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write for us

So are you looking for a guest post in Did u Know Online ??

OK, So let’s start with what we are and what we are doing.

We are 5 years old and we have over 5000+ visits all over the world and followers. This stage is initial and I want to grow with all of you and looking a good relation to all readers and publishers.

Did u Know Online covers all tips, ideas ( as you can guess with the name of the blog ) and something new and interesting news of Health, Travel, Tech, Planet Animal and News?

What I’m Looking For

We love publisher only who care of my readers because this is not the platform where you promote your business or your self but yes if you are different can share about you and your ideas and tips.

Submission Guidelines

  • Content and Quality Requirements: We require in-depth posts of 1000 words and above.
  • Grammar and Spelling: The article must be well written without any spelling errors and grammatical mistakes and only the English language.
  • Image Requirements: Add at least 2 images and should be a minimum width of 600 pixels. Please send the image as a separate .jpg attachment and include the image credit

If your post meets the guidelines above, please email it to the below-listed Authors. Please include “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line. If your post is accepted, we will get back to you within the week.

How to Submit your Article:

Alexa Paul – Editor & Manager

Send your article with images in this Email: alexapaul253(at)Gmail(dot)com

Note: Do not use “Sponsor/advertising” words in your email subject if you do not have a budget and please do not use these terms (like I will pay 3, 5, 10, and so on……bucks) for this. Stay away from contacting us. Do not waste your time and mine as well. Thank you