With handy top quality in-built cameras in the smart phones, people worldwide are busy in capturing moments all the time. Numerous photos and videos flood mobile devices, computers, hard drives and cloud online and people are always running out of space for storing their precious moments.

In such a time, Google Photos bring to you a fresh new approach to photos.

Google Photos

Google Photos is a brand new tool that has room for all your photos and videos. It not only helps you organize all your photos and videos but also bring your moments to life and allows you to share and save.

You get a single, private space to store your lifetime memories at one place that can be accessed through any device. When we say it can store ‘lifetime memories’ we mean it, since Google Photos allow you to backup and store unlimited, high-quality photos and videos, for free.

Also, the original resolution is maintained up to 16MP for photos and 1080p HD for videos.

Google Photo Search with Organized Memories

With Google Photos, you need not worry about your precious moments getting lost in the stack of photos. Google Photos automatically organizes your photos memories by the people, places and other important things. It saves you from the hassles of keep tagging people or places or creating endless number of albums.

Google Photo Search

Just a simple Google Photo search will make you instantly find any particular photo from your stack of images. Google Photos auto-groups your photos by the people, places or events.

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Moreover, this auto-grouping is exclusively for your eyes and is kept private. It has never been easier to find photos of your pet, your 2011 trip, your beach camping photos or photos from a birthday party. Google Photo search does all the work for you.

Google Photo Editor

Google Photo editor

Google Photos app also assists you in enhancing your photos within minutes or combining some of your photos to bring life to your memories. Getting adjustments to the color, lighting, subject enhancement for your photos has never been quicker and better.

Just a tap and the job gets done! Google Photos also allows you to create beautiful collages, stories, animations, movies, add sound tracks and more to your photos by pressing the ‘+’ button. Preview your creation and then decide whether to keep it, edit it or discard it.

Google Photo Sharing

With Google Photos you can easily share your photos and videos through all platforms such as Twitter, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp or Facebook. There is no need to download or upload photos again and again while sharing them on different platforms.

Google Photos has transformed the sharing process into a much simpler and more reliable one. You can select any set of photos and videos and create a link to them so as to share hundreds of photos at once. Whoever, you send the link to will be able to get the high-quality photos saved to their own library with a single tap.

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With Google Photos, it’s easy to keep all your memories intact even if you weren’t holding the camera. Getting all your photos has never been this simple. This is to ensure that you never miss on a priceless memory!

How to use Google Photos

google photos settings and sharing

You can use Google photos from either the Desktop Uploader or you can also get access to Google Photos through your Google Drive. And the good part is that along with being available on the web, the Google Photos is also available on Android and iOS platforms so that you can access Google Photos right through your smart phones and other Android or iOS devices.

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With Google Photos, you can store, edit and share your photos and videos anytime from anywhere. And there are many more features to come that will ease your experience of photo storing and sharing even more. So, wait for what’s more to come!