Pregnancy is the most memorable and rememberable moment for a pregnant lady. Keeping one more life inside and feeling the movements that no one else can feel, gives special happiness and proud feeling.

Along with happiness, the pregnancy period brings a lot of pain and discomfort to the women’s life. They are quite inconvenient during their daily activities and rest. Below are some examples of the discomfort they feel:

  • A. Leaning:

Leanings becomes difficult with a baby bump. Sometimes leaning cause serious problems to the health of the mother and fatal inside the bump.

So if the pregnant lady has to bring something from the bottom, then she needs to go down very carefully or she needs to call someone for her help. That makes a normal task difficult for her.

  • B. Haste:

Setting up work early in its old way becomes impossible for the women during pregnancy. Doing the work faster makes them tired very soon.

  • C. Care of body parts below baby bump:

Women’s love to stay beautiful and they pay attention to the care of their entire body. But with a baby bump, it becomes terrible for them to clean and nourish the body parts below the baby bump.

  • D. Selection of clothes:

Ladies are fond of wearing attractive and tight fitting clothes but during pregnancy, they have to stay away from their favorite dresses for a very long time. With growing baby bump they have a lot of trouble in selecting clothes.

  • E. Rest or sleep:

Taking a long and comfortable and complete sleep in pregnancy is necessary for a healthy pregnancy. But due to restlessness and discomfort ladies fail to take a complete sleep. To avoid the cramps doctors suggest for the use of body pillow for pregnancy.

Improper or less sleep during pregnancy may cause serious sleep disorders. These sleep disorders have major effects on the human body in normal condition, and in pregnancy period these are extremely painful and harmful. Below you can see some major sleep disorders in the mother during fetal growth:


Sleeplessness is the most common pregnancy sleep disorder. This type of sleep disorder is also known as insomnia. The pregnant lady may feel some early symptoms of sleeplessness like- Facing problem in posing for sleep, unable to wake up early and sleep loss.

In some cases, these symptoms may occur due to the stress of becoming a parent but maximum time improper cushions and beds also make your sleep worst at pregnancy period.

Normal cushions and pillows are unable to meet the requirements of a comfortable sleep during pregnancy. Body pillow for pregnancy can be a better option to reduce the discomfort and stay away from the sleeplessness.

Leg cramping and burning:

Ladies with baby bump complain about the cramps and burning in their legs this is also terrible sleep disorder. Itching, pain, and creeping are also found in the same disorder.

Women suffering from this type of sleep disorder feel a sensation with pain in their legs that disturbs their sleep and keeps them awake. Most often women meet this problem in between 6th to 8th month of their pregnancy period, when their bump feels so heavy and grow fast.

This is the time to give the most relaxing sleep to your body. With the use of body pillows, pregnancy sleep disorders can be reduced. These pillows are highly capable to provide extreme support to your legs and bump section so that the problem of leg restlessness syndrome will not irritate the sufferers.

Improper breathing:

Breath interruption is a very common sleep disorder in case of pregnancy. This happens as the fatty tissues of the throat of the pregnant lady obstruct the upper airways while sleeping.

This is an unbearable situation when a pregnant lady suffers from breath interruption. This problem not only interrupts the sleep but also affects health. The idea to stay away from this disorder is weight management.

The ladies with extra weight suffer from this type of sleep disorder most often. Breath obstruction during sleep will result in bad headaches, morning sickness, and feeling low or tired.


Heartburn is a very difficult situation that may make sufferer less or no eager of hunger. If the lady with a baby bump will not eat properly then it may create trouble for the fetal growth. The reason of heart bun may vary sometimes.

Hormonal changes at a very fast speed are a normal situation during pregnancy time. Hormonal changes can also affect our digestive system. A slow or weak digestive system fails to push the food down timely, and this becomes a big reason of heartburn.

Some more reasons are there behind heartburn during pregnancy and the most commonly found reason is the sleeping posture. As we all love sleep flat on our bump, but during pregnancy, this is impossible to sleep on your bump.

Sleeping o your back for a long time can be a reason of hurt burn, back pain, and cramps on legs. For the hormonal changes, different types of diagnosing and medicines are available to provide better comfort to the pregnant patient.

If the pregnant patient is facing this disease due to incorrect sleeping postures then none other than best pregnancy pillows can help better. Eating less spicy food and drinking plenty of water at day time will also help to stay away from the terrible heartburn situation.

Pregnancy is a tough time period for every woman, but still, they carry this proudly and happily. Only women can bear all the pain to sustain life inside her. Below are some tips which will help to reduce the discomforts of sleeping disorders:

  • Sleep very less at day time
  • Eat healthy food and add more liquids in your diet
  • Doing light exercise daily keeps the body fit and active during pregnancy
  • Manage your weight
  • Drink less water or liquids at night
  • Use of body pillow during pregnancy will add comfort
  • Leave the bed immediately in trouble situation

Do meditation to stay away from stress. Follow the above instructions and enjoy your pregnancy session with a fit and happy body.