All working people start and end their day with computers. Every job now depends on computers or laptops. As time goes on, your pc becomes older and slower. It cannot function like before. Many reasons can make a computer or laptop slow. The downgraded system, overcharging, the virus may create this problem.

Some people thought about buying a new pc but sometimes they cannot afford a new one. So, here is the ultimate problem solver that can make a computer like before. You can use the Xtra-pc for your laptop or computer that will boost the pc and make it super-fast.

Xtra PC

It is just a tiny, handy, but very powerful USB stick. Which can make the pc faster and more efficient. This gadget will work when it is connected to the computer. After removing it, the pc became as it was before. Inserting this device into the PC or laptop’s USB port, and then it will start working. You can use this product for several devices to take advantage of it.

Types of Xtra PC

It has three different types of devices. These are-

  1. Xtra-PC Turbo 16: It comes with 16GB storage and will cost $49.99. This model will provide good speed and improve working flexibility.
  2. Xtra-PC Turbo 32: With 32 GB memory, it will work 1.5 times faster, and the cost will be $89.99.
  3. Xtra-PC Pro: With Xtra PC pro, you can experience 64 GB of storage. Which allows storing a massive number of photos, videos, and files. Its cost will be $159.99.

Can the “Xtra-PC” Usb Device Make Your Old Computer Faster?

After using the same PC for a long time, it will become slower. Now, some people don’t have the ability to buy a new pc. Moreover, lots of people do not want to give up their recent PC and laptop. In this situation, Xtra-pc for your laptop is the best solution. You may be confused about this fact: Can the “Xtra-PC” USB device make your old computer faster? The answer is, yes, it can. Now, we will show how this device makes the pc like a newly bought one.

Firstly, connect it to the computer’s USB port, and then a window will appear on the screen. After that, install the program. It is not a big thing and does not require me to get confused when installing this drive. Firstly, plug this device into the computer USB port. It will take some time to recognize the computer. After that, restart the pc. Then the start-up screen will appear now; click on the boot menu to proceed. Afterward, boot the computer from the USB. Immediately, you will see a huge difference in speed.

This device has its own operating system called Linux. It allows access to the Linux operating system using a USB drive when connected to the computer. This thing will speed up the pc and also allows additional memory. It bypasses the OS through the USB port and, thus, improves the performance of the old OS. That is how it will give the old pc a speedy boost.

Features of Xtra Pc

Apart from boosting up and making faster the computer, it has some other features also. For your convenience, these features are narrated below.

Speed Up

It won’t waste your time. This device can up and run in a few minutes. With its Linux operating system, the computer will become like a brand-new device. Basically, the power of the Linux OS makes the computer super faster than before.


Its cost-effectiveness and convenience will save money and time. Your investment will be worth buying this device instead of a new computer. Because the old computer will work like a new one after using this.

No Need for a Hard Drive

Xtra Pc does not need the computer to have a hard drive. It can smoothly work without a computer’s hard drive. You can also work with this little thing by connecting it with the USB port of all model’s pc and laptop.


This device will allow doing all those things that you do with the old pc. It won’t change anything from the previous operating system. With Xtra PC, all the previous files, photos, videos, and other documents will be unaffected. If needed, you can install different apps, games, streaming apps, browsers and personalize the pc.

 Are you becoming frustrated by using a slow and old pc? To boost up and protect the privacy of your pc, please check out the Xtra-pc for your laptop.

Protection of Privacy

The Xtra PC device can assure the computer’s privacy protection. It will prevent the pc from malware or spyware attack. This small device will protect your private information, keep the pc virus-free, and stop downloading risky files. It will not allow access to anything from the old operating system.

Hassle-Free Operation

Faster speed will allow browsing fast, watching videos, and listening to music buffering free. Also, downloading files, creating, or editing documents without any hassle. You can do a regular job without lagging the pc.

File Rescue Software

With its pro version, you will get the FileRez software. This software can restore the deleted or lost photos, videos, documents, and other files from the old computer.

Easy to Operate

Beginners will find it really easy to operate. This USB stick comes with an already installed operating system. It will be very easy to understand the guideline and follow the process as per the given manual.


For some people, it is very tough to say goodbye to the old and slow computer. But, working on a slow computer for day-long makes them feel irritated. As a result, they cannot focus on their work properly. Xtra PC is the ultimate solution for them.

It is a little Linux USB stick that will give the old, slow computer a new life. Your entire device becomes much faster than before. Not only it makes the PC faster but also, it will provide safety to online activities. From this article, I hope it is clear to you that this device can make the pc faster than before.