While it might feel like this is the end of the world and that we’re days away from a zombie apocalypse, it’s actually just quarantine making our brains fuzzy. As we’re isolating and practicing social distancing, we’re slowly becoming incredibly bored and frustrated by the lack of contact and spending time outside.

While all this is exhausting on many different levels, quarantine can be a great time for you to do something nice for yourself and your beauty routine. We bring you several great tips that will help you take care of yourself a bit better and improve your beauty routine significantly.

Practice mindfulness


You have probably heard this a million times already, but stress is terrible for your skin and your overall health. If you’re freaking out and panicking a lot because of the current situation, you’ll have breakouts, pimples, redness, or even rashes to add to the things you’re worrying about.

The virus situation is out of our control, and this can cause anxiety and even panic attacks. To calm yourself down, you should practice this simple mindfulness technique: 5 senses for 5 minutes. Focus your attention on the things you can hear, see, smell, touch, and taste. Spend a minute on every one of these, and in the end, you will feel calmer and grounded.

Stay clean and hydrated


Everywhere you look, you are going to hear, see, and read about the importance of washing your hands often. While this will help keep you healthy, it can also damage the delicate skin on your hands, which is why you should moisturize them often.

It’s not just your hands that need moisture: you should make sure to drink plenty of water and apply hydrating creams to your face and body too. Products with aloe vera, coconut oil, and shea butter are especially good, and because they are natural and gentle, you can use them often.

Embrace minimalism and simplicity


This is the perfect time to ditch your makeup and let your skin ‘breathe’ and recover. Of course, you can always improvise with makeup and try something new to get your mind off stress, but you should use this opportunity to skip complicated makeup and go for something simpler, especially when you’re on a video call with your coworkers and boss.

Use lip gloss instead of lipstick, get vegan mascara for lash growth, brush your teeth with charcoal powder, and use coconut oil to remove products at the end of the day. This minimalistic routine will help keep your skin healthy, and you’ll look refreshed when you leave quarantine.

Go green

go green

Staying at home means that you will likely order more things to be livered, and this means that your household will create more waste than before. This is why you should look for ways to minimize waste while you’re in quarantine.

You can easily do this with your beauty products – do a bit of research and find environmentally friendly alternatives for beauty staples you usually use. Products packed in glass containers, multipurpose soaps, and products with beeswax are a great choice. You can also make your own makeup remover pads and sew a few face masks while you’re at it.



Want to get your mind off this virus and actually do something good for your health? Declutter your home – and focus on your makeup drawer! We all have products that have been sitting in our drawer and makeup bag for years and we just never get round to actually tossing them out.

Well, this is your chance to shine and get rid of anything that’s past its expiration date. Lumpy mascaras, almost-empty tubes of foundation and lipstick, broken eyeshadow… Declutter your work desk too – no more torn pieces of paper, empty coffee cups, and candy wrappers. Your coworkers might not see it, but you will, and a neat desk will help you focus on your work.

Don’t self-diagnose


You now have more time on your hands, so it’s only natural that you’ll be taking a closer look at your skin and all of its imperfections. Because of all the stress and the lack of your regular physical activity, it’s expected that there will be some imperfections and even skin problems, but you shouldn’t self-diagnose.

Luckily, many dermatologists offer video consultations and they can take a closer look at the skin issue that’s been bothering you.

Only then will they be able to dive a diagnosis and prescribe a medication for your acne, rash, rosacea, hives, or even that suspicious mole that’s been driving you crazy.