Unbelievable, Unknown, and unrevealed facts about Earth get unleashed today! Do you know the weight of planet earth? Are you aware of why leap year occurs? And what is the truth behind fantastic sunrise and sunsets!

There are many secrets that this magical place where we live holds for you. Let’s unfold the most mystical and magical facts related to the planet Earth.

51 Amazing facts about Earth!

1. Planet Earth weighs almost 6 Septillion kg, near about 55 quintillions, and the heaviest creature on this planet is the Blue Whales.

2. Did you know Earth takes precisely 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4 seconds for one rotation, and it is known as the sidereal day by the astronomers? Each year on Earth is exactly 365.25 days. The extra 0.25 day gets added to February in every leap year or after four years.

3. What’s the truth behind Earth, known as the Blue Planet? It is because 70% of the planet’s surface is all water. Of all the water on Earth, only 3% is freshwater, while 97% is salted. And from that, 2% of water is frozen in glaciers and ice sheets while only 1% is a part of rivers and lakes.

4. Earth is the brightest planet in the solar system due to the very high water portion that shines up with the reflection of sun rays. Doesn’t such fun facts about Earth excite you?

5. The planet Earth has 3 distinct layers, including the crust and the core’s mantle. Every single layer comprises various elements.

6. Earth’s crust includes 32% iron, 15% Silicon, 30% Oxygen, 3% Sulphur, 14% Magnesium, 2% Nickel, and it totals 96%. The remaining 4% consists of traces from Aluminium, calcium, and other elements.

7. The mantle of Earth has various floating plates that move at the rate of fingernails growth. It is the most extensive Earth layer that is 2,970 km thick and comprises 84% of the Earth’s volume.

8. Earth’s core comprises the inner layer and the outer layer. The inner layer is believed to make up of Nickel, while the outer one gets created from the liquid.

Here are few more interesting facts about the earth

solar system

9. In the old days, there were misconceptions about Earth’s fun facts that people use to consider as the center of the solar system and other planets orbited surrounding it. Few also thought of it as a flat edge, and one could sail over to its horizon.

10. Rotation cycle of the Earth is slowing down, or probably it’s getting older. It’s decreasing at 17 milliseconds in hundred years, and after 140 million years, it might have a 25 hour day.

11. Our Planet is the densest one in the whole solar system, with an average density of 5.52 grams/ Cubic meter. The second densest planet of the solar system is Mercury having a thickness of 5.42 grams/ Cubic meter.

12. This planet is the only one in this solar system named after the Roman or a Greek God. Keep reading for more such fun facts about earth.

13. Existence of this planet is associated with the Goddess Terra Mater, also known as Uranus’s mother and the first Goddess on Earth.

14. The name of this planet derives from a Germanic and old English combination known as ‘Ertha‘ or ‘Eorthe,’ which means ground.

15. One-third of the Earth’s surface is either total or partially deserted.

16. Did you know that lightning Earth for 100 times each day refers to 8.6 million times in a day? Such unknown facts about Earth give wings to your curiosity and inspire you to learn more about it.

17. In our entire solar system, the Earth is the only place where solar Eclipse could occur.

18. The queen of England (U.K) legally owns almost 1/6th of the overall land’s surface.

19. The actual shape of the Earth is not round but geoid. The main reason for this is that the round shape side lightly bugles to the equator, and it is due to the Earth’s rotational movements.

20. Most of us are aware that life existed on Earth for around 150-200 million years and the Earth’s existence has a proven theory of being 5 billion years old.

21. The planet has a slight tilt of almost 66 degrees which gives it an uneven shape.

22. While drilling a tunnel right through the Earth and move to the other end, it might almost take you 42 minutes to arrive at the next side.

23. The Earth is the third planet starting from the Sun and is amongst the giant terrestrial planet. This planet’s formation almost dates back to 4.54 billion years old and is known to be the only planet having life existence.

24. It is a belief that the Earth is the center of this Universe. A study from scientists suggests a movement by the planets and Sun that allows this planet to remain static. All other celestial bodies move around it in circular orbits. As a result, the research stated that Sun is the center of this Universe, but this is also not the complete truth.

25. Some interesting facts about Earth suggest that it has the most powerful magnetic field. The complete phenomenal results from the nickel-iron core in the planet followed by its rapid rotation. The prime reason for this magnetic field is it gives protection from the solar wind’s various effects.

26. Plant Earth only has a single natural satellite, and with the increase in body size, it orbits. It is known as the Moon, which is the largest satellite of our solar system. This is the fifth natural satellite which is the largest in the world.

27. Apart from Earth, all other seven planets in the solar system have a naming after the roman goddesses and the gods. Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter date back to ancient times, but the roman technique was later utilized to discover the Neptune and Uranus planets.

