Aging gracefully doesn’t only happen when you have a personal trainer or thousands of dollars to spend on Botox. We gathered the best advice from skin-care experts for turning back the clock naturally, and this article lists 10 secrets for looking young forever.

Here we go:

1. Hydrate Yourself

As cliche as this sounds, hydrating is one the most important things you can do for your body; both in terms of boosting your health and making your skin look younger. Keep in mind that water makes up close to 70 percent of your body, so failing to hydrate may have profound health effects. To help you guzzle down more water, follow these tips:

  • Drink at least 6 glasses every day, to enhance nutrient absorption and detoxification
  • Take a water bottle with you every day, and avoid aerated drinks
  • Use apps to track water intake

2. Add Some Cinnamon to Your Food

Add some cinnamon to your coffee in the morning for taste and to enhance cognitive function. There is some scientific evidence that cinnamon lowers the risk of age-related cognitive decline. You can find more creative ways to use cinnamon online – just search for baking recipes that include cinnamon, or try your own concoctions.

3. Load Up on Probiotics

Probiotics keep your gut working correctly by maintaining the right balance of enzymes and bacteria that are used to digest food. But that’s not the only thing they’re good for; according to researchers from Sweden’s Lund University, a healthy gut is also linked to a reduced risk of cognitive decline in elderly people, and it takes almost no effort to eat probiotics like yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut.

4. Add Flax to Your Food

Flaxseeds are rich in fiber, which makes them perfect for strengthening your gut and fighting digestive problems. Sprinkle a little flaxseed into snacks, drinks, smoothies, or your favorite food, and this will go a long way in keeping you healthy through the years. The omega-3 content found in flaxseeds also makes them great for boosting collagen cells – which as you know, plays a significant role in keeping skin soft, smooth, and elastic.

5. Be Sun Safe

Use at least SPF-15 whenever you leave the house, even in winter. UV rays cause lines and wrinkles – not to mention, cancer – so sunscreen should be part of your daily skin care regimen. Check the labels on all your beauty products for sun protection, including moisturizers, which should be used daily, even as you go to sleep.

6. Beauty sleep

Get the recommended 8 hours of sleep every night to keep your skin looking smooth and to avoid puffy eyes and a swollen face. To get quality sleep, avoid noises, light, and don’t overeat sugar, especially in the evenings as it may interfere with sleep.

Make it your mission to establish a consistent sleeping pattern because disturbed sleep is just as bad as not sleeping. In case you suffer from insomnia or sleep-related disorders, visit your doctor and implement a treatment plan as soon as possible.

7. Never sleep with your face pressed against the pillow

Have you seen how people wake up with a swollen face and puffy eyes? The main reason this happens is that fluids pool around the face when you sleep on your stomach, and when you do this for long, it can make you look terrible. To ease inflammation in the face, sleep on your back facing up, and even when you wake up and find that you’ve rolled over, get on your back.

To make sure you don’t roll over, lock yourself in your back position using pillows. Stack them neatly around your midsection, and add a pillow under your knees to keep you comfortable through the night. Keep as many pillows on your side as you need, and this should help you get used to sleeping on your back.

8. Turn Off the TV

Want to live healthy for longer? Don’t spend hours watching the TV. People who spend more than four hours every day watching TV are 80 percent more likely to develop heart disease or diabetes. It’s no surprise that people who spend more than 4 hours a day watching TV are at a higher risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases.

If you’re watching your favorite show on TV, you’re more likely to eat more snacks without noticing, and due to inactivity, this will ultimately lead to weight gain. We’re not saying you shouldn’t eat snacks or watch your favorite shows on Netflix, but do this consciously and pay attention to your eating habits, and how much time you spend sitting.

9. Quit Smoking

Smoking is devastating to our health, and in addition to destroying the lungs, it also damages the skin. To reduce the risk of premature aging, ditch the smokes and start taking better care of your health. According to the American Journal of Public Health, if you quit smoking by 35 you will have extended your lifespan by up to 8 years. So you want to look younger and avoid lung cancer, it’s time to kick that nasty habit.

10. Be Fit and Healthy

Simple exercises like walking, jogging, and swimming can make a huge difference in how you age. On its own, exercise improves skin complexion, adds firmness, and helps to balance oil production. Another way that exercise makes you look good is by toning your body, enhancing your natural physique, and reducing stress.

For the best results, exercise daily and try meditation to keep your mind at ease, and to strengthen the immune system. Remember, stress is a major cause of bad skin, so make a habit of releasing tension before it becomes a serious issue.