Do you hold an Instagram account? Well, then the privacy issue and scandals might not be a new thing to you. Everyone familiar with Instagram is known that you need to delete and deactivate the Instagram account if there is some intrigue into your privacy.

Every year, the Instagram corporation upgrades its security features so that you can derive the best benefits from it. Today, in this blog, we will discuss how to delete your Instagram account or deactivate it with a few simple steps.

2021 updates for Instagram users!

The regular users of the Instagram account know that in 2018, there was a flaw noticed in the Instagram related to its ‘Download your data’ feature. As the users tried to download data, the user passwords used to leak out in the form of plain text. Ironically, this feature has its base for improvising user privacy, security, and other vital data.

Besides, there was a usual analytical leak from the account regarding crucial aspects of the account. This created a buzz amongst the Instagram users as their security was at stake. So, how to cope with it?

  • After the Instagram issue of password leak, there was a quick announcement that the account’s numerous risks are about to resolve.
  • However, there are many still risks and cyber threats that can pose a considerable risk to your privacy while using this social media handle.
  • For instance, when you use the default setting of Instagram, it can automatically track your location until you turn it off manually.
  • With your Instagram data’s help, there is a display of ads related to the location where you are spending most of your time.
  • Apart from that, Instagram also manages the in-app activity quite tactfully. There is a detailed interaction with users about the stories and other data.
  • Another update in 2021 is on the DM service by Instagram that came up in 2018.
  • Insta users seemed a bit unhappy with the ‘seen’ notification, bubble while typing, and the status activity notifications.
  • Instagram users can now receive updates on whether someone is active on the account or not. It also displays the last time when someone was active on the account.
  • And it is a default setting, so you do not have to anything about it. You can visit the account settings and disable the ‘Privacy and Security’ option from the same.
  • If still, you are unsure about the Instagram account’s security norms, the next option is to deactivate or delete it.

Note– App Creators have complete data related to every share, click and download from your Instagram account. Telecom companies and internet service providers can access all details related to your Instagram handle. But the NordVPN and VPN can assure safety and security to the third parties from the selling and collection of your crucial data.

What’s a better choice- Deactivating or deleting the account?

As a liberal user of Instagram, your authority is to either deactivate or delete the Instagram account permanently. It is your choice to prioritize every bit of your account. Deactivating the account is a temporary option, but once it gets deactivated, all your photos, profile, comments, followers, and likes can hide from the users.

For restoring all the data and using your Instagram account again, all you have to do is log into your account again.

Deleting the Instagram account is permanent!

Once you delete the Instagram account, it is not possible to restore it. After deleting the Instagram account, your likes, followers, data, and photos will get deleted. Even if you plan to sign up with the Instagram account again, it might not be possible to retrieve the same username again.

Let’s learn the steps for deleting and deactivating the Instagram account individually!

Steps for deactivating the Instagram account

There are several ways through which you can deactivate the Instagram account. To do it through the app, you need to use a web browser via the Instagram website. If you desire to cut off from the social media vicinity and break the monotony, an ideal way is to deactivate the Instagram account.

Here are the steps to follow for this:

  • Go to the Instagram page and log in to your account. Now click on the person icon, and you will get redirected to the profile page.
  • The next step is to select ‘Edit Profile’ and browse till the end of your page. Click at the option that says, ‘Temporarily disable my account’.
  • There would be a pop-up question saying ‘Why are you disabling your account?’ Go to the drop-down menu and choose a reason for the same.
  • Re-Enter the password and opt for ‘Temporarily disable account’.
  • Now your account is deactivated, and none of the users can find you until you log back.
  • According to the usage policy of Instagram, it is vital to delete your Instagram account at least once a week.

The Instagram policy states that users can deactivate the Instagram account only once a week.

Steps on ‘How to delete your Instagram Account?’

After you delete the Instagram account forever, the complete data wipe off forever, and it is not possible to retrieve it again. So, it is suggestive that if you wish to delete the account in any case, download and store the crucial data to restore the record of all videos and photos.

You can also download the copy of complete data on Instagram with these steps:

  • Click on the Instagram profile and visit the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Go to the ‘Privacy and security’ tab to search for ‘Request Download’.
  • Make an entry of the email address on which you wish to get a link for the Instagram data along with a relevant password.
  • In just 48 hours, you should get the email followed by a link to your information with titles like ‘Download data’ and ‘Your Instagram Data’.

How to delete the Instagram account permanently?

Similar to deactivating, deletion of the Instagram account is viable only through your web browser. If you have your mindset for deleting the Instagram account, here are the steps to follow for it:

  • Log in to the Instagram account and access your profile page.
  • Click at the ‘Delete your account’ page of Instagram and go to the drop-down menu to state the reason for account suspension.
  • Enter the right password and click on ‘Permanently delete my account’.
  • Your Instagram account gets deleted right away.

Other ways to secure your Instagram account and retain its privacy!

Are you aware that many of us use Cloud Storage Service to take a back up of crucial data and storage of files? If you are making use of any such services, opt for the automatic encryption of files. But when the cloud provider encrypts your data, it is possible to access the data and share it with the government authorities at request.

It is also possible to solve this issue with manual encryption of files before uploading them to the cloud server. With this, there might be only a single holding for the data secrecy. As a result, even the cloud provider would have no access till you upload all relevant encryption keys for the cloud.

There are several free encryption programs with the help of which you can easily encrypt your account data. And there is no need for any experience for this as well.

Select any encryption software that is compatible with your system and other operating systems of the mobile. With your encryption program, you must not store any password related to it.

Did you know?

  • The Instagram account can delete permanently.
  • If the Instagram account gets deactivated, you can bring it to use again.
  • After the permanent deletion of an Instagram account, you can delete all the videos, photos, likes, comments, and followers.
  • There is no appropriate customer support available for the deactivation of the Instagram account.
  • Visit the from your mobile or computer and log in to the Instagram ID you want to deactivate.
  • For all privacy concerns or if you need a break, Instagram account deletion is a good idea.

Summing up

Now you know all about the deactivation and deletion of Instagram account.

Above, you can see all the information for ‘How to delete an Instagram account?

Whether you have any social media concerns or want to refrain from cybercrimes, deleting the Instagram account is a choice for many users.

However, if you are not sure that you might someday miss the Instagram account access, it is better to deactivate the account than deleting it. But if you can speculate some serious fraudulent activities or privacy threat, it is better to delete the account itself.

Hopefully, this piece of data might enable you to get complete information on ‘How to delete the Instagram account?’