With the advent of modern technology these days, affiliate marketing has become a useful way to earn passive income.

An excellent example of this is the Amazon affiliate program, also known as Amazon Affiliates, which enables you to earn at least 4% on purchases made through a special link on your blog or website.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the Amazon Affiliate program and how it can help you earn more passive income in the long run.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

As defined, Amazon Associates is an affiliate program entered into between Amazon (seller) and the advertiser. It works in a way that it gives the advertiser a commission when someone clicks on their link and makes a purchase.

However, like any other home-based money-making strategy, making passive income with your Amazon affiliate small business also requires research, hard work, and marketing.

If you have a variety of product lines, a massive customer base, and credibility, you’ll have something valuable to promote and, later on, make money with.

Below are the reasons why joining the Amazon affiliate program can be a high starting point and a viable way of earning more passive income:

  • Amazon is a highly-trusted and well-known brand.
  • It’s free to join, and no traffic and other metrics requirements are needed before you can be accepted into the program.
  • You can promote tons and tons of higher-priced products.
  • You can enjoy direct deposit payments into your bank account.
  • Amazon utilizes many tools that can help you sell a particular category of items.
  • You can get high conversion rates on Amazon.
  • Amazon has a sound reporting system; thus, you’ll know what product is getting clicks and selling.

If you want to get more ideas of how you can make passive income with the Amazon affiliate program, reading a small business summary about it can help.

How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

amazon affiliate

Indeed, building your Amazon affiliate small business is just one step toward earning more passive income. With proper planning and preparation, you can absolutely take advantage of affiliate marketing as a great source of extra money.

To get started, here are a few tips on how to make passive income with your Amazon affiliate small business:

1. Set up a website or blog

Most Amazon affiliates are websites or bloggers that provide a link to Amazon. If you want to make money by becoming an Amazon affiliate, consider setting up your online sites and building up your audience.

● Have a free online blog using sites like Blogger or WordPress. Starting up is free, which is why the only cost you have to think about is the amount of time you spend on adding content.

● Build a website that promotes different products. If you have that kind of site, then you can advertise quality products in there and make passive income while doing it.

Create social media accounts for your blog or website. By doing so, you can keep in touch with your audience and improve the number of links you share in a variety of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

● Come up with quality content regularly. You can attract more readers to visit your blog or website through the value of your content. Thus, it’s a good idea to post quality content at least once a week to your blog or site.

● Be more fun in posting links. In most cases, people are unlikely to return to your blog or site if they think they’re pitched to make money from the readers. The more creativity and fun you give in posting links, the more you can gain loyalty from the readers.

● Optimize your blog or website. Increased web traffic is vital in affiliate marketing. If you want to boost your blog or site’s web traffic, use search engine optimization practices. The more people visit and read your blog or site, the more clicks you’ll get for your Amazon Associate links.

2. Sign up to Amazon Associates

Before signing up, read all the information carefully to understand what products are eligible and steps on how to post them and how you can get paid afterward.

It’s essential to remember that advertising fees or commissions differ depending on the type of product you’re going to promote.

Then, start signing up using your Amazon username and password and fill in the information regarding your site, web traffic, and online monetization.

Once done, you can begin looking through the products on Amazon’s Associate Central and choose a few that you’re going to integrate into your blog posts. Lastly, get the product link posted inside your website.

3. Post links regularly

By posting links on a regular basis, you can be able to optimize your earnings. To do that, think of creative ways where you can add product recommendations into your blogs.

Since the Amazon affiliate links are available for 24 hours, the more new links you incorporate, the more chances of earning passive income.

4. Create links to several types of products over time

With Amazon, you can get an advertising fee based on the total purchase that the customer makes and not only on the product you’ve advertised.

If you want to make money, build more links to many products and you’ll get more people to go to Amazon and make a specific purchase.

5. Make use of lists

If you’re looking for more people to buy a product using your links, keep lists of some of the most popular products in Amazon.

Create your own recommendation list each month or every quarter to attract more people to make a purchase. Remember, the recommendations you make are valuable to you and your readers.

6. Publish seasonal content with Amazon Affiliate links

Start making a seasonal schedule for your blog posts and marketing. If you want to take advantage of the sales that Amazon will be making, post seasonal content using the Amazon Associate links. After all, people tend to buy more before or during the holidays.


Being an Amazon affiliate can be a great way to jumpstart your e-commerce career. It can be a profitable and sustainable business model you need for you to succeed in e-commerce.

If you find this article helpful, use all the information to get started making extra passive income with Amazon Associates and scale your small business to 6 to 7 figures of profit.