The weight gain diet for working men should be planned in the manner to have proper weight gain and you can have enhanced muscle formation.

This is the time when you can pack on the essential pounds with the most optimized and perfect eating plan.

As part of the diet, you can take to three daily meals, and you can even take to post work out snacks.

Weight loss is the major issue of the era. However, still, you have a different section of the popular who are wondering how to have possible weight gain along with proper growth and development of the muscles.

If you aspire to be muscular and healthy, here is the right program for you. One can make proper use of the daily meal planning and develop the perfect physiological structure.

You can speak to the team of the nutritional consultants, and they can suggest you accordingly. In case, you are one of the skinny guys, you can follow the apt working out schedule.

The Goals of Having the Diet

  • In order to gain in weight, you have to eat three meals a day. You should eat something nutritious before the period of exercising.
  • The foods should have apt calorie content and this should be added in the meals and snacks by means of beverages and food.
  • You can get the right amount of carbohydrate through the intake of the meals. The diet should include a balanced amount of rice, cereal, fruits, pasta, and ample vegetables to stay fit for accomplishing the activities in style.
  • The diet you eat should have less fat content and the percentage of protein and carbohydrate should be rightly increased. however, still, you have a

Main Breakfast Plan

Breakfast is the time of the day when you should eat heaviest. Thus you must select the items properly so that it can keep you full till lunch time. The breakfast menu should be nutritious and should give the right amount of energy to last for the rest of the day.

Plan No 1

Plan No 2

Plan No 3

A glass of orange juice2 fruit piecesBagel with one tablespoon peanut butter
Bowl of granola added to skimmed milkA glass of fresh juiceSmoothie which is made with a single scoop of protein powder
2 slices of wheat toast or bagel and each piece of bread should come with peanut butter.Breakfast sandwich along with English muffins8 oz of yogurt
 Scrambled egg12 oz skim milk
 2 ham and cheese slicesA cup of frozen fruits

The Snacks to Eat Before Exercising

After you finish exercising, even if you are not feeling hungry you should eat something. In case you are exercising more than once in a day you should eat something after every session. Here is the list of things that you should eat.

  • Sports Drink
  • Jelly sandwich and peanut butter
  • A container full of yogurt and granola
  • A little bag of train mixture and the sports drink
  • A perfect energy bar

The Table for Lunch

Plan 1

Plan 2

Plan 3

Plan 4

Plan 5

Plan 6

Chicken or TunaCheese BurgerGrilled Chicken SaladWrapBagel sandwich with turkey, fruit and cheeseOmelet with three eggs, vegetables, cheese
Steak, Ham and CheeseGrilled Chicken SandwichBaked PotatoSaladPasta with sauce along with 2 chicken piecesHash Browns
Baked ChipsFrench FriesJuiceMilkshakeSaladTwo slices of toast
Lemonade or JuiceMilk Shake    

Table for Afternoon Snacks



Low-fat milkBanana with two tablespoons of peanut butter
JuiceTrail mixture with cereal, nuts, and dried fruits
LemonadeCheese and Crackers
 The large bowl of cereals

Table for Dinner





SteakPastaSaladLow Fat Milk
ChickenBaked PotatoCooked vegetablesJuice

Late Night Snacks

There are some people who have the habit of working late hours at night. They often feel hungry in the middle of the night. This is when they should eat something worthy to support both health and appetite.

However, you can open the fridge for a bowl of ice cream or frozen yogurt. You can even take to smoothie or protein shake with added ice. You can even feel like eating peanut sandwich and jelly butter.

These are balanced groups of foods, fruits, and vegetables to make you feel both healthy and muscular.