We have always known obesity as nothing short of a deadly disease. Obesity can be caused by a range of factors that includes medical reasons as well. No matter the reason it can affect a person physically as well as mentally.

Many obese people fail to control the factors contributing to their weight gain. This is why intervention is needed at times. Family members or friends generally step in to fulfill that role for an ordinary person. But it’s rare that a King orders someone to get treated for obesity.

Yet that’s exactly what happened to Khalib Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari. Back in August, he was ordered by King Abdullah to get treated in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Back then he weighed 1,345 pounds or 610 kg and wasn’t able to move around at all. In fact, he had not left his bed for three years.

Personal History

Born on 28 February 1991, Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari is a Saudi Arabian man who was crowned with the title of the second heaviest person in history. The Guinness World Records title of the heaviest person in medical history went to Jon Browser Minnoch.

He weighed 635 kg. While Shaari wasn’t able to get the title of the Heaviest Person in recorded history but he had the highest BMI ever recorded at 204.

Medical Treatment

khalid bin mohsen shaari

Shaari wasn’t able to move by himself and so he had to be transferred from Jazan in southern Saudi Arabia. When he went to visit the doctor he had to be taken out of the house with a forklift.

But after the King’s command, Shaari is doing better. He has lost more than 700 pounds or more than half of his previous body weight since the command.
Dr. Aa’ed al-Qahtani, the head of the medical team was overseeing Shaari’s treatment. He informed Sayidaty magazine in a recent interview that Shaari’s health is continuing to improve at a steady rate.

He says that his lungs and heart are better. He also has less inflammation now and stronger muscles. He was even able to move his feet. But despite all this improvement, Shaari still can’t move all on his own.

Al-Qahtani also said that a huge customized wheelchair was made for Shaari so that he could move around with more ease. This was also done to help with his physical therapy. But he still can’t move on his own and needs a mechanized pulley to sit in the wheelchair.

Obesity Awareness Campaign

His story was published in the magazine and it led to an obesity awareness campaign where Shaari’s story is told. Then he is ultimately seen smiling and holding up a victory sign.

Doctors have also said that his spirits have remained high. He is so happy after his weight loss that Dr. Abdeljabbar al-Yamani, the managing director of King Fahd Medical City, has dubbed him “the smiling man.”

One can only hope that Shaari follows the medication schedule as well as the diet and exercise chart given by his doctors.

This will allow him to lead a normal life and allow him to go and do things that he previously wasn’t able to do due to his weight. Moreover, his example will inspire others through the obesity awareness campaign to begin losing extra harmful weight.