“Her crayons turned to bold lipsticks.
Her pencil turned to darkest kohl liner.
She explored and exploded
with innocent experiences and excitement.
She is a beautiful mess.
In canopy of sassy mess, she grows”.

Health Caves and Girls

Gone are the days, when girls were labeled as liabilities. Now girls are given valley of opportunities to grow, discover and develop. She works, fights and struggles constantly to thrive and succeed. To succeed and make strides, she surely needs a healthy body.

The female body is multiple layers of complexity. Still, the delicate issue of female health and mental hygiene is coalesced smartly, away from them. The female health, especially the growing girls need to grow in real terms.

They need to know their body and its functionality so that they could take care of it. When a girl grows, she faces a lot of psychological, physiological, social, emotional ‘punches and pinches’.

The information about her growing body has to be available so that she could cope up with herself and develop in all pink glow of heath.

Herein we present a compilation of ‘pink health’ tips for her:

girl health tips

Tips – 1

The teenage girl undergoes menstrual cramps and other girly problems. They lose blood every month. Their body prepares them for being a woman.

This transition period needs to be paid attention. Be a raw foodist. Eat all greens and raw veggies to regain blood. Skip fast food. Eat healthy and nutrient-rich food to nourish the growing body.

Tips – 2

Exercise is a very good way to maintain mental and physical health. It strengthens the immune system, regulates body weight, body systems, detoxifies too. The health benefits from exercise are too rich to be elaborated.

It activates and revitalizes the body system and metabolism rate. A chunk of time given to exercise is a very healthy habit to be practiced.

Tips – 3

Less stress and tensions is a key to good mental health which condenses many health-related issues that many teenage girls face during this period. Don’t overload yourself or overwork at expense of your health.

Tips – 4

Have a good taste for life. Enjoy every bit. Weave beautiful moments and lay a strong foundation of relationships around you. Girls are naturally emotional creatures. So get creamy times and love from your people.

Good people, good times and some good hearty laugh with them will keep you happy and the food you eat will be utilized to nourish their body properly and helps her stay fit and focused.

Tips – 5

The ‘Choose my plate’ guide is cited below as:

  • Shrink Sugary treats like cakes cookies chocolate drinks etc.
  • Drink low-fat milk.
  • Replace drinks with water.
  • Know to eat boiled and less oily food. Avoid fried food
  • No more junk food.
  • Get your salad bar.
  • Try using different types of bread for sandwiches like tortillas rolls or whole wheat bread or brown bread.
  • Limit mayonnaise, gravy, extra sausage etc
  • Eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Eat at regular intervals.
  • Pick more fruits, berries, and plums.

Tips – 6

Maintain regular hygiene during periods and use antibacterial sanitary napkins. Change napkins within 6 hrs. It’s better to use cotton cloth or cotton pad.

The ultra pad or dry cover pad can cause the growth of fungi which can cause uterine infection.

Tips – 7

Teenage girls should opt for the sports bra and not the usual bra as the breasts are tender at that age. They should go for a light colored bra than black or dark bras as they can cause breast cancer due to the absorption of harmful UV rays.

Tips – 8

Don’t go for heavy exercises which would put pressure on the uterus or abdominal part.

Tips – 9

Increase the intake of iron-rich food. Iron is essential for blood formation and will compensate for the blood loss during menstrual days.

Tips – 10

Drink plenty of water and sleep for optimum hours. These healthy choices will improve the health benefits.

Tips – 11

Crunch Carrots rather Chips. Chill with good veggies and go natural. Lessen the intake of bad calories and extra fat by cutting off artificial sweeteners or street foods.

Tips – 12

Keep the intimates clean and maintain hygiene. The intimate should be properly washed with some good detergents and antiseptics and then dried up in sunlight to divorce any kind of harmful germs.

Tips – 13

The female parts down there must be washed and cleaned with a good ph balanced solution like V wash, so as not to disturb the vaginal ph.

The area down there must be always optimally dry and fresh. It must not be kept damp and moist to avoid yeast and fungal infections.

Tips – 14

Intake of curd in the everyday routine must be followed as it reduces the chances of skin infection and boosts the immune system.

Tips – 15

Don’t go for painkillers during menstrual cramps as it will present harmful consequences later in life. It may cause cystic ovary conditions and other harmful health-related issues and PCOS syndromes.

Tips – 16

The mood swings due to hormonal imbalance and fluctuation can be sometimes very frustrating and can spoil your day hard. It must be taken care of if.

Feed yourself rich and healthily during these days, take less stress, and have a power sleep for a good conditioning of the physiological processes going on in the body.

Tips – 17

The meal taken should be a package of all rich nutrients, vitamins and essentially required carbs in right proportions and variety.

Tips – 18

While you sleep, don’t forget to open up your bra. The fleshy mounds need to be relaxed too.

Tips – 19

Maintain equilibrium of temperature in your body by intake of right amount of heat producing food and cold food to have optimum temperature down there for its good functioning. Don’t have excess ghee or garlic or pepper in your food. They are natural fat burners and produces heat.

Tips – 20

Intake of papaya will soften the menstrual cramps. It’s also good for a better bowel system and keeps skin healthy. So it must be included in the daily meal once in two days.

Tips – 21

Avoid wearing tight clothes like skinny fit jeans or tight inners as they put pressure on the sensitive parts which can cause many female health-related problems. The intimates’ fabric must be soft to avoid rashes and sweating.


Womanliness is a great gift and so its care is very important. When it is ignored, it may lead to serious health-related issues which present many hardships to a girl.

As the above-mentioned tips are simple but are the effective ways to be in all ‘pink of health’. In order to assure a good health read the above girls health tips and tell us your views in the below comment section.