Ravi Kumar Dahiya is a freestyle wrestler who was born on 12 December 1998. He lives in a village named Nahri nearby Sonipat in Haryana. His father got him admission to Chhatrasal stadium which is in New Delhi. Sat pal Singh was the coach of Ravi Kumar Dahiya. His father has a lot of contributions in building him as a wrestler. He is having a height of 5’7’’ and his weight is 57 kg.

He represents India in the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 under 57kg categories and won the silver medal.

In the 2019 world wrestling championship and Asian championship, he won the bronze medal. He is having black hair. Sushil Kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt were the favourite wrestlers of Ravi Kumar Dahiya. He is not married yet as he is 23 years old.

Early life

When Ravi Kumar Dahiya was of 10 years since that time he was under the supervision of the coach sat Pal Singh. The name of his father is Rakesh Kumar who used to travel 39 km every day to deliver him fruits and milk in Chhatrasal stadium which is very important for wrestling.

His father is a farmer and always encourages Ravi Kumar Dahiya for the next challenge. The name of his mother is Urmila Devi. He becomes the second wrestler who went to the Olympics and won the silver prize for India. Ravi Kumar Dahiya parents have a great hand behind his success.


He has started wrestling when he was too young and won a silver medal in the junior world championship under the category of 55 kg in the freestyle. He got an injury in 2017 which keep him away from wrestling for a year. In the 2018 world U23 wrestling championship he won a silver medal under the weight category of 57 kg. He loses the bronze medal in the Asian wrestling championship and he was ranked fifth.

Then Ravi Kumar Dahiya has a personal trainer whose name is Kamal Malikov. In the national games, he got training from a coach named Jagmander Singh. He not only participated in national and international games but also participated in the 2019 pro wrestling league and is not defeated by any of the candidates who come there for wrestling.

In 2020, when he played in the summer Olympics had defeated the European wrestler’s name Arsen Harutyunyan in the qualifier match. In 2017, he fought against Yuki Takahashi in the world championship by winning the quarter-final match. In the semi-final round, he lost the match while fighting with Zuar Uguev who was the gold medallist as well as defending champion in the world wrestling championship of 2019.

He was also the part of TOPS (target Olympic podium scheme) which was introduced by the ministry of youth affairs so that more and more athletes would be trained for the Olympics and tournaments. At the time of the interview, the senior coach of Ravi Kumar Dahiya said that “he is a boy who belongs to a poor family and his father has taken loans to feed him with fruits and milk because something is special is in the boy”.

Ravi Kumar Dahiya has a very simple saying during the tournament of Tokyo that he has fought with many wrestlers so he need not have to worry at all. Ravi Dahiya was given the Arjuna award in June 2021 by the wrestling federation. Other than wrestling he also likes to play basketball.

Achievements of Ravi Kumar Dahiya

1. In Tokyo Olympics, he got a silver medal.
2. Bronze medal in the world championship.
3. He got 2 gold medals in the Asian championship.
4. In the U23 world championship, he got 1 silver medal.
5. One silver medal in the world junior championship.

Ravi Kumar Dahiya lifestyle

Ravi Kumar Dahiya is living a very simple life. He got a silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics because he has lost the freestyle wrestling match against a Russian wrestler. He is one of the old wrestlers who has started his carrier at an early age of life. He was the fourth one who brought a medal for the country.

The first player who got an Olympic medal was Sushil Kumar, the second player who got an Olympic medal was Yogeshwar Dutt, the third player who got an Olympic medal was Sakshi malik.

In the Tokyo Olympics of 2020, he was competing against a very strong opponent whose name is Zavur Uguev which is a Russian freestyle wrestler.

Russianwrestler was one of the defending world champions in the 57kg weight category for the two times but Ravi Kumar Dahiya has not stepped back after seeing the opponent and went for fighting.

He is having faced a lot of problems in life as he got an injury during the practice and no one helped him in for treatment. But he never got back and fought for himself. Ge was very much happy after getting the price.

When he was fighting against the Uguev, in the first round Uguev pushed him out of the ring and got the lead by 2 points. When Ravi Kumar Dahiya come back in the game by getting two points but Uguev took advantage and got two points. So, the first match was won by Uguev the 4 – 2.

In the second round, the Russian wrestler again pushed him out of the ring and got 1 point. Ravi wanted to come back in the game but he was able to defend himself. Russianwrestler got 2 points more and he took advantage and got 2 points for himself. Then the second round ended with the winning of Uguev by the score of 7 – 4.

Meeting with P.M. Modi

Prime minister Modi appreciates Ravi Kumar Dahiya for getting a medal in Asian Olympics even after a big surgery in the past. He even talks with the coach Ravi and even congratulates him for training such a good person. The Haryana government has decided to give him a job in the class 1 category and even provide him a property at a 50% concession. The Prime minister has also said that Ravi Kumar Dahiya is a remarkable wrestler of India. He also said that he is an inspiration for the other wrestler.


Ravi Kumar Dahiya is a freestyle wrestler who got a silver medal. He has got a lot of achievements in life which is very much inspiration for other people. His family always supported him to do his best in games. His father has really worked hard for him so that he could fulfil the requirements of Ravi Kumar Dahiya.

By the patience of Ravi Kumar Dahiya, he was back again in the field of wrestling by such a great injury. It took a lot of time to recover.