Whenever you hear the word “bouncer”, what picture comes in your mind? When I hear the word “bouncer”, I imagine a 6-foot man with 2.5-inch biceps, and a 42-45 ″ chest is standing at the main gate of the club.

He is keeping his eyes on everyone, who is going and coming out of the club. And the most interesting thing is that if 2,3 bouncers are standing together then they all will look like cousins.

Near southern Delhi, there is one such village which is considered as the strongest village in the country and the name of this village is “Asola-Fatehpur Berry”. It is also known as” bouncer village“.

Now you must be thinking that what is kind of name is this. So there is a very interesting story behind it. And this village has its own specialty, due to which it is famous all over the country.

Let’s know the interesting tale behind this “Indian bouncer village”

Nothing starts like this, there is definitely some spiel behind it. In the same way, Asola-Fatehpur Berry did not become a “bouncer village” in a single night. There is also a spellbinding spiel behind it.

This thing started 15 years ago. When Vijay Kanwar was looking to take his place in India’s wrestling team for the Olympics but for some reason he could not make it and not able to take his place in India’s wrestling team in the Olympics.

He felt bad, but he was not at all among the people who gave up. Then he thought that where he can give his muscle power. At the same time, when he got a job offer from a club in Delhi and guess what, he accepted that offer. Then he never looked back. He was the first bouncer of his village. And used to earn quite well at that time.

Seeing this, he started his own security service company Start and named the company “Storm Group”. His company name is also somewhat stormy. The main aim of this company is to train the people of this village so that they can get jobs in clubs and start earning for themselves

Till date, he has trained 1100+ boys of the village and they are hired via the company. The boys of the village also show full heed in training and start their training from a young age. All the people of the village have made this their family profession.

In the clubs of Delhi, you will find only boys of “Indian bouncer village” doing the bouncer’s job. If you ask anyone’s name then most of the bouncers will tell their sir name “Tanwar”.

What do you think it is very easy to become a bouncer?

If you think that bouncers don’t do anything other than just standing at the gate of the club, then you are a victim of a big misunderstanding. Becoming a bouncer is not like playing wrestling in a video game.

If there is an issue in the club, only the bouncers can handle it. Along with the muscles, there is also a need for mental calm in the bouncer. A hot-tempered man cannot become a bouncer. How to handle critical situations is also part of the bounce’s job.

Let me tell you a little bit about how the Storm Company trained their village boys for the bouncer’s jobs in Delhi. So their first condition is, every one of the storm company has to pass 12th first because it is very important to have basic education.

They get 2 hours of exercise in the morning and in the evening also. A small gym has also been built for them, but they like to exercise in the traditional way to build their body.

When we go back to the old times when there were no gyms, people used to wrestle in the arena, 100 do 100+ push-ups, sit-ups, and many more exercises. Now the era has changed, but in the “bouncer village“, men like to do exercises with the traditional method.

They eat only a healthy diet. Most of the men are vegetarian, so they eat the banana, dry fruits, vegetables, and drink the milk also to develop their muscles. They have a very immaculate diet. It means they don’t smoke or drink.

They have to work hard to get the bouncer’s jobs. Along with wrestling and other exercises, they also do yoga. This wonder happens only because of natural food, not because of any artificial protein supplement. There is an only secret of their health i.e “Go Natural

Let’s find the Indian bouncer salary

If you asked someone about the bouncer village in Delhi, then you will get an instant reply. Vijay Tanwar’s “bouncer security services “are quite famous in Delhi. As if like bouncer making factory is in Asola Fatehpur Beri. If we talk about bouncer jobs then there are a lot of bouncer jobs in Delhi.

Every single boy from bouncer village starts dreaming of becoming a bouncer from his childhood. They want to play for India in the Olympics as well. They want to brighten the name of the country. Whenever there is an opportunity, we will definitely brighten up the name of the country, a bouncer’s village boy said.

Bouncers in Delhi are earning quite well on today’s date. A bouncer with no experience earns approx 18k to 20k. As the experience begins to increase, there is an increase in their salary as well. If a bouncer has an experience of 4 to 5 years, he earns even 35k to 50k.

There is also a lot of growth in the bouncer career. But It is not easy. You have to maintain your body. You can get the job of a bouncer only because of your body and strength.

If you too see your career in this field then do not be slothful, get up and start working on your body to develop muscles. And it is not like that you have to pay attention to the body only, along with the body you also have to be mentally strong.

Scope of bouncer job in Delhi

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Apart from this, you can also contact security services companies directly; they have a direct connection with the nightclubs, restaurants, etc. They can get you a job. If we talk about the scope of bouncer job in Delhi then there is a lot of scope of bouncer job in Delhi. Those who want to become a bouncer can try in the night clubs of Delhi.


Whenever you visit the capital of India, you should also visit this amazing village just to see how proud they are with their unique identity as “Bouncer village of India”.

All thanks to Mr. Vijay Tanwar who started this approx 15 years back. Now it will be written in the history of the country. It is beautiful to see how a small instinct can change the whole life but in this spiel, Vijay Tanwar changes the whole picture of his village.

Parents of the bouncer village are so proud of their sons for working so hard for their as well as the future of the family. Sitting ideal will give you nothing. Invest time on yourself, and see the prepossessing changes in you.