Just like there is need of having antivirus software on your device, there are 5 smart app locks that you must have on your mobile phones. These smart app locks are basically security tools that protect your phone from annoying people.

These app locks help you in locking up your mobile applications from being available to anyone who touches your phone. Get these 5 must have smart app locks for your phone and keep your privacy secured.

1: Voice Screen Lock

The Voice Screen Lock app by Adit Apps is a wonderful application that allows you to unlock your phone with your own voice. Isn’t it cool? You can set your own voice password with this cool app. This will ensure that none of your friends or family members can get access to your phone’s private chats, pictures or videos.

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The app brings to you different beautiful themes that you can set as your lock screen. Plus you don’t have to worry about your phone getting permanently locked if your voice doesn’t match since Voice Screen Lock also supports an alternative form of unlocking.

2: Fingerprint Lock

Unlock your phone by your very own fingerprint that is unique to you. All you need to do is to touch the sensor area on your phone’s screen with your finger and raise the lock of your smart phone. You phone will be unlocked. The fingerprint scanner of this amazing Fingerprint Lock app works like a real fingerprint reader and denies access to everyone else other than you.

The Fingerprint Lock smart app has a modern design and it smartly responds to your touch. More than a security app or a lock screen app, the Fingerprint Lock is a fun app to use. Amaze your friends with the fingerprint scanner on your smart phone today. This app has been brought your way by MHedia.de and it runs on Android 1.6 and up. Also, it completely supports the new Google policy.

3: Apps Lock & Gallery Hider

Offered by Migital, the Apps Lock & Gallery Hider is an awesome choice for securing the privacy of your smart phone. We all have some or the other private data, chats, pictures that we don’t want our colleagues or friends or people from our family to see. Your privacy issues always keep you tensed every time a friend borrows your phone or every time you forget your phone of the table, open to the eyes of anyone who gets it. It is time to change this.

This all new app allows you to keep your private stuff private. With the App Lock & Gallery Hider smart app, you can lock any portion of your cell, be it Gallery, SMS, WhatsApp, Contacts, Gmail, Google Play Store, Facebook, Instagram, Call Dialer, File Manager, Call Logs, You Tube or any of your other apps. What could be a better way to protect your privacy?

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With a 4.1 star rating on Google Play Store, the Apps Lock & Gallery Hider ensures that your privacy remains protected from all intruders.

4: Smart AppLock (App Protector)

Smart Applock holds to be one of the most downloaded smart app locks in the Google Play Store. It is running in over 50 countries supporting 24 languages and boasts of its over 100 million users.

You can lock any of your apps using Smart AppLock app along with locking up your Contacts, Gmail, Gallery, Settings, Calls and much more. Also, Smart AppLock allows you to have full control over providing or not providing access to all photos and videos in your phone. You can also hide a few selected media from your Gallery behind an easy to use PIN pad, if required. Controlling your privacy had never been this easy.

5: Knock Lock App Lock Screen

The Knock Lock – App Lock Screen app boasts of its over 1,000,000 downloads. This app surpasses all the old locking techniques and is thus, becoming a number 1 choice of users worldwide. This app supports an Invisible Pattern Lock. All that you need to do is tap your phone’s screen and unlock your device. Since the path for unlocking remains is hidden so no unauthorized or forced access will be granted ever. This is indeed the best way to lock up your device from intruders at all times.

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Another good part is that you can give a customized look to your lock screen using custom date and time formats, awesome HD wallpapers and a music widget as well. The Knock Lock – App Lock Screen wins hearts with its stunning graphics and efficient security features. 

Get these 5 smart app locks for your phone today and keep it secure from the eyes of the intruders!