Many people spend hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on dental cosmetics. And this is actually to make their teeth white, beautiful, and eye-catching.

While there is no problem in doing so, did you know that you can actually do this naturally and without spending too much?

As it happens, the surface and protective layer of your teeth is called enamel. And having a strong and healthy tooth enamel plays a huge role in how your teeth appear. In fact, the enamel is what makes your teeth white.

Accordingly, taking care and paying attention to the health of your tooth enamel is a must, especially if you really want much stronger, healthier, and whiter teeth.

Keeping Your Tooth Enamel Stronger And Healthier

Some wear and tear are normal. But decays due to plaque and build-up are not. This is because it only means that your tooth enamel is not as strong or healthy as it used to.

Even so, here are some tips that you can apply regularly to keep it strong and healthy, and definitely, you can share then your teeth whitening before and after stories with these tips:

Limit Sugary Foods & Drinks

One of the main enemies of your teeth is sweet foods and drinks. It is worth noting that the bacteria present in your mouth only feed on sugary consumptions.

Once they are fed enough, they actually emit acids that cause the wear and tear on your enamel. This is why many dentists and specialists recommend children to limit their candies and chocolates, especially while they are young.

Even so, the adults need to limit as well their sugary intake of foods and drinks. And as much as possible, try to stay away from acidic drinks like softdrinks, carbonated drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

In doing so, your teeth and mouth will surely thank you. And also, your body and health too!

Eat Calcium-Rich foods

Aside from paying attention to your sugar intake, you must consider as well your calcium consumption. But unlike sugars and sweets, calcium is essential for your bones like your teeth.

As it happens, calcium is one of the main factors that keep your teeth healthy and strong.

This is because calcium mainly helps remineralize the outer protective layer of your teeth.

The best way to consume enough calcium regularly is to actually eat foods that are rich in this component. And these include leafy green vegetables, nuts, and dairy products. There are also vitamin tablets that largely contain calcium which you can consume on a daily basis.

Avoid Over-Brushing

Brushing regularly is a must. But did you know that over-brushing your teeth can actually deteriorate your tooth enamel and your teeth in totality?

Apparently, when you brush your teeth too fast and too hard always, you not only damage the protective layer but you also cause the wear and tear on the enamel. This is why everyone must know the proper ways on how to brush the teeth.

Also, it is worth remembering that you must wait an hour after consuming acidic drinks and sweet foods before brushing your teeth.

This is because the acid that these intakes produce causes the teeth to soften the outer layer. And in brushing so will only damage the teeth.

Correct Procedure of Brushing

As mentioned, there is actually a proper and right way on how to brush your teeth. And depending on the type of teeth, the way of brushing varies.

For the inner and outer surfaces, make sure that the brush is moving away from the teeth. As for the biting surfaces, clean the surfaces with enough force through a series of forwarding and backward strokes.

But for general brushing, you should make small circles to keep the bristles from moving in one place to another.

In fact, you may have to spend at least 8 to 10 seconds per area before moving to another. Also, pay attention to where the teeth and gums meet since this is where your brushing must largely focus.

The Right Diet

In relation to your sugar and calcium intakes, you must make sure that you also watch out for your diet. This is because the things you eat and drink largely affect your tooth enamel.

So aside from limiting your sugar and encouraging more calcium, you must also take into consideration your regular meal and beverage intakes. And as much as possible, drink enough water and brush your teeth at least two times per day.

Avoid Foods and Drinks That Stain The Enamel

Keep in mind that foods and drinks not only damage your enamel but they also cause discoloration and stain. And people who love sodas and coffee drinks know this for a fact since these kinds of beverages apparently discolor and weaken the enamel.

Alongside dark sodas and caffeinated drinks, foods and drinks like tomatoes and red wines are also great contributors to causing stains on your enamel and teeth.

This is because these foods and drinks highly contain acids and pigments that essentially attack the enamel. Hence, staying away from them is just practical especially if you want to keep your tooth enamel healthy and strong.

Use Fluoride

Fluoride is one of the most essential things that your teeth need. In fact, the American Dental Association refers to fluoride as the main cavity fighter.

Thanks to its capacity to resist acid from foods, drinks, and bacteria, it largely keeps the teeth much stronger. In addition, it can also repair your teeth from decay.

Quite obviously, this is the main reason why most tubes of toothpaste nowadays contain fluoride. So, as much as possible, take advantage of them. Besides, they are much cheaper than having dental cosmetic surgeries and sessions.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it only comes down to one thing – if you want to keep your teeth strong and healthy, you must keep your tooth enamel healthy.

And you can do this by paying attention to the foods and drinks that you eat, following proper hygiene, and maintaining the quality of your teeth. And these tips given above will surely help you in these concerns.