Android phones have widely captured the market for smart phones today. The reason for their increasing popularity is the unlimited options of applications that make communication easier for one and all and that also without any extra charges.

But, at the end, Android phones are just like the other gadgets which can give you some tough time with frustrating error messages and issues.

So, today we are here to discuss some of the common Android phone problems along with their solutions. Let’s learn how to fix some of the most commonly found issues on Android Phones.

1- Problem Draining Battery

The issue of dealing with the draining battery of your smart phone is the most common and the most annoying one in the list. Most people using Android phones complaint about the battery getting drained too fast and about how they have to keep hunting for a charging point every now and then.

Solution – However, you can ensure an enhanced battery life for your Android phone by following certain simple rules. Tweak your phone’s location and brightness settings a bit. Keep the brightness to a level that is comfortable for your eyes. And turn off location GPS services when you don’t need them. Run your phone on Battery Saving mode to make your phone run for a little longer. Switch off any unnecessary apps.

2- Problem – Slow User Interface and Issue of Hanging

Another big issue of Android smart phones is the issue of hanging. This usually occurs because of lack of storage capacity.

Solution – You can always save yourself from the annoying hanging issue of your Android phone by creating storage space on your phone. It is recommended that you should transfer your apps to your micro SD card and delete the apps that aren’t used by you. Also, you must not make much use of live wallpapers and remove cache from all apps. This would create space o your cell and prevent it from hanging.

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3- Problem – Trouble Connecting

Many times it gets difficult to connect to your Bluetooth or even your basic cellular network.

Solution – The connectivity problem has an easy solution. All that you need to do is to turn on the Airplane mode for a period of 30 seconds and then, switch it off. This will help you connect to Bluetooth and also works in case of unresponsive network. In case, it doesn’t work this means there is some issue with your Bluetooth device that you are trying to connect to.

4- Problem Syncing issue

Sometimes it gets difficult to sync between applications online. This syncing error is quite a common problem with Android phones.

Solution – You must ensure that you are connected to the Internet and that your password is correct. If issue persists, try deleting the account and then adding it back.

5- Problem – Crashing Apps

Haven’t you seen an error saying ‘the app crashed’? This error message can occur due to many reasons.

Solution – Check that you are running the latest Android OS and that your phone is fully updated. You may also close the app and then re-launch it. Or, try re-installing the app from the Google Play Store.

6- Problem – Battery is not getting charged.

This is another common issue about Android phones.

Solution – Check that you have the switch on. Ensure that the charging socket is providing power. Check the cable, it might be damaged. If nothing works, may be, it is time to take your phone to the service center.

7- Problem – Unresponsive screen

Sometimes your phone’s screen may become unresponsive to any touch. This may occur if you have dropped your phone somewhere or if your phone gets splashed with water.

Solution – Try restarting your Android phone. In case it doesn’t work, chances are that you have damaged your phone and it needs to be taken to the service center.

8- Problem – Issue connecting to WiFi

This can happen many times because of several different reasons.

Solution – Ensure that you are entering the right password. Ensure that your phone is not in the Airplane mode. Try restarting the WiFi router. Restart the phone and try again.

9- Problem – High RAM consumption

Solution – Clear all cache for apps and delete the apps that you no more use. This will help clear some space and burden from your RAM. Use apps like Clean Master and App Cache Cleaner for automatically doing this for you.

10- Problem – Your phone gets wet in rain.

Solution – you should dissemble your phone taking out the cover, the battery, memory card and SIMs out of it. Place all of these components of your Android device in a big bowl of rice. The rice grains will naturally absorb all water and leave your phone dry in a few hours. You may assemble everything back and have your Android phone in working condition. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to visit a service center.

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These were some of the most basic issues that every Android phone user gets to face sometime or the other. Hope these solutions could make your life easier and help you make the most out of your phone.