A healthy lifestyle is needed for good health and being physical fit. To live long with physically fit lifestyle start treating yourself having good healthy food and well workout.

1: Take Proper Diet

Eat according to hard work you does in your daily routine. If you do any field work or office work then have proper diet in morning itself. Never take less diet or more than enough, never skip you any meal it can harm your health. For being fit and healthy take proper diet daily. You can also make a healthy diet chart and follow it daily.

2: Benefits of Drinking Water in Day

Water plays a vital role in everyone life. It clears your skin and makes your cells happy. Drink water whenever you feel thirsty.

Every doctor recommends drinking 3 to 4 litres of water daily. If you are not drinking water throughout a day then must start it now. One should not drink 3-4 glass of water at a time as people usually does and drink 3 to 4 glass of water in morning when they wake up. Do not drink water at a time this can harm your kidney. When you drink 3 to 4 glass of water at same time your kidney get extra loaded, so drink water in a break.

Do not drink the water just after your meal, take a break of 5 minutes then drink your water this will help to digest the food properly or try to have one glass of water before having the meal this will help you to avoid over eating. Drinking water before meal also helps to lose 20.7 pounds or more than this.

3: Embrace Healthy Food

Eat only when you are hungry never eat unnecessary and always chewed the food properly whenever you eat.
Don’t skip your any meal.

Try to eat cooked food two times in a day in lunch and dinner. Eat fruits and vegetables in breakfast, start your day with alkaline food and drinks like coconut water.

4: Don’t Mix Fruit and Vegetable

Never eat vegetable and fruits at same or don’t mix them for any meal it can cause digestion problem because fruits are acidic and vegetables are alkaline. Whenever you mix vegetable and a fruit in your meal means mixture of acid and alkaline cause the digestion issue in the human body.

Try having alkaline food more instead of acidic. If you consume more acidic food then this increases the uric acid into your body which can cause infection and other major diseases.

5: Importance of Green Salad

Start greening up your diet it helps to cleanse your body of unhealthy toxins and also help to drop those extra ponds. Eat green salad including the green vegetables in it at place of one time of your meal. Never eat this salad before or after having the meal. You can include all the green salad and uncooked 2 or 3 different green vegetables in it, eating this green salad act as healthy and full of nutrition food.

Never include lemon and salt in your salad, this help in increasing your body weight. Salad having the green vegetables are alkaline when you include lemon and salt into it act as acid. So remember this thing whenever you eat green vegetable salad.

6: How to Embrace Fruits in your Diet?

One should include fruits in their daily diet. Try to embrace them at your one time meal. Never consume fruits before or after your meal or at the time of having your meal. As recommended by the doctor eat one fruit at a time, do not eat 2 or 3 different type of fruits at same time for example if wish to have apple then eat 2 or 3 apples and whenever again you want to have fruits you can try another fruit like banana or anything else but remember only one type of fruit at a time.

7: Embrace the Juice

In case you don’t like eating fruits or don’t get time to have fruits and salad in your busy schedules in that case a glass of fresh fruit juice will help in covering all your nutrients of your diet.

Incorporate the fresh juice into your diet it doesn’t take lot time to consume. Juice is beneficial in many reasons like it improves your skin cells, boost up your immune system and much more.

8: Fast

Having fast is also good for health. When you start fasting, your body start burning the calorie slowly which help in reducing the calorie from your body.

9: Exercise

Steal time for fitness from your busy schedule; make habit of doing exercise in your daily routine. Healthy food and exercises assure you a fit and long life.

Do running for 10 to 20 minutes daily.

10: Yoga

Yoga helps you in reducing your stress and also good for health and mind. The best thing is you can do it at your home only, no need to go outside or do planning for it, simply wakeup in early morning and do it at your choice of place. Try to make this habit and once you like doing it you will never break it.

11: Meditation

Meditation improves your focus, few people cannot completely quite their mind so meditation is what helps in holding them back.

12: Proper Rest

Rest is compulsory after working for quieter long time period. Rest and sleep are also necessary for health. So take proper rest and good sleep daily. Try to sleep at hard surface instead of soft recommended by many doctors.

13: Enjoy One Day of Week

Choose any day from week like Sunday eat everything that you want to of your choice and enjoy it fully but do fast on next day.

14: Cut the Junk Food

Junk food is tasty but is unhealthy for body. The outsider junk food is made up of bad and used oil which causes the lots of diseases and digestion problem in your body; it directly harms your lungs and kidney. It’s too simple if you eat healthy you will feel healthy.

15: Avoid Alcohol

Yes an alcohol reduces the stress but don’t make it a habit, consume little in quantity. Whenever you wish to have drink then try red wine. Red wine is known as the system absorbs plant based antioxidant which is said to be good for health but not the excess or over use of it.


This post includes the 15 healthy diet habits which will help you in improving your diet, food and nutrition habit make your healthy body. Following a healthy dietary habit not only makes you physically fit and increases your life too. By reading and following all the above mentioned diet habits will gradually help being physically fit and live long life.


These are the 15 small but important healthy diet habits that everyone should know about!