In this modern business world, every business seems to use the Instagram platform for their marketing purpose. Whether it is a fashion business or retail, Instagram has become an integral part of gaining more traffic to the site.

Well, some are successful in their marketing goal while there are many others who fail miserably. If you do not want to be among that unsuccessful lot, here are a few things that you should know and do.

It goes without saying that being in the fashion business you are creative enough. It is, for this reason, Instagram seems to be more useful for the fashion business. In fact, the fashion industry, on the whole, depends largely on Instagram for different purposes that include:

  • Their business promotion
  • Creating better brand awareness and
  • Making a sale more than any other industry.

The fact that Instagram is also creative makes it so useful for fashion sites to increase their site traffic. The best way in which you can make the best of this platform is to use the Instagram Ads to its fullest capacity. It is a proven fact that the Instagram Ads will help your fashion site to soar high above that of your competitors.

About Instagram

Last summer, Instagram reached the remarkable milestone of having one billion users worldwide. This number is still rising steadily each day.

With such a huge number of followers for Instagram, it is quite natural and reasonable that you will be tempted, if not compelled so as to beat your competition, to use this platform to launch your product or advertising campaigns. This will ensure that:

  • You reach out to a larger number of audiences
  • Showcase your product with the best pictures and videos
  • Attract new shoppers
  • Create a better engagement and relation with your users by commenting on their posts and
  • Secure more sales to generate more profit.

Therefore, using Instagram for your fashion marketing and product promotion is an excellent idea.

Just make sure that you make the best use of its robust advertising program offered to the businesses in particular. Instagram will allow you to do a lot when it comes to:

  • Targeting the right audience according to need
  • Creating the right type of content to engage more and more audiences and
  • Building better marketing and promotional campaigns around your specific goals and objectives.

All these for sure will fuel your business growth by garnering more prospective customers by helping you to increase the traffic to your fashion site.

Minimalist with typography

If you want to make the Instagram Ads work for you and want to boost engagement and return on our investment on your next batch of Ads, you will need to start experimenting with the Instagram ads.

Ensure that you follow a minimalist approach with typography to give your content an uncluttered yet appealing look. It is not a new thing or a surprising fact that most Instagram posts and ads typically use photos or short videos.

These photos or videos can be of anything such as:

  • People
  • Places
  • Products or any other objects.

That is why, if you design an ad for this platform that comprises primarily of text and nothing else, it will surely be unique and stand out.

However, in order to try this strategy and make it success do not fail to comply with the set standards and requisites of the platform.

  • Make sure that the ad that you launch features nothing more than a single sentence, offer or statement.
  • Also make sure that this is carefully contrasted against a suitable and subtle background so that it is prominent, loud and clear.

This will make your ad really attractive and appealing and will grab the attention of the users too easily.

The wise use of the zoom feature

You must be acquainted with the zoom feature and use it carefully as well. Remember that most of the followers of Instagram are accustomed to seeing different ads on the platform. They quickly scroll past anything that they do not like or seems to be too forceful, predictable and sales.

Using the zoom feature of Instagram Ads is one of the most creative ways to grab the attention of the followers as well as boost engagement in the process. This zoom feature was introduced a couple of years ago by Instagram on the platform.

Using this feature for your next Instagram ad campaign, you can hide a word or a phrase and even a promo code in the image.

What is more useful is that you can add a comment to that that will ask the viewers to pinch and zoom in to see it. You will receive a ton of praise as well as a lot of new followers and site traffic following this method.

Incorporate lifestyle photography

If you want to make your Instagram Ads really unique, you should use lifestyle photography. This will not make your ad look like not an ad at all. In fact, this is one of the best and most effective ways to create ads on Instagram.

  • Your ideal customers will also appreciate this type of ad.
  • Your users will also not feel that you wanting to make a sale to them.

Since they will feel that you are not tricking them to buy your product, they will have a natural trust developed on your brand.

To achieve this feat, you should at all cost avoid using stock photography in your ads. Lifestyle photography is more engaging than stock photography.

This is because lifestyle photography will show how your product is to be used, how it is made and how it will make the difference when a user uses it, and all of it in real situations and by everyday people. This will enable users to relate to the product very easily.

They will surely visit your site to know more about the product as the ad will raise the interest in them. This will eventually raise the number of traffic to your fashion site.