Consuming a balanced diet can assist you to keep a healthy body weight. Keeping a good and healthy body weight is essential as obesity is the second biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking.

Diet directly have an effect on cancer risk as some foods such as salt-preserved foods, red meat or processed foods can increase the risk of cancer.

There are many foods like fruits, vegetables, and high fiber foods can reduce the risk of cancer. We should include some foods in our daily diet so that we can minimize the risk of cancer.

Here are some foods below which can help us to prevent cancer they are:

1: Drink Pomegranate Juice

pomegranate juice cancer

Pomegranate juice will help to prevent cancer, as per the research it is found that drinking 8 ounces of pomegranate juice on a daily basis considerably slow down the rising cancer risk in the human body as it is an excellent source of antioxidants. Instead of juice, you can also add its seeds in your daily diet.

2: Peas

peas for cancer

As per the research eating green peas with other legumes lessen the risk of cancer especially stomach cancer. When you will consume peas daily in your diet it will act as phytochemical similar as estrogen and keep you away from the disease as one cup green peas consist of at least 10 mg of coumestrol.

3: Mushrooms

mushrooms for cancer

Mushrooms are the excellent source of selenium i.e. a potent cancer-fighting mineral, mainly for prostate cancer. As per the research mushrooms are very rich in diseases fighting phytochemicals and consuming them on regular basis has connected to the minimum risk of breast cancer.

4: Kale and Many Other Cooking Greens

kale for cancer

Cooking greens comprise of carotenoids, bioflavonoids and many other cancer-fighting compounds and also contain indels i.e. the compounds that will minimize cancer-causing latent of estrogen and persuade production of enzymes that shield against diseases.

You can also add raw kale salad with chopped mustard greens with chopped garlic and cooked chard in lasagna to your daily regime.

5: Raisins and Grapes

red grapes for cancer

The upper layer of red grapes comprises of resveratrol i.e. a phytochemical which is connected to lessening of cancer and heart disease and strokes.

Grapes also have ellagic acid which works o protects lungs against environmental toxins. Consuming grapes and raisins as snacks can prevent you from cancer. You can have it as a pasta saladtoo.

6: Grapefruit

grapefruit for cancer

Grapefruit red and pink in color are high in lycopene i.ean antioxidant which helps to lower the prostate cancer risk. Grapefruit includes in it many protective plant chemicals such as phenolic acid which restrains the creation of cancer-causing nitrosamines, the bioflavonoid which slows down the feat of hormones that endorse tumor, monoterpenes, which persuade the production of enzymes that assist prevent cancer.

7: Ginger

ginger for cancer

Ginger has the cancer lighting properties in it and was found to cause ovarian cancer cells to diminish as ginger root supplements minimize inflammation in the colon and have potential as a preventive measure. Add a slice of ginger in tea or you can stir a spoonful of ginger into sweet potatoes and can consume it to prevent cancer.

8: Egg

Egg for cancer

As per the research, egg yolks contain vitamin D which assists in reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

9: Dates


Dates are superior in whole polyphenols in comparison to any other frequently devoured fruits and vegetables; the main reason behind it is that they mainly grow in deserts in the harsh atmosphere which causes polyphenols to offer protection from oxidative stress and palm’s fruit. As per the research polyphenols by the side of vitamin B6 and fiber will prevent certain kinds of cancer.

10: Corn

Corn for cancer

Corn contains a phenolic compound known as ferulic acid which may restrain cancer-causing substances; you can mix corn kernels with chopped bell pepper for a much delicious burger or can also add cooked kernels to a smoothie.

11: Coffee

Coffee for cancer

Daily intake of coffee can prevent you from cancer, as per the research those who drink coffee a day have 20 percent lower risk of colon cancer in comparison to those who do not drink it. As per the research, the coffee intake will reduce the risk of basal cell carcinoma.

12: Cherries

Cherries for cancer

Sour cherries are the abundant source of quercetin which helps you to prevent from cancer. Add quartered cherries o pancakes or you can also make sauce from cherries.

13: Carrots

Carrots for Cancer

Carrot is the most abundant source of beta-carotene as it conations other carotenoids which include alpha-carotene and bioflavonoids which are connected to reduce the risk of cancer especially lung cancer.

14: Cabbage

Cabbage for Cancer

As per the research people who consume a large amount of cabbage have a low rate of colon cancer and many other kinds of cancer.

As cabbage contains bioflavonoids and other plant chemicals that inhibit tumor development and guard cells from gratis radicals.

Other chemicals in cabbage also pace up the body’s metabolism of estrogen in very high amount and are totally associated with breast cancer.

15: Bran

Bran for cancer

Bran is the richest source of dietary fiber and is an indigestible outer husk of oats, wheat, rice, and other cereals. Bran’s elevated fiber content may reduce the risk of colon and other obesity-linked cancers. You can stir the bran in the morning and also a couple of oat bran into a stew; you can also use wheat bran also.

16: Bean Sprout

Bean Sprout

Bean sprouts are an affluent source of sulforaphane and are most potent anticancer compound secluded from a natural source.

Sprouts comprise 50 times more sulforaphane than any other mature beans. You cab garnish the chicken with sprouts or you can also sprinkle a layer of sprout in the salad.

17: Avocado and Apple

Avocado for Cancer

Avocado is healthy monounsaturated fats which will prevent your body from cancer as it comprises of anticancer antioxidants in it.

Research shows that one kind of antioxidants found in apples called procyanidins that trigger a series of cell signals that will lead to cancer cell death.

18: Green Tea

Green Tea for Cancer

Women who consume at least two cups of green tea have 3o percent lower risk of ovarian cancer in comparison to those who do not consume tea.

This is due to the reason that certain flavonoids in black tea which helps the body to prevent from cancer.

19: Mediterranean Diet


People who follow Mediterranean diet supplemented with olive oil will have the lesser risk of breast cancer as the nuts in it had an insignificantly lower risk. So to prevent from breast cancer you should, especially women should come to this type of diet.

20: Green Onions

Green Onions for Cancer

A diet high in green onions may definitely reduce the risk of cancer especially prostate cancer; the effects are stronger when they are eaten raw or very lightly cooked.

21: Artichokes

Artichokes for Cancer

Artichokes are a very rich source of silymarin hat is an antioxidant that helps to prevent skin cancer. It is delicious to eat by peeling it off then boil them or you can steam them, dip each stick in mayonnaise and you can have this and take its advantages.

22: Blueberries and Lemonades

blueberries for Cancer

Blueberries come first in terms of antioxidant power as it neutralizes free radicals which are very unstable compounds and can damage cells and which can lead to cancer. These blueberries will prevent you from camera if you have it in your daily diet.

Similarly, a daily dose of lemon or any other citrus fruit will definitely cut the risk of stomach, mouth and throat cancer by almost 50 percent.

So if you want to prevent from cancer have an anticancer diet daily, as it is an important strategy which can be used to reduce the risk of cancer. So make room for the cancer-preventive foods which can help you a lot to prevent from this life-threatening disease.