We all have seen various kinds of fashion events. Ranging from college ones to big events like Paris Fashion Week. While there’s a huge difference in their approach and budget but they have one thing in common- they have all taken on the ground. Have you ever witnessed one which took place where one could touch the clouds? Well, almost that is.

In Kathmandu, Nepal, The Mount Everest Fashion Runway, organized by RB Diamonds and KASA Style, it allowed you to be on top of the world.

What was so special about it? You might have guessed it by the name of the show itself. Held at an incredible elevation of 5291 meters or 17358 ft near the Everest base camp, this was the Highest altitude Fashion Runway show ever done. The show was held on January 26 and was credited by the World Record Academy for being the highest altitude fashion show.

In the history of Fashion world records, The Mount Everest Fashion Runway will find its name alongside other eyebrow-raising feats. This includes The Blossom Charity which was held in Ipswich, UK. Blossom Charity holds the Guinness World Record for the longest fashion show. The show was held from 13 to 14 October 2017 for 30 hours.

Along with this, COFFEECELL, which was organized at the TESLA Place, in Moscow is crowned with the Guinness World Record for having the largest attendance at a fashion show. The show was attended by 1,012 people on 27 October 2018.

everest fashion show

The Mount Everest Fashion Runway was held as part of a tourism campaign called Visit Nepal Year 2020. It was organized by the Nepal Tourism Board and international models from various countries like Italy, Finland, Singapore, and Sri Lanka participated in it.

The aim of this show was to give a boost to Nepal Tourism. With such an incredible record that certainly seems like a possibility.

The high altitude fashion show had some big names as well. It was attended by the Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Civil Aviation and Tourism, Kedar Bahadur Adhikari.

The show was also graced by the presence of the senior director of Nepal Tourism Board, Nandini Lahe Thapa. But that’s not all, of course, there were many others in attendance. After all, one doesn’t get to witness the world’s highest fashion show every day.

The aim of the show wasn’t just to show off pretty models, but also to promote Nepali culture and products. The participants all wore Nepali, organic and biodegradable clothes. The clothes were made out of pashmina and felt. One of the major points of the fashion show was to introduce the fledgling idea of sustainable Fashion.

highest altitude fashion show

The show wasn’t easy to organize as one can imagine. The cold, winds and bare surroundings would have made an already hectic task almost insurmountable. But the whole event was possible due to the team effort of 48 people who trekked from Lukla to Kala Patthar on January 18 to make the show a reality.
The show was certainly a huge success since it did find itself in the world records book.

It certainly took some brilliant minds to figure out that fashion and heights were a unique idea. This carefully planned event was organized to ensure that more people get curious and come to see Nepal. Nepal has a lot to offer to its tourists in terms of cultural heritage, hospitality and places to visit.

This Fashion Show added a feather to an already overflowing crown full of jewels. Hikers and trekkers will certainly be more interested in seeing this place from up close now.