We have some amazing facts about science that everyone should know. The kids are curious about many things. Therefore, they ask many questions to their parents. You can tell them about the amazing facts about science and technology.

In the schools, the administration department has started the workshops to tell the students regarding the interesting facts about science.

The teachers use different ways to teach the students about the latest amazing facts about science. Then, the students can understand the happening in the field of science.

Here are the amazing facts of science for students:

1. No electricity is there in the batteries

Batteries do not electricity in them. The chemical energy present in them transforms it into electrical energy. Still, most of us are not aware of these latest amazing facts about science and technology. Children can often ask this question to their teachers and parents related to batteries.

2. See the moon anytime in the day

From different locations, we can see the moon in the day. In the daytime, you will find that moon looks grey. It happens due to the sun’s reflection. Many children ask this common question.

3. Rainfall does not come from the cloud holes

Clouds contain water droplets and water vapors in the condensed form. In the process of condensation and evaporation, these droplets grow in size and then fall from the clouds as rain.

4. Sun Stays in Night

Earth is a giant planet that is spinning. The sun shines on the Earth all time. You see daytime at a particular place where the sunshine falls. The part of the Earth that is away from the sun experiences night.

5. Heat is one of the forms of energy

Heat is indeed an energy form. You can rapid movement in the hot objects in comparison with the cold ones. The colder objects are less excited than the hot objects and then they will show less movement in them.

6. Things lighter than water don’t float

An object whose weight is less than water’s weight can float on it. On the other hand, if the object’s weight is similar to water then the object displaces. It is Surprising.

7. Cavemen and Dinosaurs existence still a mystery

You have heard stories related to the existence of the dinosaurs on Earth. They lived on Earth 65 million years ago when humans came on Earth.

8. Sun is not the biggest star

You know that the sun is placed at the center of the solar system. It uses its light and it is a star. On the other hand, it is not the biggest star of the solar system.

9. Sun size is not smaller than Earth’s

Some of you may think that the sun’s size is smaller than Earth’s. It is far away from Earth. Therefore, it looks like the sun is smaller. On the other hand, the sun’s diameter is 1,392,000 kilometers that are 109 times Earth’s diameter.

10. Eiffel Tower looks taller in summers

In the summer season, Eiffel Tower looks 15 cm taller due to the thermal expansion. A substance heats up then its particles move fast. On the other hand, the temperature drops then these particles contract again.

11. Flexible babies with 300 bones in the body

At the time of birth, the babies have 300 bones in their bodies. It is easy for them to pass through the birth canal and then come out during the birth process. The baby grows then its bones fuse and make up 206 bones of an average adult. The interesting fact about science is related to babies.

12. Microscopic plankton deposits make chalks

Plankton occurs in the fossil form for millions of years. These rocks are in the horizontal layers of the Earth. During the process of sedimentation and new rock formation, make a chalk piece.

13. Hawaii is coming 7.5 cm close to Alaska

The Earth’s crust contains the tectonic plates that are constantly moving. Hawaii is in the middle part of the pacific plate. Due to its movement, it is coming constantly closer to Alaska. Now, we have discussed some interesting facts about science related to Alaska and Hawaii.

14. Impossible to detect polar bear with an infrared camera

The infrared camera can see the object with the heat loss by it. On the other hand, the polar bear holds expertise in conserving the heat. Therefore, infrared cameras are unable to detect them and capture their pictures.

15. Light travels faster from Sun to Earth

In space, the speed of light is 300K miles per second. The distance between Sun and Earth is around 150 million kilometers. Light travels at a fast speed, therefore; it takes 8 minutes 19 seconds for sunlight to reach the Earth’s surface.

16. Earth has a giant magnet in it

In the earth, its inner part contains solid and liquid iron. The variations of temperature in the Earth’s inner part cause the production of electric currents. These currents form a magnetic field that is used as a compass on Earth.

17. The only planet that spins anticlockwise is Venus

In the solar system, Venus is the planet that spins in the opposite direction. However, it happened due to the giant asteroids that strike Venus across a distant path.

18. Humans have strong stomach acid that dissolves the steel

The stomach contains hydrochloric acid that has pH 2 to 3. It protects our stomach lining from the alkali bicarbonate excretion. This lining replaces itself continuously and renews itself in 3 to 4 days.

19. No life on Earth

In the coming of millions of years, the temperature on Earth will increase. Within time, the sun will become brighter and hotter. Similar to Mars, our Earth will become a desert.

20. Normal to have strange dreams

We have strange dreams during your sleep. It is common to have these strange dreams. A brain of a human brain is responsible for it that shuts down when we are sleeping.

Latest Amazing Facts about Science

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21. Sign of low-stress happy dreams

You see happy dreams in your sleep. Then, it is the sign that you are experiencing low stress. Therefore, you are satisfied in your life.

22. You can have control over the dreams

You are sleeping. At that time, you have a lucid dream which means that you are aware of them. According to researchers, people use several ways to control their dreams.

23. The heart circulates blood in the body 1000 times in a day

Our heart pumps blood that circulates in our body 1000 times in one day. In each day, it pumps 5000 to 6000 quarts of blood into the human body. It is a short and interesting fact about science related to the human body.

24. The smallest bone is in-ear

The smallest in humans is located in the ear. Furthermore, the three bones in the ear’s middle part hammer, anvil, and stirrup. This is an amazing fact about science for students.

25. The largest organ of the human body is the skin

The main organ in the human body is the skin. The school-going children are aware of this interesting amazing fact about science. In the body, it covers 20 square feet area.

26. An eyelash lives for 150 days

The human eyelash’s life expectancy is 150 days. In the eyelash, the embryo develops in the 7th and 8th weeks. After that, the new eyelash replaces the old one and it pulls out.

27. In general, girls have more taste buds than boys

It is a fact that girls can sense sweet and sour things in a better way than boys. Still, it is not dramatic but a true reality that came out through an experiment. In girls and boys, they have the same taste buds.

28. The weight of adult skin is 3 kg to 4 kg

In general, adult skin weighs around 3 kilograms. It depends on the weight of a person. The skin weight is the thinner person is less than the fat person is. It is among the amazing facts about science that have been discussed in our list.

29. Fingernails grow faster than toenails

The toenails grow at a slow pace than the fingernails. It happens because the toenails suffer from fewer traumas than the fingernails. On the other hand, the fingernails regrow three times faster than the toenails.

30. Sodium explodes in contact with water

Some metals that include potassium, sodium, lithium, and cesium are reactive ones. Most of you may not know about this short amazing fact about science related to sodium. These metals are exposed to air then they tarnish. They can explode when exposed to water droplets.


The knowledge of these best amazing facts about science is essential for the children and parents as well. You can increase the learning ability of your children by answering their questions confidently. In this article, you are able to know about the short amazing facts about science.