28. Majority of the Earth’s composition is of Silicon, Iron, and Oxygen.

29. Do you know all facts about Earth? Everyone is aware that the Earth has one Moon surrounding it. But how many are aware of the 2 co-orbital satellites encircling it. These are the two extra asteroids locked with the Earth’s orbits.

Scientists refer to them as 3753 Cruithne and 2002 AA29. Very few people know that 3753 Cruithne is almost 5 km across and refers to Earth’s second Moon. It appears like revolving around the Earth-like Moon, but it follows a path around the Earth in a synchronized manner.

2002 AA29 is almost 60 meters across and gets into the horseshoe orbit that brings it closer to the Earth every 95 years. After 600 years, it gets in a circle to Earth with the quasi-satellite trajectory.

30. Asia is the only continent on this planet covering 30% of its land area and depicts around 60% of the total world population.

31. Earth’s rock test helped scientists calculate that its existence is around 5 billion years old.

32. Earth orbits to the Sun, similar to all other planets of the solar system. Its average speed is almost 30 kilometers each second and takes 365 days for completion of one orbit.

33. Did you know the facts about the earth as a reason for the existence of seasonal variations on Earth? The Earth has a slight tilt to 23.4 degrees at the axis, an imaginary line passing through the middle straight from the North to the South Pole. It means various parts of the Earth face a tilt towards the Sun during different year times, leading to summers.

34. Earth not just rotates through space but also keeps spinning at the axis. It leads to daytime and nighttime. As per the planet rotations, the side towards the Sun receives daylight which the remaining one has darkness.

35. Most people think of Earth as a gigantic sphere. However, its shape is more like the squished ball, which bulges towards the equator.

36. Gravity is the only natural force that stops all living creatures from floating out to space. It pulls things towards the Earth and keeps it intact. Although it is an invisible force, its existence is evident.

37. Diameter of the Earth is vast, with a length of 12,800 kilometers makes it the 5th most giant planet of the solar system. Do you wonder what the bigger ones are? Well, it is Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, and Uranus.

38. Mind-blowing facts about Earth reveal that it is the only planet from the solar system that supports like. It holds two crucial things for the survival of all living beings: lots of water and oxygen. This planet is at a reasonable distance from the Sun, making it climatically favorable for the creatures to live and survive.

39. Atmosphere of the Earth is crucial for life sustainability and has a vast blanket of gases comprising nitrogen and oxygen. It also protects the Earth from the intense rays of the Sun. Besides, it provides a favorable temperature for living beings and offers protection from the meteors.

40. Only our planet in this solar system includes plate tectonics. It helps in tectonic resurfacing and other geological activities. It is amongst the most important facts about earth.

41. Earth also indulges in its rock recycling activity, giving you an eternal ground to live on. It slowly transforms the igneous rocks to the sedimentary ones and then to the metamorphic rock surfaces.

42. Similar to ‘Earthquakes,’ even there are moonquakes. It gives slight shakes to the Moon, but it is very mild, and therefore the land appears dead.

43. The hottest spot on the planet Earth is Libya. Scientists determined that it receives consistent heat, and the average temperature over there is around 50 degrees Celcius.

44. The coldest place on this planet is Antarctica. Here, the extreme cold weather drops down to almost minus 73 degrees Celcius.

45. Moving on to the unrevealed and amazing facts about Earth, Mariana Trench is the deepest point of the ocean floor at 35,813 feet below sea level.

46. Another deadly fact states that there are three toxic lakes, namely the Kivu, Nyos, and Monoun. These 3 lakes are above the volcanic Earth.

47. Did you know that Earth was purple earlier? The life on Earth earlier was purple rather than green today due to the micro-organisms from sun rays known as violet hue.

48. By far, we own the wealthiest planet in this Universe, which has the deep seas holding more than 20 million tons of gold reserves. Undissolved gold extracts also tuck away at the seafloor, but they are not the gold’s purest forms.

49. Distance between Sun and Earth is around 93 million miles which refers to 150 million kilometers. As per the researches, the average time that sunlight takes to reach Earth is 8 minutes and 19 seconds. These are some facts about Earth that leave you to surprise.

50. No one knows if it is a myth or reality but once the large object crashed with the Earth and debris gathered to create the Moon. It is yet unclear whether it was another comet, planet, or asteroid.

51. There are many other planets similar to Earth that appear like distant stars. Who knows, someday you might even get to know the years of history from any habitable planet in the Universe.

Final Verdict

By now, you must be amazed by the hidden magnetic and magical wonders of the Earth. Such important facts about Earth give you an idea about the power and charisma of Mother Nature and how it governs this Universe with unseen forces.

And you have to believe that this is only 50% of the facts that you know about this planet and it might take the next several hundred years to learn a lot more about it!