If you are questing for a way to do video marketing, there is no other best option than YouTube. It is the second most famous website in the world after Google with over 2.5 billion users. This means there is a huge potential for businesses to invest in YouTube Marketing.

The advertising on the online video-sharing channel ‘YouTube’ or promoting video content is called YouTube advertising or marketing. Various organizations use YouTube marketing as a whole advertising plan or with display advertising campaigns using different video formats. 

In this competitive digital era, it’s very tough to beat other online businesses in your space, but YouTube marketing is one of the easiest yet effective ways to do it. You must have seen ads while watching YouTube videos, so using YouTube ads is a great way to grow your business. 

Still not convinced?

Don’t worry, in this blog, we will discuss the 10 best benefits of YouTube Marketing which are sufficient for you to decide on this marketing channel. But before that, let’s have a brief introduction to how YouTube does marketing.

How does YouTube do marketing?

YouTube marketing is a strategy that comprises a powerful mix of tactics for promoting brands, products, or services. This marketing strategy on this powerful channel includes the creation and uploading of promotional videos on the respective company’s YouTube channel. Apart from just uploading the videos, it involves working with influencers, utilizing the advertisements, etc. 

YouTube is one of the best platforms that lures users of every age as it has channels and informational videos for all of us. Videos can simplify complex ideas, that’s why brand promotion and business awareness become more beneficial. 

YouTube marketing involves the creation of:

  • Tutorials
  • Guides
  • How-to videos
  • Live streaming
  • Review videos

All such marketing videos or brand promotions are sufficient to grasp a high-volume audience. So, apart from getting visibility and traffic, YouTube marketing has many more benefits. 

Let’s read further to know!

Top 10 benefits of YouTube marketing

1. Cost-effectiveness

Many small-scale businesses believe that they are not able to advertise on YouTube. They think so because they assume that a big channel like YouTube with a vast reach comes with a hefty price tag. But it is not true. 

Typical video advertisements will cost you between $0.10 to $0.30 per view. This all depends on factors like video quality and your target. One major point to note here is that YouTube doesn’t charge you for viewers who skip the ads after the first five seconds. 

Advertisers can even set budgets based on their goals and then can choose from a variety of ads, like:

  • Skippable ads
  • Non-skippable ads
  • Display ads
  • Bumper ads

There is one more advancement in YouTube marketing as per cost saving: you can show your ad in front of potential visitors to reduce the wastage of impressions. Thus keeping your advertisement cost low. 

2. Wider audience

As already told, YouTube is one of the biggest platforms all around the world, so undoubtedly has a wider audience to reach. The YouTube algorithm works on the formula to show ads to the audience who mostly engage with them. This increases the chances of success for advertisers. 

So, with the ability to reach such a diverse audience, companies can easily increase their brand awareness to be the leader in their own space. 

The audience on the YouTube platform is highly engaging with an average user spending 40 minutes per session. Overall, the large audience on YouTube gives a unique opportunity to all the businesses interested in being part of this platform. 

3. Good visibility on Google

Have you ever noticed videos appearing more often on Google than other forms of content search?

Yes, this is true. YouTube videos are a highly effective way to be on the top of Google search results. So, you can take this advantage by writing high-quality content on your blogs or websites and creating videos from this content. Through this, you can create backlinks to your website which directly means you will be more available in Google search results. 

YouTube marketing helps to enhance your online business authority too. The more you appear on search engine search results, the more traffic you can get. 

4. Accountable results

YouTube provides some analytics tools to allow businesses to monitor the performance of their ads. This is very helpful for businesses to make data-driven decisions to progress further. 

YouTube analytics help to monitor a variety of results, like:

  • Impressions
  • Click-through-rates
  • Clicks
  • Watch Time
  • Views
  • Conversion Rate

And if any online businesses get such results to overview their performance and make improvements, they will grow. 

5. Broader engagement rate

One of the greatest reasons to use any sort of video marketing is to get high engagement rates or high viewer traffic. People generally go to YouTube to watch their required videos, and they already know about advertisements coming in between the videos. 

And as per YouTube algorithms, ads are shown to the people who are interested in them or those ads are relevant to them. That’s why YouTube ads can bring broader engagement rates as compared to other video advertisement methods. 

6. More than one video type

One of the major benefits of YouTube Marketing is the different types of video support you can use. Some of the most popular types of videos used on this platform are:

  • Explainer videos
  • Social media videos
  • Sales videos
  • Presentation videos
  • Video ads, etc. 

One content type can be easily transformed into another video type. You can use some of the best video editing apps to make your videos well-optimized. No matter what type of video you choose, just make sure to follow some given suggestions:

  • Try to create engaging videos without breaching guidelines.
  • You should cover answers to all the questions related to video.
  • You should go Live on your channel from time to time.

7. Well-integrated with Google ads

Being a Google company, most YouTube ads are operated through the Google ads channel. That means YouTube ads are well integrated with Google ads. As per this, businesses can easily manage their campaigns alongside other search and display campaigns. 

For this reason, it is easy for YouTube ads to take advantage of the same targeting options and monitoring tools to track the results. 

8. Device friendly 

Most businesses work on the principle of target audience, so it is equally important to know which device your target audience is using to reach your platform. People can access YouTube via different devices, like, mobile, desktops, laptops, or tablets. 

So, being an advertiser, if you want to optimize the viewing experience of your ads, you should work on this. But on YouTube, this is not such a big problem, as the platform is device-friendly. 

9. Huge media library

Not only does YouTube have a large user base, but also it has a massive media library. This is because approx. 500 hours of videos are uploaded to the YouTube platform every minute. 

With that much level of information, one can find anything they are looking for. To scroll a platform of this level, YouTube has a vast search engine to find the exact information you need to check. 

If you wonder, that your video content may get lost in such a big sea of information, don’t worry, make your videos as optimized as you can. And your target audience will come to you easily. 

10. Make an email list on YouTube

Last but not least, the benefit of YouTube marketing is building your email list on YouTube to give engaging content. There are various software available for you to embed your sign-up form directly in the videos. 

You have the option to temporarily pause the video for the viewer to enter the information in the form and subscribe to the list. This is one of the common approaches to building your email list with the quality content that your audience wants. 

Apart from this sign-up method, you can use the following ways to make your email list:

  • You can use lead magnets.
  • You can run YouTube ads.
  • You can add annotations. 

You have read the 10 best benefits of YouTube marketing, still, how it will help your business to grow. Let’s learn briefly about it.

How does YouTube help your digital business to grow?

Benefits of YouTube Marketing

Here is a list of some of the common YouTube marketing and sales goals that YouTube ads can help you achieve:

  • Easy to get website traffic with video advertising.
  • It helps to enhance your mobile application installs.
  • Your potential users can be easily redirected to online stores.
  • With several video views, your brand awareness will be automatic. 
  • With this video advertising platform, you can target the perfect audience. 

Summing Up

So, that’s our take on the best benefits of YouTube marketing!

The aforementioned benefits of YouTube Marketing are the best ones. Apart from that, there are many more advantages of using such a marketing type. From our side, the verdict is that it’s worth investing in the YouTube marketing channel. And the sooner you start, the higher your chances of earning. Briefly, YouTube has to offer you:

  • Simple analytics dashboard
  • Exceptional targeting values
  • Wider audience reach
  • Thorough monitoring results

But before finalizing your YouTube marketing strategy, have a clear call-to-action (CTA) button. And if you need, you can take professional help too as beating the competition is very tough in this digital era. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Go and grab this cost-effective opportunity for YouTube marketing to grow your business!

Hope you had a good read!