Nowadays, social networks are not only used by individuals but also businesses aiming to boost visibility. Communication on these networks is effective in many ways. Some managers question whether social media is an appropriate tool for their communication.

The networks are clearly not a passing fad as hundreds of millions of people connect to Facebook, YouTube and other platforms every day. An ever-increasing proportion of these connections are via mobile devices.

Social networks are a medium that can be integrated into a multichannel communication and marketing strategy. B2B or B2C customers are present on the web: individuals have one or more social profiles while businesses typically maintain a professional page.

Here are 10 reasons why social networks play an important role in business marketing.

1. Improve your SEO and your online reputation

Social media provides a surefire way to boost your online presence and maximize content sharing. In turn, this helps improve your website’s positioning on search engines. It is proven that millions of people are on social networks and users spend a significant amount of time on social networks, which makes the platforms a fertile ground for engaging consumers in way that improves customer perceptions and overall brand reputation.

2. Boost Brand Visibility

The presence of companies and brands on social networks is becoming more widespread. These platforms are an important communication tool that comes with a lower cost and a good return on investment (ROI). You can create social media pages for your company containing essential information, such as name, description, location, contacts and a link to the official website. To boost visibility on search engines, do not hesitate to use relevant keywords.

3. Increase Sales

Social networks are an economical marketing tool to boost your sales or increase your customer base. Facebook and Twitter are two handy tools when it comes to announcing a new product or communicating about an event. The information is quickly relayed between users and the buzz has the capacity to attract new prospects. The use of social networks is interactive, users do not hesitate to provide feedback on products or companies.

4. Enhance Brand Identity

More than three out of four companies notice positive results from their social media strategy. These companies have put in place a strategy to maintain their digital identity and half of inactive entities plan to join the craze. Social networks provide a dynamic solution and popularity continues to grow.

5. Low Cost Marketing Tool

When it comes to social media marketing, the main cost for companies involves hiring a community manager or specialized agency. You can also assign yourself this role, but you need to focus the management of social networks on one person to ensure the relevance and consistency of communication on various channels. Human resource is therefore the main cost of engaging consumers on social media.

According to a recent study, two in three consumers are more likely to buy the product if a company is present on social networks. It is therefore important that companies are invested in the multidirectional communication.

6. Boost the Bottom Line

Being present on social networks is an obligation for any company seeking to achieve sustainable success. The platforms are a real marketing asset that offer a multitude of opportunities, starting with improving your reputation and the acquisition of qualified leads.

7. Enhance Customer Relationships

Social networks allow you to engage customers directly. You can create a special relationship with customers and prospects by fostering a sense of belonging. To achieve this objective, adopt a different tone from your traditional marketing language. Answer questions posted on company pages, thank customers and keep them informed about interested product news.

The emotional connection to a brand is a key aspect that can be developed via social media. It allows you to humanize the customer service and improve the image of your company. By establishing dialogue with your followers, you enhance loyalty.

8. Gain Useful Insights

Social media is the best tool to collect valuable information about customer behaviour. Use these platforms to identify specific needs and improve your products or services accordingly. This special connection with your customers and prospects allows you to collect invaluable information for your business.

9. Consolidate your Brand Image

It is important to improve brand awareness through the consistent use of brand colors, logo and other visuals. To stand out, choose the colors carefully.

10. Gain Brand Ambassadors

When implemented properly, the social media marketing strategy can provide a practical way to gain brand ambassadors.