Whatsapp Account is used for sharing views, images and many more. On hacking yours friend account, it would be more fun.

It always sounds amusing in collecting the accounts of people like friends, family or beloved. Sometimes it is not because of worse intention but it may be just for seeing other’s accounts for entertainment.

Many queries like How to Hack Whatsapp Account! are coming in minds of People but think before you start hacking is a Cyber offence included in the IT Act 2000 read the law on phone hacking. Some simple steps of hacking other’s account are given below:

The Three ways are given below to hack the Whatsapp account:

Method 1: Mobile

mobile whatsapp hack for android

1: Uninstall the WhatsApp from your phone or device

All personal information is cleared from the app. Reinstall it later and you can enter the individual’s information instead of your own.

2: Locate and Mention the individual’s Media Access Control(MAC).

A MAC address and a unique identifier as its online identity are assigned to every phone. MAC address consists of six pairs of letters or numbers which are separated by colons, like 01:23:45:67:89:ab, 00:0a:95:9d:68:16 etc.
  • Android: Go to Settings. Press “About Phone”, then Status. On the right side of the “Wi-Fi MAC address”, write the address.
  • iPhone: Dispatch Settings. Press “General”. Select “About”. The address is written on the right side of “Wi-fi address”.
  • Windows Phone: Check the “Settings” and search for “About”. Record the address which is being written to the right of “MAC address”.
  • BlackBerry: In the options menu, for selecting “Device”. Check on the tab “Device and Status Info”. See right side of WLAN MAC, the address was written there.

3: Locate and Record your MAC address

For accessing the Individual’s WhatsApp Account, you have to their MAC address with yours. After viewing their account, you need to put your address in place of MAC address. When you are going to your MAC address, write it somewhere.

  • Android: Go to Settings. Select for the option of Phone Details, and then go for Status menu. See right side of the “Wi-Fi MAC address”, write the address.
  • iPhone: Select Settings and see GeneralAbout. On the right side of “Wi-fi address”, the address is written.
  • Windows Phone: Launch Settings and About. You have to write the address which is given on the right side of MAC address.
  • BlackBerry: In the Options menu and check for “Device” menu. Select the tab for information about Device and its Status. See right side of WLAN MAC, the address was written.

4. Install apps that will allow you to change your phone’s MAC address

For logging into another person’s WhatsApp account, you must swap the individual’s MAC address with your own MAC address.

  • iPhone Users: Firstly, Cydia is installed from the web. On completing the download, open app and inquire for “network-cmds”. Click on it for installation. Select “Confirm”. Search for “Mobile Terminal” on completing the download. Click on the tab, Mobile Terminal following the process of “Install and Confirm”.
  • Android Users: Root your phone firstly, and then download Busy Box and click on the app for installation. Download “Terminal Emulator” via Google Play Store, it is available for free. After downloading it discontinue the process.

5: Change “spoof” your phone’s MAC address to that of your target

Your phone’s functionality should not be impacted by altering this address.

  • iPhone: “Mobile Terminal” is to be opened after searching it. Next step is to type ‘su’ as well as press “Enter”. Now the password is to be entered. Here, you should type “abcde wifighrj = yy:yy:yy:yy:yy:yy”, swap ‘yy’ by the individual’s MAC address. Then, Enter should be pressed. Turn on the device again by switching off the device. This time, your MAC address might have changed.


  • Android: Authenticate “Terminal”. Consequently, write down “su” plus select “Enter”. You could disclose your present MAC address is to be swapped via ‘xx’ by typing ‘busybox iplink show wlan0” and select “Enter”. The person’s MAC address, one should now write down as “busybox ifconfig wlan0 hw ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx”. Once enter is pressed, your MAC address would be changed. One may now substantiate through typing “busybox iplink show wlan0” and click “enter”; this will back up your MAC address.

6: After that on phone WhatsApp is to be installed.

7: Now “WhatsApp” is to be opened.

8: Continue after clicking the “I agree” button.

9: Jot down the person’s mobile number instead of your own: It will allow you to send and receive messages by the name of their account.

10: Select “Done”: A confirmation code is sent to the individual’s phone by the WhatsApp.

11: Restore the Confirmation Code and Enter that code in your phone. This will verify your account.

12: Change Your MAC address: When you don’t need to access the individual’s WhatsApp account, repeat the steps given from Step 6 to change your MAC address.

Method 2: Desktop or Laptop

hack whatsapp in desktop and laptop

  1. Open “WhatsApp” on Individual’s Phone.
  2. Click on the “Settings” given in the right corner at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select “WhatsApp Web”.
  4. When asked that app can access the camera or not Click “OK”.
  5. Navigate the website of WhatsApp on the web.
  6. Check the box given next to Keep me logged in.
  7. A checkmark of green color appears on scanning the QR code in front of the camera.
  8. WhatsApp mobile dashboard will be redirected to you via webpage where conversations could be monitored.

Method 3: Using Spy Software

  1. Before monitoring the phone, obtain their permission: The apps that you are intending to use, generally used by parents, spouses or employees to supervise the activity of their spouses, children or employees.

2. Choose the app or program you wish to use: These spyful apps are powerful – they give unrestricted access to other person’s electronic device. Some are under mentioned:-

  • mSpy
  • FlexiSpy
  • HighSter Mobile

3: Purchase the app and Install: After buying the app, install it on your device.

4: Set Up app and Start Tracking: For establishing the Account, follow the instructions given in the app. After setting up, you will be able to access their text messages, passwords, and phone calls.

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