Ravinder Singh is also known as Ravi Patiala was born in 1976 in October. He had made another record by driving constant slug bike hand free by remaining on it. At a speed of 80 to 100 km for every hour persistently he had ventured out from Patiala to Sangrur Road 54.3 Km within the length of 40 min 12 seconds.

His Records – Ravinder Singh

Ravinder Singh, who is affectionately known as Ravi Patiala, is broadly known for his marvelous, material science resisting and absolutely fantastic tricks on a Royal Enfield bike.

He holds a Limca World Record for riding his Royal Enfield cruiser relentless while remaining on it, and, obviously, without holding the handlebar.

He rode 54.3 km on the Patiala to SangrurStreet for a span of 40 minutes and 12 seconds. He is brave-hearted and full of energy to perform all the stunts on his bike all alone.

His Early Life

Ravi’s tricks came into the spotlight more than 15 years prior. The double has been intriguing the whole nation with his insane tricks from that point onward. He says that he has been doing this since his youth however acknowledged it a lot later than it’s completely characterized under ‘bike stunt riding’. He turned into an expert cruiser stand-in after his tricks came into the spotlight and helped him become celebrated.

Ravi Patiala even says that he took in the trick riding without anyone else without anybody’s assistance. It merits referencing here that while a large portion of the bike stand-ins utilizes lighter cruisers, Ravi has consistently utilized a Royal Enfield model, which is among the heaviest Indian bikes around.

Ravi doesn’t take a gander at other bike stunt riders for motivation. While most other trick riders show their abilities through varieties of a wheelie or a stoppie, Ravi has his own particular manners of showing his aptitudes.

For instance, he can remain on his quickly moving cruiser and perform move moves for some kilometers! He can even rest or sit with folded legs and read a paper while riding a bike. Every one of his tricks is completed at paces of 80 to 100 km/h.

He says he doesn’t feel it’s acceptable to perform stunts at 30-40 km/h. Performing them at 80-100 km/h is the thing that truly fulfills him.

The video does calmly specify the perils of performing such tricks on a public street. Notwithstanding, Ravi rehearses these tricks each day to ensure their execution is great and safe. He says adjusting a bike is the consequence of ideal coordination between the mind and the eyes.

Indeed, even a moment of interruption can demonstrate deadly. His most risky trick incorporates him moving to the highest point of a stepping stool while his bike remains moving this while!

We recognize and regard the truly incredible aptitudes of this man. Notwithstanding, we can’t resist the urge to disapprove of the way that these tricks are being executed on a public street. Furthermore, a presumed TV channel broadcast such exercises.

Moreover, Ravi plays out the entirety of his tricks without utilizing any sort of security gear. As we stated, we do recognize this current man’s extraordinary trick riding aptitudes, yet wellbeing and setting a case of security are of foremost significance.