When an online ad is clicked by a person then the first page that appears on the screen is the landing page. It is basically a website’s entry point. The aim of creating a landing page is that the people visiting your website should be converted into customers.

A contact form can be given to the people interested in buying so that they can fill it, a web product can be given to them so that they can try it for free or a newsletter can be signed up by them. These are the various activities by which they can be converted into customers.

Now I am going to tell you some powerful strategies for a high conversion landing page.

1. Giving irresistible offer to the people visiting your site – When a user visits your website then you can offer him a 10 % discount after he spends five seconds on your site. By seeing this offer a visitor can purchase items from your e-commerce shop and become your customer.

You can also give an offer that on the purchase of organic food 37 % can be saved. People will take more interest in it if you are pinpointing it specifically.
By providing visitors the items of their choice that they can use immediately you can convert them into customers.

2. A lighter touch must be given while providing customer service – You can give your visitors a facility of live chatting. Just like a salesperson helps you, a chat pop-up can help you in the same way. If you want to know about men’s shorts then you can ask about these from a chat pop-up. For using this facility, you have to provide your email address.

Your wide selection can be highlighted by using a very good header image.

3. See the product in action before buying it – Before making the decision of buying the item, it can be seen by you in action but for that, you have to sign up first. For their own purpose, the usage of the software can be visualized by the prospects.

After seeing that a lot of other customers are purchasing the items from the online store some new prospects can also be converted into customers.

4. A real-time social proof must be provided by you – All the items ordered by the customers can be posted by you. Anybody can get the details about the items purchased as well as the information about who purchased these. This feature will make more and more people buy from your company and so your company’s confidence will be built up. Also, the customer will feel as if he is the only one on that site.

5. Make people feel that there are urgency and scarcity of items – People will get motivated to purchase the items from your online shop if the updates of real-time quantity are posted by you. By seeing that a lot of people are purchasing a particular item many prospects will think that if they do not buy that popular item then all the pieces will be sold out and no piece will be left for them.

Urgency can also be considered here. After knowing that a particular sale will get ended soon a prospect will not think of waiting for the next time but he will try to purchase the item as soon as possible.

6. For a particular purpose, an image should be used – The prospects can easily be converted into customers if your landing page has included an image in it which looks awesome.

If the benefits can be shown by images then those images should be used. A sign-up form needs to be filled by the visitors and for this, a call to action button must be clicked by them.

You can also use a hero-shot so that the item can be seen in action. The working of a product can be demonstrated in the form of an image known as hero-shot. The people purchasing the item can actually feel as if they are experiencing the item.

7. For converting people you can use social media – On the landing page, there is a form that needs to be filled by you before making a purchase.

But it will be more convenient, faster, and easier if you sign-in through social media. Your conversion chances are improved by this.

If you want to connect with prospects through webinars, websites, chat, email, or voice for increasing your business in the market then you can take the help of a lead generation company.