laying with colors in WhatsApp is fun. Third party apps are best for customizing Whatsapp text color and its fancy font styles.

Writing your status in WhatsApp is quite easy and simple methodology. Making WhatsApp status colorful is all about choosing the required color format and its correct application.

The new feature is available in Android and IOS user. Just get started and use the text features available. It has three options font, background color, and emoji. Just ensure you have the latest version of WhatsApp.

Whatsapp had allowed features as in facebook with colored status updates lately.

The simple methods are reproduced below:

color status

Follow this: Method 1

Just the floating pen icon brings showing up next to the camera at the bottom of the status app.

The pen icon brings lots of options such as type status, choose the font, background color etc.Just choose your color and update your status and mood.
The steps are:

  1. Go to Whatsapp.
  2. Type your Status in the status option
  3. Tap the Pencil icon on the status screen and write the status.
  4. Add color to status.
  5. Tap on T to choose text font style of the status
  6. To change color on the background, tap on the color palette present right above the screen to get the colors in your status.
  7. Get the desired colors.
  8. Change the background and font styles in the same way by selecting the proper option provided.
  9. Tap on send icon.

Method 2:

The next method is as followed:

You would require two things specifically.

  • Whatsapp installed
  • Notes app

This is the simplest trick, less known but very effective and efficient.

  1. Go to the emoji section.
  2. Choose an emoji from different country flags.
  3. There are different colored flags and then just copy a single emoji flag.
  4. Paste it on the notes app.
  5. You will add the flag on the status screen and you will see the flag immediately.
  6. Then backspace the flag and you are done.
  7. You will get the color of the text done in that flag color.

Method 3:

There is another step to be infused such as installing apps for setting color format:

  • Blue text
  • What’s blue text

These apps are very useful. And provide fancy color styles and formats to be used. It gives 25+ fancy color formats which is helpful in absorbing boredom and monotony of conversation and helps in making your communication attractive and beautiful.

Cool Fancy Text Generator

This is another awesome app to change colors and get fancy fabricated styles for your text and make your status look trendy and hot.

It has to be just downloaded and then used to get the colored styles and powerful pattern of different colors. Both font and its color can be changed with this. It contains more than basic colors to be used.


These were some of the easiest ways and processed procedures to get your status stuff in both bold, solid, soft and rainbow colors and its different shades.

WhatsApp has been reported to test this feature similar to that of facebook colored status. It is the extension of ephemeral status launched.

Check and try these method in your phone elaborated in the given article also share with your friends if they are useful and working and tell us your views by commenting below.