Come and celebrate the annual event of the entire Earth, as Earth Day. Every year, we celebrate this precious day on 22 April to provide support to environmental protection. This day constitutes the globally coordinated events that take place in more than 193 countries.

This year in 2020, the celebration of this day will be remarkable for completing its half-century. Different countries on this day represent various problems and threats faced by the Earth in the best unique ways.

These threats relate to climate change to deforestation problems. Here through this article, you will learn about different facts regarding World Earth Day and regarding the events conducted every year.

History – Do you know what Earth Day is?

For the first time, the celebration of Earth Day took place on 22 April 1970. The main focus was to make the public consciousness about the present condition of the Earth. Before the emergence of this day, Americans were generally engaged to consume tons of leaded gas, which belches smoke out.

Thus it had the worst impacts on the environment. Air pollution was the primary issue, and people accepted it as the smell of prosperity. Thus it leads to environmental concerns and also caused a lot of threat to human life.

Later Earth day coming up in 1970, which acted as a raised voice against the environmental consciousness. It rose the energy of anti-war protests that highlighted ecological issues on the very front cover-line.

When is Earth Day Celebrated?

Earth Day

Every year, Earth day is celebrated on 22 April. It is a widely recognized day to highlight earth importance and methods to secure it from various issues. It was just to raise awareness among humans to bring a change in them. The day highlights to keep fighting for having an eco-friendly and clean environment. It is essential to increase the urgency of this matter.

For the very first time, in 1970 on Earth Day, around 20 million Americans stood against for protesting against the polluted environments and thus to prevent our planet. Then in 1990, over 140 countries took part in mobilizing 200 million people. The day went on a global scale.

By 2000, it has captured the attention of digital media and spread across 181 countries in the whole world. In 2010, there was the launch of the Billion Acts of Green and the Canopy project. By 2010, it has engaged over 190 countries to celebrate World Earth Day.

The slogan on earth day

No matter what a slogan you give on Earth Day, it aims to prevent the environment. You can achieve this goodness by reducing pollution and adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

This year it’s 50th anniversary to celebrate this special day. This time again, we will come across the needs for preventing the environment by looking at the fantastic facts.

Each statement made for preventing Earth is defined as the slogan on Earth Day. However, the best one is “Think Green, Go Green, and Keep Green.”

Why is earth day celebrated?

World Earth is celebrated to make people aware of the threats to the environment and how they can prevent it. It is like a commitment to the planet that we will keep it safe from further harmful environmental impacts caused by human activities.

Many people plant trees on this day while others prevent using natural resources. However, why choose only one special day for this activity? Every day must be Earth Day to work sustainably and prevent our environment from pollution and other harmful factors. Humans must show up their concern to the Earth’s issues.

Importance of Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day has grown as a worldwide phenomenon after 1970 for the promotion of a healthy and clean environment for sustainable habitat for wildlife. If we celebrate this day, it acts as a reminder of how our planet has changed over time, and now it’s essential to protect it.

If we do not look at our actions then one day only traces of living organisms will leftover on the Earth. Thus we need continuous promotion for environmental awareness to keep reminding it’s essential to protect the planet every day.

Earth day quotes

Some Earth Day Quotes dedicated to preventing our planet.

  • “Earth is common to all.”
  • “Progress with a change in your mind.”
  • “Trees are friends to earth.”
  • “Those who plant trees love their land.”
  • “Start with a small group to Join Hands and Save Earth.”
  • “Nothing is amazing and astonishing as our nature.”
  • “Think Green, Go Green”

Earth Day theme for 2020

For the 50th celebration of Earth Day, the theme is “Climate Action.” It is an enormous challenge that our Earth is facing is climate change. It is to make people aware of the human activities that lead to disturbance in the environment that further leads to Global Warming.

Its theme for Earth Day 2020 is the most prominent according to the present situation of the planet. If the climate keeps changing and humans keep continuing their activities, then it will be the biggest challenge to humanity. Further, it would not support life on Earth.

Earth Day 2020

This time its 50th anniversary for the Earth Day with the theme of Climate Action. The importance is to make people aware that climate has been a significant concern than other problems. Do not imbalance its nature; otherwise, it can have the worst impact.

Now, it’s in our hands how we restore our planet. It is our duty to take the initiative for the next action. It’s believed that nation would increase their commitments regarding this matter. You cannot bring changes on a small scale, and each country needs to step up with urgency and ambition to take care of their future generation.


Now its time to join hands together for celebrating Earth Day. This time in 2020, coronavirus has been a significant issue; thus, celebrate the new theme with a unique idea. Celebrate the precious event at home with a commitment to keep protecting it always.