World Migratory Bird Day is annually celebrated by setting up campaigns and making people aware of saving migratory bird species and also to conserve their habitat. It is a globally important day to reach all people around the world and to teach them how important it is to keep diversity secured.

This migratory bird day is a useful tool to aware people of the primary threats to the bird’s life. It needs international cooperation to save and conserve migratory birds.

On this day, people generally set up various events and conduct campaigns and exhibitions to celebrate this special day. Countries can celebrate this migratory day anytime because they may see bird migration at any time. Still, as per international events, world Migratory bird day is celebrated on the second Saturday of May and October.

Many countries celebrate WMBD every year and conduct many activities for the birds. All of the events celebrated every year have the same theme and campaign with the same motive.

The theme of World Migratory Bird Day 2020

Every passing day on the earth can be celebrated as the migratory bird day. Thus you can host various campaigns and events on any day. But internationally two days are accepted either in May or October.

This time for the year 2020, this special day has come up with the new theme that states “Birds Connect Our World.”

This theme is for using tracking technology that defines the route of migration of the birds in the whole world. Also, the theme will define to inform people for conserving birds.

With this technology, you can get an idea of the ways how birds move, and regarding the steps, we should take care to prevent them from becoming extinct. Also, define the problems that birds face during the migration process.

Also, you can highlight different communities to those who are working to protect the birds. The theme for bird’s conservation is significant to provide good messages to the people for conserving birdlife.

The plans for conservation events for birds are under process. The events will hopefully organize among different schools, public areas, libraries, museums, and many other areas.

Who initiated the World Migratory Bird Day and when?

For the first time, the Secretariat of the agreement on the conservation of African Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds launched World Migratory Bird Day in 2006. The primary purpose was for the preservation of the migratory birds and the migratory wild animals. In actuality, the idea for the celebration of migratory bird day first started in 1993 in the US. This day encouraged many educational programs and festivals.

Initially, the day was first celebrated in the western hemisphere. And for this time in 2020, the world migratory bird day date is 9 May which is the second Saturday of May. This day commemorates the worldwide celebration on a global scale. However, some countries celebrate it on the second Saturday of October depending upon the bird’s migratory period in their region.

The primary purpose of migration of birds

Birds usually migrate due to the changing climate of a particular region. However, it can even happen with several human activities and due to food availability. People for their pleasure usually hunt birds, and thus today these species are becoming extinct.

The migration of birds is a general and regular activity. Many birds do not find appropriate food in a particular region, and thus they choose to travel to a suitable area with a suitable climate that features as per their body needs. It is the seasonal movement of conducting the general migration from north to south and back. People generally celebrate this movement of the birds as Migratory Bird Day.

The movement is usually made because of the availability of food, habitat, and the change in weather conditions with time. However, many times the journey of birds is not real because it is irregular or may occur in only one direction. There are around 1800 species of the bird species in the world migrating every year. Birds usually follow to migrate long distancing like flying north in the spring and returning to the south in the warmer weather.

What are migratory birds?

We in the whole world celebrate a special day for the migrating birds as World Migratory Bird Day. This is the best way to convey a message to the people for saving the birdlife.

Migratory birds are those who travel from a particular region to another with their regular time interval and cover long distances. The most native bird species that travel is because they want to protect their family and thus protected by the migratory bird’s treaty act.

The most common bird species that travel from one part to another are great grey owl, waxwing, and coal tit, great spotted woodpecker. These birds generally migrate in search of food from better places.

Also, there are many more commonly migrating birds, including red-necked phalarope, golden plover, whooper swans, and Siberian jay. Many of the bird species out of millions are on the verge of extinct and many travel due to human hunting activities. We have to save them.

Which bird migrates most?

The bird flying in the far region is Arctic tern. It is an elegant white seabird. In the summer season, this bird resides in the Northern Hemisphere, and after a half year, it travels back to the Southern Hemisphere. Hence, this bird travels a lot of distance in a single year.

There is one more example of the bird species from the US that migrates to the south of the equator. Red knot flies starts its journey from New England to South America in migration time.

There are around 120 bird species from the US that migrate every year. Many even stay in one hemisphere but move to the same region throughout the year. One such example is Wandering Albatross.

This bird flies away 30,000 kilometers. But Arctic Tern bird species travel the farthest of all. However, you may not find this migration if humans continued their activities of hunting birds. To make them aware, it is imperative to let the importance of the International Migratory Bird Day.


The migration process of birds has been carried out for long years. But the fact is migration in the present time is mainly due to human factors. We have to save our birds; otherwise, all species will become extinct one time. To create this awareness, World Migratory Bird Day Date 9 May 2020 is there to celebrate different events.