More people prefer watching than reading. For a reason, watching does not take much time than reading, and it is more appealing. People buy products they often see on commercials and sponsored by certain influencers. A picture conveys a message without words. That is why infographic materials are used to present certain businesses.

Therefore, a video can send a message and pieces of information in a short time. A catchy and entertaining short video can make a huge difference in making your business known. No need to worry if you are not knowledgeable about creating expressive videos because there are services that provide video production.

A one-minute length of a video can bring you an advantage in the marketplace. People will be hooked on what you are trying to sell. Most would want to watch testimonies of people who have used a product or have taken the service.

According to Buffer, companies that incorporate videos on marketing campaigns have 27% higher click-through rates and 34% higher conversion rates compared to companies that do not.

Good Investment

Creating videos for your business will increase your sales because it will be more known by people. More than 70% of the people who watched a video about a certain product afterward bought it. That is why social influencers on YouTube and other social media platforms are used and paid to sponsor products. Testimony in a video hugely affects the conviction rate of people to avail of a product or a service. It is also why there are advertisements in every video rolling on the internet.

Investing in video production for your business is worth it because it surely will pay off more than twice. Google is the parent company site of Youtube, so search algorithms match these two sites. Therefore, it affects your website’s search engine ranking. If your website has an embedded video, your chances likely increase by fifty times of being on top results.

Audience Engagement

Most people spend much time on the internet, and 1/3 of it involves watching videos; therefore, it will surely attract more new customers by generating audience engagement. If you are planning to launch your business, one way to step ahead immediately with competitors on the market is to create a video.

Most consumers prefer watching a product than reading about it. This way, you can deliver valuable information about your business to potential customers without boring them out.

Market Competition

There are new businesses that are being launched every day, and it makes the business highly competitive. Having a website that is only content can be boring. A study conducted by Forrester shows that a one-minute video is equivalent to 1.8 million words, which means adding a video to your website or page can attract a bigger audience.

The Internet is a loop of sharing content, and by each share, it multiplies the audience. Netizens are likely to share a product with a friend or a family if it has video content compared to brands that do not have a video. Having a video incorporated in your business product or service can help you to be known by numerous people.