Tokyo, Japan- Naohide Yamaguchi, the famous Paralympics swimmer lowers a new world record in the 100 meters breaststroke race.

In a recent Paralympics game event in Tokyo, the swimmer Yamaguchi made a world record in 100 meters breaststroke race. It is a fantastic event for athletes having vivid types of intellectual disabilities. The preparations are on for the domestic Paralympic games in Tokyo city.

Looking back at the records, Yamaguchi also availed a gold medal in 1 min 04.56 sec time for the world para-swimming championship held in the last year London. The government of Japan gave him special recognition for his achievement in the Paralympics sport. For the first time, this Japanese swimmer took a dip which is lesser than 65 seconds for the SB14 100m race of Breaststroke.

Recently this year, Yamaguchi beats his own lowered mark in the domestic competition of Rifu. As per the Kyodo news reports, the average time he took to complete the event is 1:04.13.

The Paralympics swimmer Yamaguchi ranks amongst the 5 best Japanese swimmers with top positions in the Paralympics sports. Other leading names in the list of top swimmers are Takayuki Suzuki, Uchu Tomita, Keiichi Kimura, and Dai Tokairin.

Did you know?

  • Japan owned 5 gold medals in the Paralympic games of 2012 London and did not receive Rio 2016 and title.
  • In the Rio 2016 games, Japan availed 10 silver medals and almost 14 bronze medals.
  • He got the right spot in the Paralympics of Tokyo.
  • In the 50-meter backstroke race of women, a 14-year old swimmer Miyuki Yamada set a new record level.