We need to pay tribute to those legends and rangers who died for the benefits of others. They accomplished their goals for the sake of others. These rangers are present in the whole world.

However, it is important to contribute to them by celebrating the day and commemorating their great works. These rangers have given their entire life for us, and also many got injured while doing their duty.

So, to commemorate their brave attitude, we celebrate World Ranger Day every year. It’s time to pause to the moment and to light over sacrifices and courage that rangers have shown to date in the whole world.

Worldwide, World Ranger Day is celebrated to reflect the duties of the rangers and celebrate them as a memory. They have played a huge part in protecting our treasures and maintaining our cultural heritage. This day is the first initiative by IRF, who promoted it through charity.

The history behind World Ranger Day

For the first time, this special day was organized in 2007 by IRF. IRF celebrated this day as its 15th foundation anniversary, which was found in back 1992. It is a jointly signed agreement foundation for spreading awareness among people regarding the important works carried out by the rangers in the whole world.

IRF understood the importance of making people aware of the rangers who sacrificed their lives to prevent the planet and wildlife through World Ranger Day. They have been working to preserve the cultural heritage of the world.

Why do we celebrate World Ranger Day?

It’s time to stand with the rangers. We have always been listening to the thought, but only a few understand its importance. Rangers devoted their entire lives to saving the planet, landscapes, animals, and cultural heritage.

Thus, it has become important to put a light upon their work and efforts made. This day was officially organized by International Ranger Federation that encourages people to commemorate the rangers and to honor them with a small celebration.

Rangers have committed to bravely guard our cultural heritage and earth. So, it is important to honor them with huge respect. Every year 31 July is a mark of celebration and let people know about rangers and their sacrifice. Also, it tells how Rangers worked and died while serving.

Who created World Ranger Day?

International Ranger Federation (IRF) first created this special day for commemorating the Rangers and their sacrifices. For the first time, World Ranger Day held in 2007. It was to spread awareness among people to tell them about the important role of Rangers for preventing parks. Many rangers were killed while they were on duty to protect the cultural heritage and prevent the treasures with us.

World Ranger Day is all about celebrating different events conducted and making people aware of how others sacrificed their lives. Now we must be sure to protect our surroundings. It is up to you how you can stand out with these Rangers and contribute to the world.

When is World Ranger Day celebrated?

Every year on 31st July, World Ranger Day is celebrated for spreading awareness among people to pay tribute towards the world rangers.

These people have sacrificed their lives for the sake of preventing the planet, parks, and wildlife. Hence now we must commemorate their great works. So, every people conduct different events and celebrations from the whole world.

It is a way to tell people how important it is to prevent our planet. In the events, it could include guided walks and people posting pictures on social media with friends and other colleagues. It is all to pay tribute to the great heroes of the world. They further share these moments with IRF and The Thin Green Line.

How to celebrate World Ranger Day?

As a citizen of this world, you can also serve as a Ranger and make it commemorating time. World Ranger Day is to make people aware of preventing their environment and helping rangers in their work.

Usually, people conduct events and keep sharing their moments with others on social media like Facebook. They click moments with friends and family held at schools, homes, workplaces, and other community centers.

They keep inviting everyone they know and mark it a different level occasion and learn about what other rangers do for the planet. Thus these events are to inspire different people to come and join hands together for prevention.

At the event, you can post pictures on social media with the people who accompany you. It is a sign of contribution to the celebration and tribute to the rangers. These heroes deserve huge respect. You can further share these clicks with IRF on social media using hashtags.

At the event, you must give a few seconds of silence for the payers of their life and their ultimate moves for the planet protection. It is all for cultural heritage and natural treasures that are important to preserve.

Of this 31st July event, you can carry out the same work as the rangers do. Do this with the support of others so that they also pay moments for them to some extent. It is all to support the families of the rangers.

What is the World Ranger Day 2020 theme?

Every year a new theme is introduced for the celebration. However, the main motive behind all of them is to spread awareness and let people know what has been happening around them.

It is like a pledge to the celebration and helping rangers saying we are always with them for help. World Ranger Day is to boost up their enthusiasm for carrying out further work.

A pledge to keep standing with the World Rangers is the theme for 2020. It is a way of celebration and sharing your pictures with other people to let them join you.

Once people get into it, they will never stop their minds from thinking of it. It is the way of appreciation for the hard work and efforts made for prevention. We must pay huge respect to those who have been thinking of others before than themselves.


World Ranger Day is not all about celebration but to make others learn about it. It is important to know about the prevention of parks and forests with wildlife. Cultural heritage has been affected a lot with time.

Now we have to think and move forward together joining hands, to get back to good old days with diversity on the earth. Come and join hands for a better future ahead.