Social media and marketing are mutually inclusive. They have their own functional dynamics, but they perform much better if you strategically knit them together. In today’s era, social sharing forms the core of numerous content modalities.

For starters, out of 500 million active users of Instagram, 300 million of them log into the platform daily.

Since Instagram is a very powerful social media channel, it would be ludicrous to not leverage the platform for your marketing exploits, especially your email campaigns.

  • Using Instagram to propel email management is the key. There are over 200 billion emails infiltrating inboxes every day. One-click means your brand has to be outstanding.
  • Smart and suave marketers are gradually integrating their email and social marketing strategies as part of a customer-driven approach, omnichannel, and for its supreme functionality.
  • Popular names HubSpot says that Instagram delivers at least 50+ times more traffic and engagement per visitor than Facebook.
  • You have numerous emails featuring button links to social media accounts for organizations. You can incorporate a live feed because it’s very effective.

A live social feed can visually stimulate your emails and enhance templates. It automatically updates your content in real-time. Both B2C and B2B brands can use Instagram for email marketing.

Untapping a trove of pictures

While IG is generating outstanding engagement levels with content that brands share, marketers and companies underutilize these compelling photos within emails. Simultaneously, marketing honchos still rely on FB while sourcing social media content.

The impact of these astounding email integrations is Dunkin Donuts, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nickelodeon.

  • Not every Instagram image is equal in terms of composition. Some IG attributes and components are more appealing than others. You can apply the image insight to your email domain as well.
  • Relevance is pivotal. You can’t insert an IG image into a proper email template and anticipate soaring engagement.
  • You need to be prudent while selecting your creative assets. When they conducted this study, it spiked seasonal themes like travel, water, and sun. You need to know the themes that are driving customer action.

The syncopation

Getting more real Instagram likes and followers seems to be the main game, but the platform is also ideal to boost other types of business.

You need to know that one of the most viable ways to use the social media giant is to take your accord with your followers off the platform and into their email inboxes.

  • Because of email provides direct contact with potential clients or customers, it’s best to formulate an email marketing strategy.
  • You can send your follower’s email cards, which guarantees that your message will reach their inbox. It’s far better to do this instead of scrolling aimlessly and irresolutely through social media.
  • When you consider the fact that social media channels can close down shops at any time, you have very strong reasons to integrate email marketing.
  • Even if you have a large number of Instagram followers, there’s every chance that not all of them will view your daily posts.

Using exclusively social media marketing is very hazardous. At the point when you consider it, you don’t really have control over your social media accounts.

If one day, Instagram or Facebook decides to permanently delete all business accounts you will lose all that you’ve endeavored to accomplish. Following an email marketing strategy alongside your social media efforts will spare you potential regrets in the future.

The new algorithm is a deterrent here. But when you have their email addresses, you can always send pivotal information product launches, products, and the latest content to their inbox.

Create a VIP Community

Apart from rewards, users also like to be a part of elite groups that distinguish them from others. Numerous brands have special VIP clubs, which are basically communities that offer additional perks to a certain group of customers.

On those lines, you can always create a VIP email club or list, where anyone who subscribes to your emails can avail special benefits.

And yes, this can be the major factor for attracting more and more users to join this list, which helps with expanding your database with better leads.

In a Nutshell

As dynamic as the marketing world is today, our promoting strategies need to keep up with the pace as well. It’s brilliant to consistently keep alternatives open and not let a solitary procedure loosen up for a really long time.

Today’s online consumer is highly intelligent, well informed, and exposed to a number of different options. So, for your brand to stand out and truly leave a mark, integration of Email and Instagram marketing will be beneficial for any brand, regardless of the industry.