Nothing connects your clients to a product the way a solid video does. Videos have the potential to give your content a new life.

Video marketing has continued to become more and more mainstream. Businesses have started to realize that to reach out to more customers, they need to expand the horizon of their marketing.

Get Social, go viral

Ever since its inception, social media has been dominated by videos, which remains one of the most shared forms of any social media post.

So, if your video resonates with the audience, they will not shy away from sharing.

However, this might not be the case with other internet marketing techniques such as email campaigns. Recall, how often do you see people sharing email promotions?

Videos are technically more shareable, allowing you to engage more customers.

Convey more with less

A two-minute video has content worth several pages.

Videos pack information in a small package. Think about the heavy lifting your brain has to do when reading an article vs. watching a clip. Because images are processed and stored faster than texts, you can stuff videos with more information.

So, you get the freedom to convey more (in a relatively lesser amount), which you can leverage to include additional USPs for your product.

Videos get ranked, too

Google ranks not only texts, but also videos, and now even audios.

Google has adopted an ideology to award only the informative stuff – in whatever form.

As algorithms became intelligent, search engines could scrutinize videos for their relevancy to the search query. As a result, an informative video alone had the ability to get you ranked in Google.

The search engine has a strong inclination towards videos, with the largest video sharing platform ‘YouTube’ as its subsidiary. In some countries, YouTube gets as much footfall as Google and is technically the second largest search engine.

Video Marketing

Build trust

If you have the largest facility in the country, show it to the audience; text alone will not help. An average human comes across at least 10,000 characters every day, your USPs (ultimate selling propositions) would not mean anything more than just random characters unless you show its importance. And what better could there be to show than videos?

Additionally, if there are customer pain points your products relieve, videos are a great way to help customers know ‘how’.

Also, videos foster more trust. Consumers are skeptical while buying online as they fear getting duped. But an effective video marketing presents products in a conversational form as if it were a personalized sales pitch.

Thus, a video fosters more trust.

Engage the laziest consumer

Most consumers will prefer having a short and precise product description than having a two-page long story that they are likely to skim and miss out on essential points.

Having a half-a-minute video is a plus. You can simply start showcasing your product details and its features. What’s better? It engages even the laziest customer who would not worry about reading product descriptions otherwise.

Connect to a centralized web hosting

Apart from video marketing, you probably also use SEO (search engine optimization). If you are new to digital marketing, SEO involves the deployment of techniques (majorly creating backlinks) that make your website rank higher in search results. Higher the ranking, the better is the footfall, and more is the revenue generated.

Why video marketing is helpful is it allows you to connect to a central server in database hosting. The contents (primarily videos) from the database can then be relayed on different websites.

A central server is, without a doubt, more convenient as it allows you to access all your content from one place.

Sack dependence on production quality

Google is not very forgiving when it comes to quality.

Content quality is of utmost importance if you want to get ranked. But so is not the case with production quality, at least for now. Though a good production quality alludes to higher trust-building, it does not make up for the lack of materials in your content.

So, you need not be ‘Christopher Nolan’ to produce high-quality clips. As long as the video is informative and engaging, Google will reward you by landing visitors to your page.


We do not really understand why people relate video marketing with high costs. In fact, most viral videos today were shot on phones.

The video quality, as such, does not matter unless it is so bad as to be hazy and blurred. Any average android phone (or iOS) would be good enough for video marketing.

In an era where marketers are so keen on not keeping any ends loose, the last thing you would want is to kneel-down to your competitors over a video.