Ever wondered how writers on sites like Buzzfeed, Mashable, and Teen Vogue come up with titles that make their audience click on them involuntarily? These articles and their titles are so irresistible that not only do social media and internet users click on them but also go on to share them on their own profiles. As more and more people share these articles, they begin to go viral.

Writing catchy headlines that make readers want to click on them is a substantial part of viral content marketing. It’s an art that any writer can master if he/she understands the basic constituents and uses these tricks while creating content. Here are the top factors to consider and put into use while composing content – be it for social media post or an informational blog.

Add Numbers to the Article Title

Listicles should be a major part of any content marketing campaign. The popularity of listicles is largely because of its easy navigation and low volume of content. Readers are not required to go through huge blocks of texts, which is exactly what today’s internet users with low attention spans want. Going through a listicle is easy because it introduces a new idea on an already popular topic. Plus, when numbers are involved, it makes the audience more inquisitive about the content they are just going to consume.

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For example, consider a listicle titled “10 Times Game of Thrones Bent Its Genres”. No question that the fans of the show are definitely going to check this article out, but people who follow TV shows are also going to want to have a look. Notice how this article is also relevant to the current times because season seven of that show is currently premiering on HBO, which takes the focus to the second factor relevance.

Relevance Matters a Lot

Content marketers often try to tie their designated topic to a relevant current affair that is generating a lot of buzz. As seen in the above example, when a professional writer at WriteMyPaper.Today is researching a topic, he/she should focus on what is trending right now. If Game of Thrones is a hot topic in social media currently, then writing about it makes sense. It will not only give the content a wider audience but also make it more clickable.

Another example can be that of a concert. If a music website hopes to gain more visitors through fresh content, then it should focus on generating content that is relevant in that period. If a music festival is around the corner and there is already a lot of buzz on social and mainstream media, then it’s time to order new blog posts from the writing services department of the website.

Add Emotions to the Title

One of the fundamental elements of a catchy headline is that it evokes a sense of emotion in the reader. While emotions related to grieving and sadness are not highly recommended, content writers can evoke emotions of happiness, jubilance, suspense, etc. in their readers.

For example, if a marketing manager wants to create content related to a new product line, he can attach the products to an emotion and then create the content. Look at all the copies associated with baby diapers. The content is largely about a mother’s touch which evokes a motherly sense in the audience. People can easily relate to such content, directly helping in the product’s marketing funnel.

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College students looking to present creative essays can also use this technique to impress their teachers. If they have chosen to pay someone to write their paper, they can brief them about this to the professional writers and ask to create a catchy title. The first thing that anyone sees when reading an article or a paper is the title, so creating an interesting title is very important.

Add Research Data into the Title

One other element that writers can use while creating catchy titles is mentioning any data they collected while researching. Although this can mean using numbers in the title, it is not restricted to it. For example, if a writer is creating content about a survey, his best bet would be to create a headline that mentions this. He can mention any one of the primary survey factors in the title. If the survey is about the number of people using smartphones, he can write “New Survey Suggests 9 out of 10 Americans Use a Smartphone” instead of “A Survey about Smartphone Usage in America”.

Moreover, articles that deal with surveys are often technical, so it is up to the writers to make it more interesting.

There are tens of different factors that writers can consider while creating content. However, these four will ensure that catchy headlines are also created to go with the content. The key is to use any one or combination of these factors to make content marketing more effective. Writers must also keep in mind that it is ultimately up to the readers whether they click on an article or not. Writers can just ensure that everything has been done to make it catchy and interesting all the way through.