You want to sell your wares. You go to Amazon. You list down the information asked and wait for the response. Even with your product online, there is little to no engagement.

While this may be fictional recreation, it is a reality for many people. However, it is not that their wares are bad or incompetent. It is all about the algorithm that runs Amazon.

Amazon, like other search engines, works on Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. It is thus important to keep this in mind while listing down your ware and working with it.

Understanding Amazon SEO and the algorithm

What exactly is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO is a way to ensure that your wares and products rank higher on the Amazon website. When a buyer looks for any product, they hardly go to the third page. To ensure that your product comes up on the first three pages of an Amazon search, it is important to take note of keyword research, optimize images, and keep the reviews in hand.

Amazon SEO works similarly to Google SEO, but both have different algorithms. Thus, to ensure that your product does well, it is necessary to have suitable information about the Amazon SEO. You can go to this website for best amazon SEO services.

What then, is the Amazon algorithm?

The Amazon algorithm, or A9, works in a simple way. Out of thousands of products listed on the website, A9 picks out the ones which have relevance and the ones which have shown tremendous performance.

While this may seem like a tedious product, A9 needs to complete this work in the millisecond between which the buyer puts down their keyword and the results appear. Thus, for sellers, it is important to put the correct information down- the one which will ensure that your product remains on the top.

First of all, the keywords themselves determine how well your product is going to sell. To begin with, if you are selling a white shirt’, but you only put ‘shirt’ as the keyword, the engagement is going to go down. It is important to note down all the properties of the said product in your keywords.

Second, Amazon looks at how your product has been faring- the click-through rate or even Conversion rate, more popularly known as CTR and CR. This is deeply attached to what keywords you are choosing and thus, tying back to the first point, it is important to make note of that.

Using SEO to build rank your product better

Now that it is somewhat clearer as to what Amazon SEO is and how that works, it is time to jump into the specifics of what you can do to make sure your product is listed higher on the search page.

Product Title
Product titles sell more products. If your title is not relevant and does not contain the information the buyer is looking for, it is easy for them to move on.
Along with the product name, the title should include the brand, material, quantity, and color. The Amazon title is limited to 100 characters, so it is necessary to keep that in mind.

The product title needs to include the keyword, but only the ones which have a higher frequency in search results. The word sin title should be clear and user-friendly.

The Product title is something that heavily impacts your CTR and CR. Thus, the more focus you put on your title, the better your engagement will be.
Since any mobile only has the capacity to show 70 characters, try to include all that information within 70 characters.

Searching for keywords is a daunting process in itself. The Amazon keyword research tool is wide, and subject to change as the demand by consumers does. Thus, to make sure that your product remains at the top, here are a few tips.

  • Amazon Autocomplete gives a good look into what people are popularly searching for. This combination can give you a good idea of what you can include in marketing your product.
  • Customer Reviews and Competitor Listings are another way through which this information can be acquired. Using these strategies, you can increase the traffic for your ware.

Once you have a list of all the keywords that are relevant, put those keywords to good use. Put them in your product title, the bullet list with the most relevant information, and some in the Product description. Having this information down ensures that your product will remain at the top of the search. For any updates, Go to this website for amazon seo services.

Images are very important if you want to sell your product. On Amazon, this is not a simple matter of merely uploading an image. Optimizing that image is also just as important.

First of all, there are technical requirements for a listing on Amazon. To begin with:

  • Formats: preferred JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF
  • Colour Model: RGB only
  • Resolution: Minimum 72 dpi
  • Size: 1000 pixels at minimum

Once these criteria are fulfilled, it is important for the image to be something that can be zoomed in. A 360-degree view and video are good, but not necessary.

The main image, which would be shown by Amazon, should show the core product and have a white background. It should fill 85 to 100% of the area and the product itself must be fully visible There should be no text in the image.
In additional images, You can include background information, accessories and demonstrative images.

Bullet Points
While the description is extremely important for the Amazon product, it is the bullet points that carry the weight. Product description will be in paragraphs and that scares off most of the customers. They like their information in bullet points. And so does Amazon’s algorithm A9.

The bullet points are also the important factors when using keywords, thus it is important to put down all the relevant information within those bullets. They can expand upon the information given in the title.

Relevant features, such as color, dimensions, and materials can be expanded upon and used in the bullet points. All in all, instead of focusing on a description that should include all the information of the product, bullet points focus on the relevant information and put down the keywords to increase CTR and CR.

Product Reviews
Customer reviews influence the product’s ranking on Amazon. They are critical to CTR and CR. The number of product reviews, as well as the stars left behind by the customers, will increase engagement.

To increase the reviews themselves, it is important to provide excellent customer service. If you receive a negative review, make sure you address it, as it bumps up your engagement. They can help you improve on the shortcoming of your product and help improve your presentation for future work.

Once you have all these areas covered, make sure to always follow up with your work. Once the engagement builds up, it is necessary to stay up on the game with the SEO and change the information as and when required. Updates in images, changes in keywords, and bullet points will ensure that your product remains more relevant with the times.