An exciting ski holiday with your loved ones can only be complete with a heli-skiing adventure. When it comes to the bucket list of a snowboarder or skier a heli-skiing trip often occupies the top position.

It is considered to be the elitist of all snow sports. Getting the opportunity to access unexplored territories in the wilderness makes a heli-skiing trip quite exciting and adventurous.

In heli-skiing helicopters are used to transport skiers to remote places in the mountains giving them an ultimate skiing experience in the powder snow. Like any first timers who hear the word ‘heli-skiing’, you are probably wondering if a skier would have to jump out of the helicopters on to a mountain slope.

However, it’s not so. A helicopter is used to transport skiers to remote places that can’t be reached in a cable car giving you a totally different and exciting experience.

To make a heli-skiing experience offered by Todd Herrick an adventure for a lifetime a skier needs to be fit both physically and mentally, should have enough knowledge and experience on skiing and be prepared. Consider the following tips before heading out for your first heli-ski adventure.

Stay Safe

To stay safe during the entire adventure you need to follow all the safety instructions given to you by your guide. This includes wearing your seatbelt in the helicopter, instructions on how to use shovels, transceivers and probes, the area where you can ski safely and be aware of the territory that you are skiing in. To prevent accidents make sure you follow your guide’s instructions correctly.

Opt For A Trustworthy Heli-Skiing Company

To enjoy a risk-free skiing experience and to make your adventure as memorable as possible you need to opt for a heli-skiing company like that of Telluride Todd Herrick.

Good Food, Proper Hydration And Be In Shape

You need to stay hydrated throughout the entire skiing adventure. Start preparing by taking extra liquids at least a week in advance. Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast to keep your energy levels high. Keep yourself physically fit to be able to ski no matter what the conditions in the terrain are.

Dress Sensibly

Make sure you dress in layers using good quality fabrics as the base and the outerwear needs to be water resistant to prevent getting wet in deep snow. Don’t forget to wear goggles and a helmet.

Be Prepared For An Exciting Helicopter Ride And The Skiing Adventure

The helicopter ride that flies a skier through the remote mountain ranges is breath-taking and exciting. Once you reach the mountain be prepared to make the adventurous journey downwards on your skis following the instructions of your guide.

Fresh tracks on powder snow seem exciting to any snowboarders and skiers. But when there is deep snow it seems to be a concern to first-time heli-skiers.

Keeping these tips in mind any intermediate skier can navigate through deep powder snow without much difficulty. You wouldn’t have to dig your way out of it. Even though a heli-skiing could be really expensive the experience is quite astonishing and one of a kind.