Blog and website owners are usually happy making it to the first page of Google. A good rank and traffic alone are not enough to generate a good CTR. There are many factors to focus on when making content clickable.

CTR aka click-through rate gets better when you focus on creating content that is share-worthy. Use these tips to increase the CTR of your websites and blog.

  • Use Tools To Check CTR

Google Analytics is a good tool to check the CTR metric of your website. It gives information about the search queries users have used to land on your website. You can see which content performs better and what are users looking for on your website so you can get insights on generating better content.

  • Create Catchy Titles

Focus on creating attention-grabbing titles so it’s easy to beckon the attention of the users as soon as they see the title. Create effective headlines that create curiosity and insight into emotional reactions in readers. Experiment with a few titles and do not settle for the first one that comes to your mind.

  • Create Emotional Content

Do not focus too much on keywords and create content that insights emotions in the readers. Keep the tone positive and inspirational. You can also create thought-provoking, funny, or controversial content if you have a unique story to tell that supports facts. Content with original insights and unique ideas is also likely to get more CTR.

  • Informative Listicles

Listicles make it easy for users to read the content. Make them easy to read using simple language that is grammatically correct and keep it informative. Users are always looking for information. Using a format with small paragraphs and bullet points makes the content clickable. Create a post that has Top 10, 20, or more listicles.

  • Use SEO Tools Like Yoast

This is one of the best tools you can use to make every post-SEO-friendly. Create a clean format so your content looks organized and user-friendly. Structure the format of titles as well.

  • Use Plugins And Social Media To Test Content

There are a variety of free tools to test the titles as well as the content for emotional response. Use different titles on various platforms to test which gets a better response. You can also use PPC ads to improve the organic CTR rate.

  • Create Crisp Meta Descriptions

Snippets using tools like Yoast let you create meta descriptions for every post. They also give you insights on where to place the keywords to generate better traffic. Use keywords in URLs and make every category of the content descriptive. Use words and phrases that are emotionally appealing. Keep the length of meta descriptions short.

  • Use Structured Schema

When you search for anything on the web, you can see links that display images and outlines of whatever the content is about. This happens with the use of structured schema and increases the CTR rate by 30%.

  • Site Speed

Ensure it loads faster on all devices as it can boost the CTR rate. If your site is slow, you get a higher bounce rate as the user will not stay on your page. Optimize images for better speed.

You can also use caching plugins so you can load the site better. Limit the number of times you would revise a post. If you are using WordPress on a hosting account, you can use many advanced options to load the speed.

  • Improve Page Rank

Page rank and click rate are directly related to each other. You can get a better click rate when you focus on increasing the page rank. You can implement various SEO strategies to improve the page rank like backlinks, optimizing old and new content, and using high ranking keywords.

  • Understand Search Intent

Analyze the keywords and to know what people are searching for. You can pick the right keywords for your content when you understand search intent.

  • Create Relevant And Effective Content

Use powers and phrases that catch attention and create an emotional response in the readers. Words like ‘sensational,’ ‘tremendous,’ ‘amazing,’ etc create an impact on the reader. Use tools like polls, comments, etc to engage the users.

  • Long-tail keywords

This works best for all kinds of searches made. You can use them for text as well as voice searches. You can also use long-tail keyword clusters so your content is easily searchable.

  • Create Visual Content

Add images, videos, infographics, and various forms of media to create clickable content. Searches with visual previews get better click rates.

  • Localize Content

Mobile searches have increased so it is important to create local content. It increases the CTR as most of the searches are performed on the mobile than the desktop. Users perform ‘near me’ searches to find what they are looking for. Find high ranking local keywords and localize SEO.

  • Share On Social Media Platforms

Post regularly on various social media platforms depending on the type of content you create. LinkedIn is for professional and serious readers. If your content has an informal tone you can choose Twitter, Facebook, etc to promote content and get better CTR.


These tips are useful in getting better page rank and CTR. All website owners and bloggers can use these strategies to make their posts clickable. It’s easy to grab the attention of the users and make posts sharable with these tips.

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