Let’s join hands together for 5 June 2020 to celebrate the most special day called World Environment Day. The main motive behind the celebration is to raise awareness among people about the Environment, problems related to it, and how you can prevent them.

For the first time, in the year 1974, people celebrated it in the United Nations. It was an initiative taken to avoid the Environment from degrading because of human activities.

Every year World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June to raise a step ahead to overcome the issues and how humans caused hazardous to the resources and the other living organisms.

What is the theme for World Environment Day?

When it comes to Earth, everyone feels excited, but it’s time to take some steps to prevent the Environment. So every year on June 5 World Environment Day, a theme is set for a better celebration making different people aware of it.

It’s time to let everyone know that their wrong steps have degraded our environment, and now living humans have only become difficult with the disturbance in the whole ecosystem.

So when it comes to celebration, there is a need for a theme to focus in the next year. It will evolve with a better environment for the coming times. Also, people take initiatives and make promises to protect the environment on World Environment Day.

People take various ways to celebrate this special day. They prepare particular slogans and quotes which have a deep meaning of celebrating Environment Day every year. Different world environment day quotes have a deep sense to touch the hearts of people.

What is the theme of 2020?

As the host of Environment Day 2020, Colombia will come up with a new theme for the celebration. Every year, the world environment day theme is new and fresh to celebrate, and for this year 2020, the theme will be “Biodiversity.”

The theme is year is based on the present environmental issues that have been major to discuss and take a step ahead to make people aware of Biodiversity. It’s time to celebrate Biodiversity with this coming special day.

It is essential to follow the footsteps of sustainable development with a balance in nature. Everything in the Environment relates to each other, and a disturbance in one form will make alterations in all others.

When was World Environment Day celebrated for the first time?

Celebrating environment day was a critical and encouraging step by the United Nations for protecting the Environment.

First World Environment Day was celebrated in the year 1974 to raise awareness among people regarding the environment-related issues regarding human overpopulation, marine pollution, and the most crucial problem of Global Warming that has been affecting us a lot.

It is essential to go for sustainable consumption and stop all wildlife crimes. It is an excellent platform to reach people and thus reduce all the problems in different countries.

From that year onwards, WED is celebrated with a theme to raise awareness among people presenting different countries. Many huge corporations took a significant role in participating in trying and resolving environmental issues.

Why is 5th June celebrated as Environment Day?

Also, many people say that World Environment Day is People Day to care for the Environment and Earth. It defines a specific theme and history of the day. It is essential to care for animals and plants as all of them play a crucial role in saving our environment.

Our Environment in our neighborhood, and it needs good growth and development throughout life.

Every year World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June as a daymark to raise one step ahead for saving our Environment.

This day is full of celebrations with slogans and quotes that have a profound impact on the people to reduces the environment-related issues of pollution and losses of food and wildlife. The primary aim is to celebrate the day cutting carbon neutrality and thus to focus on forest management.

Which country will host World Environment Day?

Every year a different country step ahead to host World Environment Day, and so does for the year 2020. This time, Colombia will be hosting environment day in partnership with Germany with a new theme, “Biodiversity.”

This new theme is present demand, and hence, the environmental day will be raising an excellent awareness to resolve this issue. This announcement for the host was made by the UN Environment Program (UNEP).

2020 will lay its primary focus on Biodiversity. Presently, it is essential to focus on biodiversity issues with the extinction of plants and animal species in recent times.

What is the message of Environment Day 2020?

As the new theme for World Environment Day 2020 is Biodiversity, the message will be entirely based on the conservation of Biodiversity and give rise to the idea. Presently, people need to understand how their activities have harmed the Biodiversity and why it is essential to raise awareness among people to save it.

Biodiversity is everything living that surrounds us, including all the water and land species. It is necessary to conserve our diversity as food, water, and the resources we get from them and taking into account future needs.

What should we do on Environment Day?

You can take various steps on World Environment Day as the day comes with a different purpose every year. Many people follow different techniques to celebrate either through slogans and quotes or conducting various events.

People can follow various methods to follow the 3Rs principle and implement it in their lifestyle for sustainable growth. The first step towards the conservation of the environment can be gained through small household levels starting from children. It is the reason why we celebrate World Environment Day.

Who started Environment Day?

It is time to encourage people and spread awareness among others to take proper steps to protect the Environment. So in the year 1974, a flagship campaign took place to raise awareness among people on the Environment issues rising daily. It was for the participation of 143 countries globally to reach the public following various aspects.

World Environment Day was started by the United Nations to take full actions for the protection of entire surroundings starting from the household areas. This step was an important one for the goodness of the world as a whole and to make them aware of how they have degraded their surroundings with unnatural habits which are not suitable for them and other living species.

What is the importance of the World environment day?

In the entire world, it is very important to celebrate World Environment Day. For the first time in 1974, the theme to celebrated this special day was “Only One Earth Expo’ 74.”

It is an international and national World Environment Day celebration with an essential significance of all time for the conservation of the environment. From that year onwards, a different country hosts this day with a new theme that relates to the present environment issue to raise awareness among people.

The entire world conducts various events to celebrate, and many even plant a tree for future reference. So, understand the importance of World Environment Day before you step into it.


It’s the right time to join hands and make this celebration even more beautiful with our first step towards environmental conservation. Come let’s celebrate for our benefit and take major steps for our conservation. It’s the right time and takes the on-step initiation for the celebration.