly help you to make a room for accessibility and a positive workplace environment, probably one that also promotes customer engagement and attracts talented recruiters.

2. Always focus on prevention at earliest

You should always consider the fact that we spend over 60% of our time at the workplace, and that works can revive with stressful environment comprises of workload, overtime, pressure, deadlines, behaviors, and personalization of co-workers and managerial styles, job security issues, etc.

However, promoting education about healthy ways to cope up with stress, anxiety and mood disorders that makes sense of responsibility about the versatile outcome.

Synonymously, it might help employees or authorities to address these critical issues before they tend to become devastating and costly for the organization, businesses and multinational companies.

Resolve issues decline impact

If a company’s employee is already suffering from mental health problems, you may or may not know about it. However, compelling those elements or resources in place for an employee to get it utilized can assist them quickest as possible.

This implies itself to the role of HR Manager is quite critical as it requires to find clear evidence based on various option to imply success.

Hence, by providing a variety of choices for an employee to get treatment. Whether it clarifies your benefits or facilities plan, staff members assessments, online programs or multiple collaboration of all the said activities, would most probably reduce suffering for that particular employee and helps us to address their reduced operations happening at the workplace environment.

Empowers Productive Workforces and Engagement Strategies

If you are experiencing feelings of physical fitness, so it seems that you are healthier, similar is the case of mental healthcare.

The foremost choice of improving mental healthcare of your employees, intending to make them mentally strong to combat stress and can most likely improve the feelings of thought-provoking, workforces, relationships and decision-making strategies at your workplace environment.

Hence, all of these translations pertain to enhance your productivity at the workplace and your employees will perceive you as a role model for playing positive actions in assisting them to resolve their associated issues and problems.

Cost Reduction and Risk Analysis

It is proven that promoting mental health can also be a fine-tuned decision for maintaining financial transaction for business dealings.

Hence, Investment in mental healthcare in the workplace environment might possess cost-saving effects by reducing the ratio of absenteeism and empowering presenteeism, along with reducing disability claims and combat loss in terms of productivity.

Hence, it also helps you to meet the required guidelines at the workplace for inducing health and safety to reduce your legal experiences at the marketplace.


Certainly, Employees needs proactive support and assistance from their colleagues and most importantly from the Employer, as it mostly results in delivering a positive impression and exposure to your employee to continue his work in a manageable way.

For Instance, employees working in every software or web development company usually face problems in their respective area of work i.e. building logic prior to hands-on practice on various programming languages, frameworks, and associated tools requires such an environment that is stress-free and conducive, so that employees can easily work on their assigned projects.

Hence, as a responsible employer, it is your foremost duty to ensure your employees are in a peaceful situation, also supporting your employees is the accurate essence to fulfill your work, and it’s simply a good source of driving your business fundamentals at the next level.