Vegetables are all grown in the soil. Have you ever thought that vegetables can also be grown in fish tanks? Don’t worry, this is not magic, but the truth. Nowadays we can grow vegetables in a fish tank too. All vegetables can be grown with soil, water, and sunlight. But this is a completely new concept. And this is called Aquaponics farming.

Madhavi Farms is India’s largest aquaponics farm in Bangalore. It is the first aquaponics farm in India. The aquaponics farming concept brings a new revolution in farming. You don’t need much space to start aquaponics farming. Even, you can start aquaponics farming at home.

What does Aquaponics mean?

Aquaponics is a very feasible method to upraise fish and vegetables. It is a very fabulous concept. It is best for indoor farming. You can grow more vegetables with less water and land. To make aquaponics farming commercial viable, you required a good investment.

Now, the aquaponics industry is growing day by day. Commercial Aquaponics farms are having a big turnover. They have tie-ups with many grocery stores and many other institutions. They are providing fresh vegetables to them on a daily basis.

Let’s know about the largest aquaponics farm in India

Are you sure about the fruits, vegetables you are taking, not deteriorating your health? Harmful pesticides are used in all the fruits and vegetables we eat from the market, which slowly aggravate our health and causes diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart attack, etc.

According to WHO, in India, approximately 50.8 million people are suffering from diabetes. The only solution to vanquish this solution is an organic diet. It means we should add organic fruits and vegetables in our diet. They can make your life free from disease. Madhavi farms producing organics from the past 20 years. Along with this, Madhavi farms also do beekeeping, vermicompost manufacturing, and dairy.

Madhavi farm is only an aquaponics farm in Bangalore. They have taken aquaponics farming decisions very carefully. Along with making farm productive, things that Madhavi farms kept in mind are that it should be eco- friendly, minimal carbon footprint, and also use a solar-driven energy system.

Do you know, who is the mastermind behind this all aquaponics farming concept in India? Ok! If you don’t have any idea the let me break out it to you, K Vijay Kumar is the mastermind behind this. He is the CEO of India’s first and largest aquaponics farm i.e Madhavi Farms.

How does it work?

Aquaponics fish farming is not a very large mystery. This is a very simple and interesting method. A very large tank is filled with water. Then a fixed amount fishes kept in it, where they mate and produce their offspring. There is a magic ingredient here that is used to grow fresh plats.

Let me reveal it to you, it is fishes discharge and waste. Yes! You read it right. This will make the water rich in ammonia and other minerals. Now we will use this water to grow plants. That is without soil. It looks like magic but a simple and innovative concept.

When the plants sucked up all the nutrients from the water, then water is sent back to the tank again. It is a regular process that goes on 24 * 7. In aquaponics, water is not wasted even 95% of the water is recycled.

Wanted to do your own Aquaponics startup in India

If you wanted to do an aquaponics startup in India, then you need approximately 6 to 16 lakh rs. The benefits of aquaponics farming are a lot but there is a drawback too. In this, we cannot grow underground fruits and vegetables. Aquaponics fish farming uses 90% less water than traditional farming. And vegetables and Fruits Pesticides are chemical-free.

Before starting a startup, complete research has to be done for the entire aquaponics firming industry. Not only this, but you should also have complete knowledge of the process of aquaponics farming. You need money, farm space, knowledge, customer, and market location to start a startup.

The issue is not about growing vegetables but the issue is how to earn profit from the aquaponics business.

The location of the market has a great impact on the prices of vegetables. The more the market is near the farm, the more we can sell the vegetable at a lower price to the customer. In traditional methods, a lot of pesticides and chemicals are used.

If you start an aquaponics business in India, then it will be very profitable for you. But you should have expertise in it. You can improve the health of India’s population by growing healthy vegetables. Even the business fishes can be cracked as well. That means not two but three targets with one stone.

So what are you waiting for, it’s time to start your own aquaponics startup.
Where can you enroll for aquaponics design courses in India?

Before you start your own startup, you should be a master of the aquaponics technique. There are many training centers in India where you can enroll for aquaponics design courses.

Let me help with the list:

  • The aquaponics source
  • Craft (center for research in alternative farming technologies
  • Kerala Agricultural University
  • Urbagrow Aquaponics
  • Hydrilla in Bangalore
  • Urban farmer is also providing workshops, training, and seminars on aquaponics.
  • India Aquaponics

Different courses are designed as per the requirement of the person eg: if a person is interested in commercial aquaponics then the course will be designed according to that.

Don’t worry! You can get government subsidy for aquaponics in India
We need huge amounts to make the business of aquaponics commercially viable. It takes 80 million to 1 crore to set up an aquaponics system on 1.2 acres of land. Small farmers cannot afford the huge amount.

Nowadays, we hear so much about the farmers’ suicide these days. Even if we try to make small aquaponics sets for the formers, it will cost them 5 – 9 lakhs. Yes! The amount is still very much but they can apply for government aquaponics subsidy. For the remaining amount, they can get a loan.

If you get the nerves of the aquaponics then you can recover the amount in the next 5-7 months. So get up and take your first step toward the health of the nation.

Aquaponics farming is innovative as well as a revolutionary idea in the agricultural industry. And this is growing rapidly. It is not necessary that you start it a big level. No! You can start at your home with limited space. This is called indoor farming. Grow fresh fruits and vegetables at your home. Make yourself healthy as well as your family.

Once you have all the resources, you can plan for aquaponics farming for commercial purposes. Aquaponics farming is very natural and sustainable. Along with selling fresh vegetables to the customer, you can also sell fishes and increase your profitability.