Passion drives us the success that filled us with happiness, enthusiasm. Many people talk about following a passion, but they are impuissant because they do not know what their passion is, what work they like, and what keeps them excited. In tough times, passion is the only thing that keeps you alive and impels you to make things better.

Isn’t it amazing when you found your passion by chance? While many people spend their lives to know about the things that really keep them energetic and happy. And some fortunate people find it in small things or acts.

Doctor Hiren Shah is also one such personality, who was introduced to his passion by a trick lock challenge. He is known for his largest trick lock collection in the world.

Dr. Hiren Shah: A Pediatrician by profession

Dr. Hiren Shah is a pediatrician by profession and lives in Ahmadabad with his wife Dr. Namita who is a gynecologist. Along with having the same mind, they are also best friends who are in love with the antique collection.

This amazing doctor duo tastes the real taste of life. While doing full justice to his profession, he takes time for his passion and love life. How beautiful is it when you and your partner share the same interest.

Things become more amazing and entertaining. They have a deep affection for travel. Along with visiting a new place, they grieve to know about the history and ancient art crafts from that place.

How Puzzle Solving Hobby Makes Him a Lock Collector?

From his childhood, puzzles solving was his first love. He always looked for something challenging. In the 1990s, when he and his parents were looking for art crafts for their home decoration, trick lock caught his attention and fell in love with it. And it’s like first sight love.

These trick locks have different kind of mechanism, single or different keys can be used to open them. Everyone cannot open trick locks even if they have the keys. But this is a left-handed game for Doctor Hiren Shah.

Dr. Hiren found out his passion for lock collection when a sales guy challenged him and said “Doctor, isko khol ke dikhao toh maan jayenge”.

And the doctor keyed in the lock and swung, the lock opened and the doctor himself was surprised along with the sales guy. What happened after that became history. Along with ornate antique locks, they start collecting trick locks.

World’s largest trick locks collections Record

This doctor duo is having amazing as well as versatile lock collection in Ahmadabad at their residence. But let me amaze you with the interesting fact, they have “The largest trick locks collection record worldwide”.

They have a total of 2000 locks collection, in which 600 are trick locks. Being a Doctor, Dr. Namita has a busy schedule but she still finds time to clean and oil lock every night. And never get tired of it. There will be no lock in the world which they will not have the key. They not only have Indian locks collection but also have American, Chinese, and European locks collection.

Peter Schnurzel, being an antique dealer as well as a lock collector, not only got Doctor Hiren Shah to enter the Locks Collector world but he also wrote an article on Doctor Hiren Shah ‘s locks collection, which led him to invited by European Lock Collectors’ The association for their annual meet at Velbert, Germany, in 2003.

After that, he has been invited to a number of meets where he has introduced Indian locks to the world and how Indian lock’s design and the mechanism are affected by different cultures across the world. Even a lot of people with the same curiosity have visited their house to see the lock collection. Doctor Hiren Shah is also a member of the “International Puzzle Party”.

Have you ever heard the name “Houseum” before?

I bet, most people will not aware of the term “Houseum”. Is it a house? No, I guess it’s a museum. Wait, let me clear the air, it is a house as well as a museum. Doctor couple has a wonderful collection of locks and other antiques in the basement of the house and they love to call it “Houseum”.

To shoot up your curiosity, let me tell you that their clock has 25 hours instead of 24. Now, you are wondering why 25 hours? 25th hour called to be “hour of passion”. It is completely dedicated to the work that fills them with unique happiness.

Each collection has a different and unique story behind them. Dr. Hiren Shah has made everything unique and special in the house, whether it is the entrance of Houseum, living room, or kitchen. Even the top floor of the Houseum is full of puzzles.

The doctor couple also has collections of different clocks, peacocks, and other art crafts that will stun you. You need an entire day to see each and every beautiful collection and to know the history behind them. Every wall of the Houseum celebrates Dr. Hiren’s passion for lock collection. His lock collection called “Doc’s locks”.

Doctor Hiren Shah’s favorite locks from the lock huddle

From his fabulous collection, some locks are on his favorite list. Let’s roll your eye on them:

1. Chinese lock

The doctor also has centuries-old locks and one of them is 1200 years old Chinese lock. Basically, Chinese lock design resembles with animal shapes. Chinese padlocks are made up of a cast of bronze, brass, and iron. In ancient times, they are used to save the treasure like jewelry or other important things from the thief.

2. Fish lock

This is Doctor Hiren’s favorite lock. He found this fish lock-in Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar. The Fish lock condition was just like an orphan. The vendor had no idea about “how to open it but the doctor loved to untangle the threads.

There is an amazing technique to open this fish lock. Firstly, you have to gyrate the fish (on the lock) at the 5-o clock position. Then, a lock hole will be open and insert the key to open the lock.

3. Deceptive Dozen

This lock is quite interesting. It takes 12 steps to open this mystery lock. That’s why it is called “Deceptive Dozen“. It is a simple lock and the doctor bought it with a single key. This deceptive dozen lock has been shown in many exhibitions across the world.

4. Cylindrical Trophy

There is a fascinating story behind this lock; Doctor Hiren Shah calls it a trophy because he had to earn it. Its vendor did not want to sell it, but he agreed if someone can open this lock.

And Dr. Hiren Shah was an expert in that. Firstly, he observed the lock pattern and then pushed the brass button on the surface. You will have an idea what would happen next, yes it opened the lock hole. The doctor inserted the key in the hole and the lock was opened.


This lock collector has followed his passion blindly and become an inspiration for all of us. Whether you have an interest in or even a silly thing, you should go for it.

Take out time from your busy schedule to do your favorite thing for your inner peace and happiness. It will help you to make your life better. Also, you should visit “Houseum” once just to see Doctor Hiren Shah’s lock collections and how far you can reach with your passion.