At the earlier times, girls in the Indian society were taught to take care of the family and to cook only, and then get married off. For a long time, women were not given an equal opportunity of the nation; however, the time has changed.

Now generations have changed their mindsets, and proud Indian daughters like Europa Bhowmik are proving their worth by competing in every field. In today’s time, women are standing shoulders to shoulders all along, which is the starting of the new beginning.

Childhood of famous Europa Bhowmik

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Yep that was me exactly 10 years from now 🤣🤣 I don’t know why you guys think I used to be beautiful, cuz honestly if that’s pretty to you, I’d rather be ugly 😝🤭 Jokes apart, I am proud of how I have transformed myself from that helpless little girl to my strong independent-self today. Of course I became an athlete as a consequence of it. You’ll get more insights of me in the coming days as #HistoryChannel will air a short documentary of me on their episodes of OMG Ye Mera India. 👊✌️ #transformation #uglytostrong #selfconfidence #mybody #mytemple #IcanbewhoIwanttobe #womensbodybuilding #womensphysique #MsSatishSugars #MsAsiarunnerup #ForzaFitness #TeamIndra

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Europa Bhowmik, the popular Indian bodybuilder was born to a captain of the merchant navy who was hailing from Bengal.

Europa Bhowmik had faced a miserable childhood in which she had to deal with the people who bully over her. The short height, as well as chubbiness, has given the reason to the bullies to tease Europa Bhowmik height weight.

Somehow, the poor girl had managed to go through that sad childhood. But when she had become a teenager, she was not able to handle it anymore.

When she was not taking her diet properly, then she had realized that she is suffering from an eating disorder named anorexia. It is the kind of eating disorder that causes people to become possessive with their weight and what they are eating as well.

Europa Bhowmik Personal Life

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Feeding a baby tiger 🐯😄 #tigercub #tigerzoo #inlove

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Almost every day, she wishes that somehow the misery or the sad part of their life get ends. It was the mother of Europa Bhowmik who had helped me in coming out that painful phase of her life.

Her mother had given efficient mental support to Europa for fighting back excellently. After following the advice of her mom, Europa Bhowmik had joined the gym by gaining all the strength which she could.

Then she had started taking a proper or maintained diet. Along with it, the gym trainers of Europa helped in preparing for her body.

Career in bodybuilding

The efforts made by Europa Bhowmik bodybuilder helped her to feel normal. Her efforts had motivated her to spend adequate time on the time strengthening machines.

It was looking that she was doing hard training at the gym which was enhancing her trust day-by-day. It was a nice moment for her parents to see her daughter turning back to normal.

There was a way to stop, but Europa Bhowmik had decided not to stop it. She was thinking about something unique and significant in her mind.

She has an aim to prove the world what she is capable of, which can be even next to impossible. Europa Bhowmik had shared her views with her parents, and they were ready to support their daughter, although there was having a little bit of doubt regarding her mission.

Family Support

With the blessings of her parents, Europa Bhowmik had started training for the national level competitions in bodybuilding. The path followed by Europa was not easy, but she was ready to face every challenge for achieving success in her life.

In Belgaum, Karnataka, after the months of efficient training, her first national-level competition held. Undoubtedly, she had performed outstandingly but has not succeeded in finishing in the top 3rd.

However, failure is part of significant success. Fortunately, she bumped into IndranilMaity, who agreed to coach her so that next time, she would not end up with disappointment.

Awards and Honors

Europa Bhowmik has pushed herself to the limits of achieving high success.

When it was the time for the 51st Annual Lightweight Asian Bodybuilding Championship in Korea, Europa Bhowmik has dominated the Lightweight Bodybuilding category.

It is the time when she had won the silver medal. She has become the youngest woman in India to achieve accomplishment ever.

Among wonderful Indian daughters, Europa Bhowmik proudly stands who is the youngest female bodybuilder. She had conquered the silver medal at the Asian Bodybuilding in the Lightweight category. Europa Bhowmik is a great example who had faced every obstacle in her life with high efficiency and had made India proud.

Physical Details

Europa Bhowmik height 4’11” was short, but she had kept stuck to her dreams or decision of building the body. After seeing the hard work of Europa, her parents had started supporting her.

Until she had become famous, she had followed her decisions and participated in every bodybuilding competition. Whenever she feels demotivation in her life, her mother was there to encourage her and support her with blessings.

Diet of Europa Bhowmik

During the time of her preparation for achieving high success, she had reduced carbohydrates. However, the protein quota remained constant for her, and she is a big fan of meat.

She had traveled a lot and has tried various types of meat. But she does not treat chicken to be a part of the meat. To maintain Indian female bodybuilder Europa Bhowmik biceps size, she wanted to be healthy and fit due to which she had taken a protein-rich diet every day.

Inspiration for other girls

Europa Bhowmik biography had inspired many other girls who were not even interested in bodybuilding. She had explained that in the starting, her parents were not even sure, but she had continued to follow her passion.

Europa Bhowmik had ended to achieve what she has dreamt for. She had admitted that nowadays, many girls are coming to her to get into a fitness regimen. According to Europa, this is the most significant achievement of her life.

Seeing a girl doing things that are not traditional, customary, and choosing a tough path is always a story of inspiration. There are many such inspirational Indian bodybuilders out of which Europa Bhowmik is one of them.

What Europa has achieved in her life was inspiring, and her fame is an excellent example for others.


He youngest girl, Europa Bhowmik age 19 years, had proven that one could achieve success only when they start transforming their criticism into inspiration. Europa Bhowmik is an excellent source of brilliance as well as encouragement for the younger generation.